Wanted to share a video from YouTube to Instagram Stories but couldn’t figure out how?

Since YouTube is so widely used when compared to other search engines, it comes in at number three.

About one billion hours of YouTube content are viewed every day.

Ponder that sum for a moment.

Millions of years.

About 1,600 generations of humans.

There’s a strong chance that a portion of that video content may work wonderfully as Instagram posts or Instagram stories for your followers.

Unfortunately, at present, there is no simple method by which one can transfer videos from YouTube to Instagram.

We’ll provide this secret method for adding videos to YouTube.

Prepared to launch your Instagram account?

The time has come, so let’s get to work.

Before we dive into the specifics, there’s something else to discuss.

How to Share YouTube Video On Instagram Story

You may share videos from YouTube on Instagram Stories.

However, since there isn’t a built-in option, you’ll have to transfer the video to your smartphone before posting it on Instagram.

It’s also important to remember that YouTube doesn’t provide this functionality on purpose.

Due to copyright concerns, YouTube currently prohibits users from downloading any videos from the site.

This is why obtaining the original poster’s consent is necessary before re-uploading any content protected by copyright law.

Likewise, it would be best if you always gave proper acknowledgment in your post so that readers may find the original material.

1. How To Post Published Youtube Videos To Instagram

YouTube Views

Even if you don’t have the video saved to your computer, you may still share it on Instagram with the help of some great third-party apps.

Permissions from the content’s creators are your responsibility.

Step 1: Download From Youtube

YouTube videos may be downloaded for nothing with the help of internet apps; you have to copy and paste the video’s URL into the application’s download window.

You can use any tool or website to download the YouTube video. 

Step 2: Optimize For Instagram

Instagram’s perspective ratios are tailored to portrait orientation, so your video may need to be resized or cropped to match the platform.

Instagram can automatically accomplish this, but the outcomes are frequently subpar. In most cases, it lowers standards.

Almost any video editor in the app store can help you reduce the file size while maintaining the original video quality.

Likely, Instagram won’t support the video format you downloaded. Video editing software should be used in this scenario.

Instagram-friendly video content can be optimized by cutting down on runtime, creating shorter demos, and including attention-grabbing music or text.

If the video is good, it will have a positive impact.

Step 3: Upload To Instagram

Launch Instagram, tap the + sign in the upper right corner, and choose Post or Story from the resulting menu.

Select the camera icon, then press the square at the top of the screen to access your camera roll and select the video you wish to upload.

With a button, desktop users can add videos to Instagram posts (but not Stories). Press the + sign once more. Simply drop your media file into the new window.

Don’t forget to give credit to the original creator if you have downloaded the video from someone else’s channel. 

Instagram now supports videos up to 10 minutes in length, so if you do not wish to trim your footage, you can figure out how to publish long videos on Instagram (formerly IGTV).

The file still needs to be formatted properly before being uploaded.

2. How To Share A Youtube Video On Instagram Story As A Link

Instagram Story

A YouTube video can be shared more easily on an Instagram Story by using links.

The real video quality is maintained because this strategy directs people to the official YouTube video.

The following is the procedure for inserting a YouTube link into an Instagram Story:

Step 1: Copy The Youtube Video Link

To locate the YouTube video link, simply repeat the first two stages in the above guide.

Remember that you should look for anything that would appeal to your customer’s Instagram followers.

It should also tie up with the benefits your customer is offering.

Step 2: Create An Instagram Story

Open Instagram, and make a new Story. You can use any media as a soundtrack in the Instagram Story editor.

This might be a snapshot of the customer’s reaction to the footage or a still from the YouTube video itself.

Step 3: Insert A Link Sticker

In the Instagram Story editor, go to the sticker box, then tap the ‘Link’ sticker.

If you’re having difficulties locating the proper sticker, look for the blue chain logo.

  • Copy the link to the video and paste it into the “URL” area on the “Add Link” page.

You may customize the sticker to include a call to action if you like (CTA). This covers up the ugly and unappealing raw video link.

  • To increase the number of clicks on your labels, tap “Customize sticker wording” and enter a compelling call to action.
  • Select “Done” to complete creating your link sticker.
  • The sticker should be resized and relocated so that it is prominently shown without interfering with the viewing experience of the YouTube video.

3. As A Screen Recording

Another option for sharing videos on Instagram without a YouTube link is to upload a screen recording of the clip.

In addition, this process does not call for a particular website to transform the movie into a downloadable format.

The third strategy does not require copying a YouTube URL or downloading any videos.

Step 1: Open The Youtube Video That You Want To Post

Load up the clip you wish to share and turn your phone so it fills the screen, if possible.

Step 2: Begin To Screen Record

Smartphones of all makes and models, from iPhones to Androids, come with built-in screen recording software.

You’ll now record the video from your screen and store it on your mobile device.

In light of the time it takes for your smartphone to record a video, you may find that this technique is preferable for uploading shorter clips from YouTube.

Step 3: Open The Instagram App And Add A Story

At this point, you may enter Instagram and start working on your story by uploading the video you just downloaded.

Step 4: Choose The Downloaded Video On Instagram

Just select the YouTube video you recorded.

Be sure to add any appropriate tags, descriptions, and hashtags to your posts.

Once you’re happy with your finished product, you can share it on Instagram.

By using this third option, you can upload YouTube videos directly as videos on Instagram rather than requiring your followers to navigate to a YouTube URL.

Why Share Videos From Youtube To Instagram


So, let’s discuss the reasons you might want to. You better have a compelling reason to convert your favorite YouTube clip into an Instagram-ready format.

Now that you’ve spent days recording, hours editing, and finally hit “publish,” you may be wondering whether you have to create yet another batch of material for Instagram carefully or if you can save time and effort by sharing your YouTube videos on Instagram. 

All the 3 methods listed above can help you share YouTube videos on Instagram. Here are some reasons you might share YouTube videos on Instagram. 

 1. Increase Your Subscribers And Followers

Using YouTube and Instagram with consistent content can keep your audience interested, alert, and well-informed.

Relabeling content and sharing these videos on both platforms will help you gain more subscribers and viewers.

2. Extends The Life Of Your Content

Making sure everything you do works as hard as you are is much easier when you distribute it across many channels.

This guarantees that after videos have been uploaded, your brand will be exposed to two distinct audiences.

 3. Keeps Your Social Media Platforms Coordinated

Maintaining contact with your audience is essential, and there’s no better method to do so than by posting updates to your various social media pages.

They continue to look the same, keeping your readers up to date.

 4. Delight Your Audience

A delighted audience will keep them coming back for more on social media, so post new, interesting information regularly.

Once you’ve put in the time and effort to create a high-quality video for YouTube, you can double the enjoyment you give your viewers by posting similar content to Instagram.

 5. To Assure Your Audience Sees Your Latest Content

Repurposing your material ensures that your members and followers won’t be missing any of your updates, even if you’ve been putting more time and effort into your YouTube channel and less into your Instagram account.

Final Thoughts

This article covers how to share YouTube video on Instagram story. You’ll have to put in a little more work to share videos from YouTube on Instagram.

It’s not an impossibility, though. You can easily upload videos from YouTube to Instagram anytime now that you know how. 

These are only a few examples of the many options available, but they represent the most common ones.

Although making an Instagram video may seem unnecessary, it is worthwhile because it demonstrates your dedication.