If you have just jumped on the Discord bandwagon recently, then you might want to think about how many members you have, and how this resonates with people who are tempted to check out your server.

The thing about Discord is that just like any other social site out there if you aren’t getting the help you need with growing your engagement, and expanding your presence, you aren’t going to be able to compete with the big guys out there.

The good news here is that there are lots of companies out there that can help you with your Discord engagement, and they can also help you with other sites, like YouTube, Reddit, and OnlyFans, you’ve just got to know where to look for the help.

Let’s review one.

HypeFreaks Reviews 2024

hypefreaks review

HypeFreaks says that they want to help their clients boost their social media presence, and they say they provide their clients with reliable, fast social media services that can instantly increase your social proof. We have our doubts.

What is HypeFreaks?

Hype Freaks talks up a big game on their website, and claims to be one of the most reliable, quickest social media services in the industry that can help you with your social proof.

This is all well and good, but we don’t necessarily think that it’s true, considering they are related to other companies, like Gramlike, which definitely doesn’t have the best reputation.

We also think that their website is pretty simple, and not as sophisticated as some other options out there. If this company truly wanted to help its clients, it would be making sure that its pricing was reasonable, not cheap, and it would be making sure that its features were high quality. Let’s give them a review.

HypeFreaks for Discord

hype freaks discord members

When thinking about HypeFreaks for Discord, they say that they’re going to help you from $14.00, but they don’t say how many Discord members this is going to buy you.

However, they do say that these are high quality, come with the option of fast delivery, and you don’t have to share your password or account to obtain them.

You can also purchase your Discord members with cryptocurrency, which is good if you don’t really want to use traditional currency when paying for a service online.

HypeFreaks for OnlyFans

HypeFreaks can also help you with OnlyFans, and they say that their OnlyFans likes are available from $50, but again we don’t know what kind of quantity you’re looking at for this price.

However, they say that the likes are high quality, they offer faster delivery, no password or account is required to obtain them, and you can pay through cryptocurrency if you’ve got it.

We think that it is a little bit confusing to have a price point like this, without saying exactly how many OnlyFans likes you’re going to get with it.

HypeFreaks for Reddit

HypeFreaks can help you with your Reddit upvotes, and again, they say that their prices begin at $15, but we are unsure how much this is going to get you.

HypeFreaks for YouTube

hypefreaks review

HypeFreaks can assist their clients with YouTube, and say that YouTube likes are going to cost you from $10 and come with the same standard criteria as the rest of the features that they offer for other social sites.

What About Their Team?

There are a number of things that we consider when reviewing companies like this to determine whether you should use them for your Discord growth or not, and one of the ways that we determine whether they are legit or not is to see how much information they have on their website about their team.

If they are willing to relinquish a lot of information, then this obviously means that they are prepared to be accountable with their clients from the beginning.

We are sad to say that we couldn’t find sufficient evidence of the kind of information that you need to be able to go over before you sign up for anything with HypeFreaks.

A Review of HypeFreaks

+ Positives

Secure Site

Hype Freaks has covered the secure site criteria with HTTPS, but we don’t think that this is enough for us to feel like they are a genuinely secure website.

They might not even have secured their payment gateways, and they might be leaning on this incredibly basic level of security. It does mean that your personal information is going to be safe if you share it on their website, but this is it.

Visible Pricing

HypeFreaks, as you know from our review above, does share the price points of their features on their website, and they do it on their homepage, which is less than ideal.

We would rather they have a separate page for pricing. We also don’t think that their pricing reflects high-quality services, because there is no way of knowing how many likes, members, or followers you’re going to get with the pricing that they have on their home page.

You should be able to work out exactly how much something is going cost you before you buy it.

– Negatives

Customer Support

HypeFreaks definitely hasn’t put a lot of effort into the customer support side of things, to the point where we think that they are probably going to be really difficult to get in touch with should anything go wrong with their features.

Naturally, if you are going to run into a technical problem, you are going to be able to want to talk to the company about that technical problem whenever you need to.

The fact that they don’t include this means that they don’t really care about the experience that their clients have beyond paying for their features.

Real Reviews

HypeFreaks hasn’t been able to show us any genuine reviews around their features, which is cause for concern.

Companies that have good reputations in this industry are able to easily find existing or past clients to say really good things about their features, so if this is a struggle, whether you are trying to find them on their website or on a third-party website, it’s a big red flag.

Accountability Form

Hype Freaks doesn’t have a good level of accountability with its clients, so it comes as no surprise to us that they haven’t included an accountability form on their website.

This is one of those forms that you would fill out in the beginning, where you let the company know a little bit about yourself, so that they are able to keep this information on file and get in touch with you directly should any changes occur with their features.

Is HypeFreaks Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

HypeFreaks is the kind of company that could fool you if you are brand new to the industry into believing that their features are high quality, and worth the money that you’re going to spend on them.

However, upon further review, we have concluded that they aren’t safe to use, and we don’t think that they are worth your time.

We also don’t like the fact that they are affiliated with other spam sites, like Gramlike, which means that they are either just going to steal your personal information, or they are going to send you fake engagement that is going to do nothing for your existing reputation.

Review Summary

HypeFreaks Review

If you have just jumped on the Discord bandwagon recently, then you might want to think about how many members you have, and how this resonates with people who are tempted to check out your server.

Price: 1 - 650

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media

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