Personalized experiences lead to uplifted selling and cross-selling which is key to getting the most gain from the largest accounts of the company. Account-based marketing data helps organizations improve communications between departments by setting shared goals, values, and profiles. 

What Is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing growth strategy in which Marketing and Sales focus their assets to create individual experiences for target accounts. The personalized campaigns are focused on engaging each account, basing the marketing message on the individual attributes and needs of the account. 

Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

According to RollWorks, 87% of marketers say Account-Based Marketing exceeds other marketing campaigns. Also, 62% of the marketers say that they notice a positive impact since endorsing ABM. Here are other important benefits of account-based marketing to take into consideration:

Marketing and Sales Alignment 

Cross-team collaboration and improved communications encourage teams to work together, identifying target accounts, constructing customized campaigns for them, and working as a team to align and move individual accounts before and after conversions. 

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With the organized alignment of all communications, the content is constant for the account you work with. Therefore, the time an account works with you doesn’t matter, your team will seamlessly pick up where others left off, giving a delightful customer experience.

Personalized Marketing for Business Relevance

Instead of a generic approach, account-based marketing requires you to personalize everything, all content, product information, communications, and campaigns. ABM grants the ability to angle any business in a way that makes it the most relevant and ideal for target accounts.

With the personalized approach, relevance among accounts is maximized and marketers can create personalized messages for target accounts. Targeted and tailored messages show customers specific products, services, and other offerings that they require to solve their challenges. 

Delighted Customer Experiences

All account-based marketers know that maintaining a customer is hard work, you must keep up with the delight among accounts. Each account should feel special and as if they are your only business market. 85% of marketers said that ABM significantly benefited them in maintaining and boosting their existing client relationships.

Account-based marketing allows you to keep all team members aligned and aware of any customer account and its journey. The team will deliver personalized and punctual communications, campaigns, product details, and pricing information. 

Clear ROI 

According to ITSMA, 85% of marketers who measured their return on investment (ROI) described account-based marketing to deliver higher returns than any other marketing approach.

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In the few cases of investments not being ideal for the business, you can easily confirm this with RIO and use the data to propel new strategies forward. 

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Rationalize the Sales Cycle

Typical purchases with multiple stakeholders slow down the process because it all starts from the lower levels to the primary decision-maker. ABM nurtures all prospects simultaneously, shortening the length of the cycle.

Account-based marketing authorizes you to target the accounts that meet your business needs and vice versa. Rather than enduring a large number of unsuccessful leads and playing with different tactics, you get a streamlined experience.

Quality Over Quantity

In account-based marketing, it’s key to have account relationships. Rather than trying to close deals with unsuitable leads who won’t be the best fits for your companies in the long run. 

By taking the time and resources to engage and delight a group of high-value accounts you’ll expand your business and you’ll keep long customer relationships. These loyal customers will become your best marketers, promoters, and brand advocators which will expand the business through their networks, referrals, and testimonials. 

Account-Based Marketing Tactics and Strategies

There are some tactics and strategies of account-based marketing that you can use to get better results. These include the following:

Attract Target Accounts With the Content

A typical ABM approach is to use informative guides, blog posts, workbooks, webinars, and whitepapers as powerful tools to engage target accounts. A very effective way to target accounts is using social media and mentioning your expertise in posts. 

When posting blog posts you casually deliver a strong message. Which then target accounts can interact with and start a conversation and future interaction. Or if they don’t interact, they’ll still see the content which they can refer to in future marketing experiences. 

Personalize and Engage Each Account

One of the easiest and most-effective tactics of account-based marketing is personalized emails to buyers. However, if handled poorly, your messages can land in the junk or spam folder. Don’t spam with email campaigns, have a sparse schedule, and keep it simple. 

When writing an email, keep it professional, and don’t get too personal or you’ll seem intrusive. It’s important to address the contact’s concern and offer some helpful and creative content addressing the problem.

Monitoring Social Media

Social media is an account-based marketing gold mine. By keeping track of target buyers’ social posts we can gather information without starting conversations with the buyers.

When you create a social account, follow your target accounts, and then you can monitor who they follow/interact with, and what they post, like, or comment on. 

People tend to post about their plans and challenges, which you can respond to with the right content at the right time. 


With account-based marketing, you can easily personalize your campaigns with the right strategies. Depending on your overall goals, vision, and product you can choose exactly what will give the best interactions in the long run. Account-based marketing allows you to identify and reach high-value customers with the most effective tactics and software