With the emergence of the epidemic, more and more people work online. So the demand for video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet are surging. Except for simple video and audio calls, screen sharing is one of the most popular features of communication applications. This article will take you to learn how to share screen on Google Meet.

Guide List:

Part 1: What is Google Meet

Part 2: How to Share Screen on Google Meet

Part 3: Tips on How to Share Screen on Google Meet

Part 4: FAQs about Google Meet

Part 1. What Is Google Meet

Google Meet is a video-communication software that can support Android, iOS, and web browsers. You can video or audio call with one or more people in HD mode. Google Meet can also be integrated with Google Calendar and Google address book to realize a one-touch conference call.

The most important thing is that you can share your screen on Google Meet during the video call process. Moreover, Google Meet not only supports the maximum number of 250 members in a call but also provides international dial-up access, such as the ability to call into meetings with a dial-in number from selected countries.

Notes: what is the difference between Google Meet and Google Chat

AppCommon pointsDifferent points
 Google Meet

Google Chat
1. They are communication software that can be used on Android, iOS, and the web. 1. Google Meet can support HD video, but Google Chat can’t.

2. Google Meet can provide international dial-up access, but Google Chat can’t.

3. Google Meet is suitable for work, while Google Chat is suitable for family and friends.

Part 2. How To Share Screen On Google Meet

Methods 1: Use The Web To Share Your Screen On Google Meet

You can share the screen when presenting in Google Meet with simple steps. Whether share a word document, spreadsheet, or PowerPoint. All content displayed on the screen is shared with meeting participants. The specific methods to share screens on Google Meet are as follows:

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Step 1: Open Google Meet on the web directly. Click the Start a meeting button on the left to launch its interface. If you are not the host, you need to join the meeting room through the invitation link or enter the meeting code.

google meet interface

Step 2: click the Join now button to enter the meeting, or click the Present button to share your screen directly.

Step 3: After entering the meeting, click the Present now button at the bottom. Then you can choose what you want to share on the menu. Click the Your entire screen button to share all screens on Google Meet. If you want to share a Window, just click the A window button to choose a window you want to share. Then click the Share button.

google meet choose to share screen window

Step 4: You can switch between the presentation and participants’ views by clicking the Presentation(You) button at the top.

Step 5: When you want to end the screen sharing on Google Meet, just click the You are presenting button. Then click the Stop presenting button.

google end share screen

Notes: If someone can’t attend the meeting in time, you can try to use the AnyMP4 screen recorder to record google meet.

Methods 2: Use The Mobile Device To Share The Screen On Google Meet

The privileges of Google Meet are not limited to Windows users. Therefore, you can also share your screen on Google Meet with your mobile device.

Step 1: After downloading Google Meet, launch it. Then click the Join meeting button or the Create room button.

Step 2: When entering the meeting, just click the ellipsis button in the upper right corner of the mobile device screen, and then click the Share screen button from the list of options in the menu.

mobile device share screen

Step 3: Click the Start sharing button to share your screen on the mobile device.

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Part 3. Tips Of How To Share Screen On Google Meet

Tips 1: Participants Can Also Share Screens

If the host does not have restricted permissions, you can share the screen at any time. If the  Present now button is gray, the permission is restricted. You need to find a host to open the permission.

Tips 2: Google Meet Can Share The Screen With Audio At The Same Time

The first way is to click the A tab button to share your screen on Google Meet. This method of sharing screens is to turn on audio by default. The second way is to adjust your Windows 10 microphone settings. After enabling the stereo mixing option in the sound device options, return to the Google Meet and set the stereo mixing as your default microphone.

Part 4. FAQs

1. Sharing Screens On Google Meet Not Working

You can update the browser and restart the Google Meet at first. If the Present now button is grayed out. This is because the meeting host has set the limit of sharing screens for participants. You need permission from the host to start screen sharing.

2. Can I Use Google Meet Through An Account Other Than Gmail?

No. Google Meet is part of a Google account. You cannot create Meets without using a Google account.

3. How To Solve Video And Audio Quality Problems In Meetings On Google Meet?

First, the main reason for poor video quality is the network, so you can improve your WiFi or network performance. Second, you can close other superfluous browser tabs and applications.


After reading this article, you must have an understanding of Google Meet. Whether you are using a laptop or a mobile phone, you can easily share the screen on Google Meet, regardless of the operating system. Now, You can start screen sharing on Google Meet according to the above specific guide.