If you want to see someone’s Instagram photos without following them, you may wonder how.

Maybe you want to spy on an ex or a crush by visiting their profile. 

You’ve come to the right place no matter your motivation because we cover all the bases.

In this article, we’ll explore various methods and tips on how to view private Instagram profiles in 2024.

Although the vast majority of Instagram profiles are set to private, we can’t help but be intrigued by those that aren’t.

That’s why we’re here: to assist you in finding reliable answers to your questions.

How To View Private Instagram Profiles 2024: Using Third-Party Apps

The most efficient way to view a private account on Instagram is by using a specialized app.

The following are the best ones. 

1. Glassagram

Glassagram Review & User Ratings

Instagram users can use the flexible app Glassagram, which provides spying and privacy features. 

Glassagram is the ideal solution for people who want to view private Instagram accounts without asking for permission. 

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Users can view posts, photos, and stories from private accounts without the account holder’s knowledge. 

By bypassing Instagram’s privacy controls, the app gives users access to content that would otherwise be restricted.

Glassagram is an excellent tool for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids’ Instagram activity, in addition to its spying capabilities.

It functions on various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. 

Parents can easily access their children’s Instagram activity and block them from viewing harmful and illegal content with the help of simple data synchronization. 

They can also read everything their kids type thanks to Glassagram’s keylogger feature, which also grants full access to specific private Instagram accounts.

The user-friendly app Glassagram provides a safe and private way to browse Instagram content. 

It is a valuable tool for controlling multiple phone activities from a single dashboard because it enables users to block unwanted users and configure settings.

The app is simple to install and use because neither rooting nor jailbreaking is needed.

2. eyeZy

Eyezy Instagram

EyeZy is a website that makes viewing restricted content on Instagram simple.

Despite the website’s claims to be able to help with “anything” related to remotely targeting a smartphone, the company’s primary service is gaining client access to protected Instagram accounts.

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In addition to letting you view private Instagram content remotely across multiple devices, EyeZy is also very reasonably priced. 

The tool lets you stay up-to-date on your computer from anywhere in the world, so you don’t have to wait until you return to your regular routine at home.

Because data is automatically uploaded to the cloud, it can be accessed from any device.

The company provides a free, multilingual demo to help potential customers understand EyeZy before purchasing.

It’s easy to break into a protected Instagram account, and entering the username into EyeZy’s interface is all required to access the content.

Also, your data is never stored, and EyeZy cannot access your Instagram account’s private content.

The same account can be accessed from your computer, tablet, and mobile phone, giving you greater flexibility and convenience.

3. uMobix

uMobix Instagram hack Spy App

uMobix is a platform for viewing Instagram that places a high priority on user security and privacy. 

It provides a risk-free way to browse private Instagram profiles without being concerned about coming into contact with online predators or putting personal information at risk.

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Viewing private Instagram accounts without anyone outside the platform being able to see them is one of uMobix’s unique features. 

As a result, you can view secure user profiles without worrying that someone will see your posts.

The app also has improved encryption, making it a reliable platform for browsing private user accounts.

The platform also offers strong identity protection, which keeps your private data safe and secure.

Even the person whose profile you view has no way of knowing who is looking at it. 

You can remain completely hidden while using uMobix to access restricted content on Instagram.

uMobix does more than just protect your personal information; it also lets you view private information from profiles you weren’t invited to view. 

You can browse through private accounts and find content that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see with just a few clicks.

Is Using A Private Instagram View App Safe?

It’s usually secure and dependable to use a private Instagram viewer.

However, you should make sure the viewer you use is safe. 

This can only be accomplished through meticulous research. Consider what others have said, how the company is rated, and how secure the product is. 

You should also investigate the viewer’s encryption method to ensure the safety of your account and data. 

When it comes to protecting your data, encryption is essential; any viewer or provider worth their salt will employ some form of encryption.

Ask the seller questions about the viewer’s security if you have further concerns.

The vast majority of retailers answer inquiries about their encryption policies and procedures. 

Other Less-Effective Methods To View Private Profiles

Here are some additional methods to third-party apps if you don’t have the resources.

1. Request to Follow the Profile

The simplest way to view a private account on Instagram is to request to follow the user you are interested in checking. 

On Instagram, if the person has set their profile to private, they must first approve your request to give you access to view any of their content.

This strategy is especially effective if you are familiar with the person and can send them a follow request directly.

However, if your profile seems genuine, there is still a good chance that you will be accepted even if you are not personally known to them.

2. Check the Profile from A Friend’s Account

If the person whose private Instagram account you want to view is someone with whom you share mutual friends or someone whom you already follow, you might be in luck. 

This individual could access the target’s profile by allowing you to use their account.

Additionally, if you have a good relationship with this person, you could request them to share screenshots and photos of the target’s Instagram account.

3. Create A Fake Profile

Many people create fake Instagram accounts to view someone’s photos and videos.

It’s crucial to remember that this approach is unethical and may have detrimental effects.

You are ultimately responsible for deciding whether to cross that boundary.

If you want to view the content of someone whose account you don’t have access to, you can create a fake account with a name, picture, and biosimilar to those of someone close to that person. 

After you’ve created the account, look up the person and follow them.

If they agree, you can access their personal information without them knowing. 

It’s crucial to remember that if this method is discovered, it will violate their privacy and jeopardize your relationship with them. 

Therefore, think about the potential consequences and whether it’s worth the risk before using this strategy.

4. Search on Google

If the Instagram account you’re looking for was previously visible to the public, you might be able to locate it by searching for its username

Since Google crawls and indexes public Instagram posts, you may find some of their older public posts when you search.

You can do a Google search using either their current username or their real name to find it.


After teaching you how to view private Instagram profiles, it is essential to note that some of these methods are more ethical than others. 

Ultimately, deciding which method to use depends on your needs and values.

We advise you to use an app designed to view private Instagram profiles. 

These apps have been developed to provide a secure and reliable means of accessing private profiles without compromising your security or violating the user’s privacy.