Are you facing problems while subscribing to twitch prime? Or In love with its gaming and streaming features and can’t wait to subscribe and enjoy them.

No need to worry; we have got it covered. You can follow these easy steps and quickly subscribe to twitch prime. We have also provided step-by-step solutions to common errors while signing up to ensure you don’t face any troubles.

Subscribing with twitch prime has a very simple procedure. All you need to do is have an amazon prime or prime video account. Link it with twitch, and you are good to go.

How to Subscribe With Twitch Prime in 2024

Let’s uncover how to subscribe with Twitch Prime starting from the first step; stay tuned!

1. Signing Up For Amazon Prime

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There is nothing better than already having an amazon prime account. If not, no worries. Signing up for amazon prime is very easy.

  • Open the amazon prime homepage.
  • Signup with the required details.
  • Follow the payment instructions to submit the fee. Its monthly fee is 3 USD.
  • After payment, your subscription is automatically activated.

Now, after you have the amazon prime account, you can move to the 2nd step, linking your account with twitch.

2. Linking Twitch With Amazon Prime Or Prime Video

You can link your twitch account with Amazon prime or prime video within these 3 simple steps.

  • Open the prime gaming official website. You will see a sign-in option on the top right side. 
  • Sign in, and you will see an option to link twitch accounts. 
  • It will ask you to sign in. After you sign in to twitch, you are successfully linked and ready to collect some free rewards.

3. How To Switch A Paid Subscription To A Free One

The next step after linking your account is to get rid of your monthly twitch bills since you are a prime twitch member.

The process to make it accessible is very simple. It can be done by both mobiles or by visiting the twitch website.

  • The first step is to open the website or app.
  • The second step is to open your subscriptions.
  • Select the channels you are paying to watch.
  • Go to the renewal option and cancel the renewal.
  •  Now, you will have to wait for the end of the month for the future of the subscription.
  • After the end of your subscription, you will be able to enjoy the same channel’s content for free if your twitch prime service is active.
  • If your prime subscription ends, you can switch to the monthly renewal payment method for your subscribed channels.

Since your prime twitch subscription is linked with excellent video or amazon prime, it will be free until your subscriptions with prime video continue. 

As far as the broadcasters are concerned, they will receive a minimum subscription fee if a user subscribes with twitch prime.

Why Subscribe to Twitch Prime?

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There are a lot of excellent Twitch benefits you must know before subscription to ensure you are getting everything.

  • You can subscribe to your favorite streams and enjoy all the premium content for free.
  • If you are a broadcaster, usually your streams last up to 14 days. Prime subscription will increase this duration to 60 days.
  • You will have plenty of free games to download. You will also get free in-game content to donate to others. 
  • Emotes like ScaredyCat or KappaHD and a unique crown logo with your messages in the chat are also prominent advantages of twitch prime.

Common Errors While Subscribing To Twitch Prime

There are some common errors you might get while subscribing to twitch prime. Well, no need to worry. We have got the solutions for you.

1. Payment Method Declined

One of the most common errors is “Payment method declined.” It can be due to several reasons, but there are a few things that you must try before doing anything else.

  • Refresh or reopen the app
  • Clear Cache
  • Change the browser or try guest mode.
  • Try changing the payment method.
  • Delete and then try reading your card details
  • Double-check your online transaction option in your bank app (If applicable)

These solutions will likely solve your problem. If not, then try contacting twitch support.

2. Can’t Enable Twitch Prime On Your Account

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Another widespread issue is when the server can’t enable your twitch prime on the account. Please try again in a moment” error. 

Signing up from the region where it’s unavailable is usually the reason behind it. The process to solve it is simple.

The residents of these countries (USA, UK, Mexico, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Singapore, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, or Belgium) should follow the procedure below.

  • Signup with Amazon prime or prime video with the correct country and banking details.
  • There are different links to sign up from other locations, so ensure you use the appropriate link.
  • Cancel your previous subscriptions.
  • Visit the prime twitch homepage and select the right flag.
  • Turn on the premium twitch option and fill in the required login details.

The error usually vanishes after this, and you are good to claim all the free awards.

If you belong to other parts of the world, you must cancel your enrollment and sign up again. If this still doesn’t solve the error, try contacting twitch support.

3. Twitch Error 2000

Twitch error is another prevalent error you can receive. It is generally because of the server connection with your network.

This error primarily arises from the cache and browser, so try clearing the cache, changing the browser, and refreshing the page.

Turn the internet modem on/off. Turn off extensions and ad blockers. Using the application instead of the website can also help. 

It is generally due to these network problems, resolved after trying these solutions. 

Final Words

Subscribing with twitch prime is a simple procedure. Just follow the guidelines, and you can sign up quickly.

This detailed article also contains all the solutions to the most common errors you usually face while signing up. It also covers all the aspects of how to subscribe with twitch prime.

Well, with the given benefits, it’s worth spending money as you receive awards worth much more than the amount you spend.