It’s actually really easy to start receiving donations on your website.

If you are offering a free service or item that is useful to your community, you can start asking online visitors to send you donations for various tasks so that you continue offering your services.

Additionally, if you run a cause or you have something that will improve society and you need external help, a donation module on the website is a great way to go.

The design of the website ought to function in such a way that it encourages donations. You will need to have a call to action requesting the visitor to donate some cash towards your cause. You should be clear on this so that the visitor doesn’t see you as someone that just wants to get money out of them.

So, how can you manage donations on your website?


Have a Donation Module

Many people receive donations in the form of cash that is sent from various financial institutions. With platforms such as PayPal, handling these kinds of donations becomes easy and fast. The entire process is quick and effortless. All you have to do is create a donate button in PayPal and integrate it into your website. Creating a donate button in PayPal is easy and straightforward. You can also make use of a third party donation website, such as Donor Box for this task. They run the donation on your behalf. All you have to do is embed the button or form on your website.

You can also use a third party payment gateway that allows you to receive payments from your visitors. The payment gateway you choose should be easy to use and provided by a vendor or a financial institution that processes payments securely via internet banking or credit card payments.

You have to choose wisely though and make sure you understand the fees associated with the selected donation gateway. For instance, some vendors restrict your currency, which shouldn’t be the case.

If your website is designed using WordPress, you can use a plugin to run the donation form on your site. This WordPress Donation Plugin makes it easy for you to receive donations in different forms, ranging from internet payments to bank deposits.



When looking for the best module, you need to consider how secure it is. This is because you will be handling customer data that needs to be kept confidential. Donors should be confident that if they use your donation form, their information is not at risk. Online donors tend to have experience on how the various donation modules work. They know which one to use and which one to avoid. Make sure your donors can feel confident enough to process their online donations without hesitation. This is why you should only use reputable gateways that have been tried and tested before. One great example is PayPal.

You also need to make sure that after the donation has been processed, the user receives a receipt in their email address. If there are some tax exemptions or implications, then make sure the email contains that information as well.


Offer Flexibility

The website should offer flexibility to your donors. You can have a module on the website where the user registers for an account. This account should give him access to a dashboard where he can check his donations and even set automatic recurring donation.



You can receive donations on your websites easily using a donation module that can be integrated into your site design. These modules come with various features. To get the best out of it, make sure you choose the module that matches your exact needs.