If you want to know How to view Instagram stories without them knowing, you are in the right place.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world.

People love it for the plethora of remarkable features it provides through its mobile and web platforms. One such feature is the ability to post stories.

They are an excellent way to share photos and videos from the platform and your gallery, and expire after 24 hours.

You can use stories to share a sneak-peak of your workplace, make announcements, utilize thousands of interactive stickers to host Q/A’s, polls and more.

Instagram tracks the interactions on your stories and respects your privacy, hence displays the accounts that view your posted stories.

In simple words, before a story expires, you can see the list of accounts that viewed it.

Let’s be honest. Every-so-often, you don’t want people to find out whether you have watched their stories.

Now, the real question is, how can you view someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing?

How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing 2024

Well, although there’s no straightforward method to achieve this, you can rely on a few workarounds.

In this article, we’ll discuss 7 simple ways to view Instagram stories without them knowing.

1. Use the Swipe-Back Trick

The swipe-back trick helps you get a sneak-peak of the story you want to view. You can’t watch the entire story. 

To achieve this, all you need to do is click on the next-in line story and pause it.

Then, slowly, swipe left to end up in an interface showing the middle point of both the stories. 

Now, you can have a peek at the story and Instagram won’t track this.

2. Use the Airplane Mode

Use the Airplane Mode

When you aren’t connected to the internet, Instagram stops tracking activities like viewing, posting and more. 

You can use this to view stories without getting caught. 

Start by launching the application and wait for the stories to load. After a few seconds, turn on airplane mode. 

Now, click on the story to view it and clear the app from the recent section of your device before turning off airplane mode.

3. Leverage a Chrome Extension

The Chrome web store has many extensions using which you can view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing.

The process is simple, where you need to download and install the Anonymous Views for Instagram stories extension.

Now, login to your account and click on the eye icon in front of the username before watching the stories anonymously.

4. Use Third-Party Websites


There are many third-party websites where you can watch Instagram stories anonymously. 

Two such websites are the StoriesIG website and the StorySaver.net website. 

All you need to do is search for the username of the account whose story you want to watch, and both websites will display them on the screen. 

You can also download the stories. But this works only if the account is public.

4. Use Mobile Apps

BlindStory app

Another workaround to view stories without them knowing is using applications from the Play Store and App Store.

If you are an Android user, download the BlindStory app or Glassagram app and iOS users can go for the Repost Stories app.

Now login to your account and search for the account whose story you want to watch. 

These apps will either show you the stories directly or provide you folders containing stories posted in the last 24 hours. You can also save the folders.

5. Use the View-Block Trick

The view-block trick lets you watch Instagram stories anonymously

All you need to do is launch the application and watch the story you want. 

Then, navigate to the Instagram profile of the account and click on the three-dotted icon. The app will display a few options, click on block and confirm. 

This’ll remove your view count and profile from their story view list. Now unblock them to avoid missing out on further stories.

6. Create an Anonymous Account

While this method is a long shot, you can use this to regularly view Instagram stories without revealing your true identity. 

You can create an anonymous Instagram account and follow the person whose story you want to watch.

But if they have a private account, request and hope they accept it.


There you have it. Now, you know 7 simple methods to view Instagram stories without them knowing.

Instagram tracks your interactions on stories posted by other accounts. This includes displaying your username if you view their stories.

But you can use the above workarounds to watch stories anonymously. I hope this article helps.