Depop is a popular mobile app and website for selling homemade or used items including clothing, beauty products, and accessories.

It is used in more than 150 countries by over 26 million active users. 

Online shopping sites like eBay, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, etc. are similar to Depop.

However, Depop stands out with its large user base made of people under 26 years (Gen Z) and social-media-based design. 

 If you are a seller on Depop, it is easy to make money on the platform provided you follow specific methods that make your product competitive and superior. 

If you want to know how to sell on Depop fast, here are some useful and essential tips that will help achieve the best outcomes.

How To Sell On Depop Fast: Useful Tips To Know

How To See Offers On Depop

Before you learn the tips on how to sell on Depop fast, you should know which are the fast-moving items on the site. 

1. What Items Sell Fast On Depop

 The demand for items is constantly changing on the platform.

For instance, winter clothes sell well during the winter months but their sales will dip in summer and vice versa.

Another thing to note while selling items is the changing fashion trends.

To keep track of the changing trends you should research well and update yourself on the recent trends. 

Most often social media channels help in identifying the current trend.

Knowing what items buyers may prefer is a good way to ensure the items are sold quickly. 

2. How To Sell Quickly On Depop Using The Yearly Calendar

Use the yearly calendar as a guide to stock items that people will prefer at different times of the year.

Here are some useful tips.

  • For summer, jerseys, trainers, casual shoes, flip-flops, and slides are ideal menswear items to sell.
  • In the winter season, sweatpants, hoodies, trainers, vests, puffer jackets, and sweatshirts are hot-selling items
  • For women, overalls, leggings, platforms, sandals, bodycon dresses, and slides are ideal summer collections.
  • Winter wear that women prefer includes leggings, sweatshirts, fleeces, leather jackets, and sweatpants.
  • Heavy fabrics sell fast during the cold months and lighter fabrics such as silk, linen, etc. are popular in the summer.

3. List Regularly

Consistent listing is the perfect way to sell fast on Depop.

Regular listing increases the return of your existing customers. It also brings in new customers.

Keep a schedule for the listing like daily, twice daily, or once a week. Make sure the schedule is regular.

The more items you list daily, the higher the probability of customers finding your shop.

Relisting is another way to boost your sales.

To do this, you have to delete a live list that is not receiving much response and relist it sometime later. 

You can do the relisting manually or with the help of a Depop bot that does it automatically.

With relisting you can find new potential buyers. 

Another advantage of relisting is you get to make the necessary changes to the existing listing so it is more engaging this time around.

Changing things like the price, pictures, title, etc. can make the listing appear fresh and interesting.

4. Create Engaging Visuals

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It is not sufficient if you have your inventory done right.

When you have completed stocking your shop with the essentials, ensure the items are displayed right.

Begin by taking attractive photos of the items.

Select pictures that show the appeal of your items. They should entice buyers with their appearance.

Online buying and selling are done based mainly on visual appeal. 

Ensure you take superior quality pictures as the pictures help to show how good the item is and why your customer needs it. 

Hence the pictures should have proper lighting, angles, and an appealing backdrop. 

Try styling the items so that they are well-represented. The use of model shots and close up or flat lays are some ways to style. 

5. Make Your Storefront Attractive 

A pleasing look with a neat and engaging display is essential for making items in your shop sell quickly.

The pictures of your items should be displayed against a neat background with similar lighting. 

When you use professional page design, it will set you apart from other sellers.

Buyers will find you more dependable. Your products will be easy to view and increase sales.

As many sellers on Depop are looking to make quick money, you will find very few with the professional shopfront setup.

When you focus on providing a good page appearance it can increase your chances more than the rest.

6. Optimize The Listing


Depop has features that allow you to add particular characteristics to your listings.

You can add details like style, type of fabric, color, and more. 

When you set up your listing, you should use the optimization features to describe your product in the best way.

The use of descriptions helps Depop to categorize your product properly. You will get more views this way.

By optimizing you also ensure that customers know what your product is all about in detail.

So, it is best to be as descriptive as possible when listing your products.

By listing details like brand name, size, condition, product description, and more, a buyer will be able to make a decision easily. 

While searching for a product, they will use filters that include one or more of the categories.

This will help in attracting buyers quickly.

7. Focus On The Product Description

By adding the right tags and creating a detailed description, buyers will be able to find your item quickly.

So, spend additional effort on creating a proper and precise description. 

For instance, if a product has some variations or flaws, indicate it in the description.

Add the measurements accurately. By proper description, a buyer can decide fast and you can make quick sales.

Here are a few tips for a perfect product description:

  • Know who you are listing the product for. 
  • Use concise and descriptive phrases.
  • Make sure you use a natural tone
  • Focus on the main benefits and features
  • Use product keywords in the description and optimize it for search.

8. Fix The Right Price

Fixing a suitable price is a major influencing factor in how quickly you can sell your product.

While it is obvious that the lower your price tag, the faster the item will sell, you need to ensure that the buyer and seller get a fair share. 

For the right pricing, you need to do thorough research. Find out the price of similar-looking items by other sellers.

Know the exact condition of your product, its uniqueness, and its demand before you fix a price.

The price should be based on the overall cost which includes the shipping charges and the retail price.

Too low pricing can affect your profits while high pricing will prevent customers from purchasing. 

9. Discounts And Free Shipping 

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Offering discounts is part of the sales strategy of any seller.

Use it to promote your shop on Depop. Promotions help to attract customers and increase your sales. 

Discounts are incentives that make your customers buy your products quickly.

Free shipping is a great promotional tactic as shipping charges form a big barrier in sales. 

A free shipping feature makes customers more inclined toward making a purchase.

Offering discounts on bundles is another method to attract sales. 

When customers purchase more than one item from your shop at the same time, you can offer discounts.

This will help in making more sales. 

The discount helps increase the value of the average order and helps move your inventory faster.

During the holiday season, discounts help to make more sales as consumer expectations for discounts are high. 

10. Be Open To Negotiations

One big advantage of using Depop is it allows communication between the buyer and seller.

Buyers have the option to place an offer for a product. A seller can accept the price, reject it, or make a counteroffer. 

Due to the type of marketplace that Depop has, you can negotiate with the buyer before arriving at a mutually acceptable price. 

Most often buyers expect the sellers to provide some leeway on the price.

So, when you list the price make sure you add in some room for negotiation.

A benefit of negotiation is it incentivizes the customer to purchase as they get it after bargaining for a lower price. 

11. Follow Up On Your Buyers

As mentioned before, the communication feature is a boon to sellers and buyers.

Sellers can use the feature to maintain communication with the buyers after the purchase. 

By following up, the buyer will be reminded to continue checking your listing for new items.

This is another excellent way to boost your sales. 

The Depop bot can be used to send messages to previous buyers requesting a review, to send promotional offers, or notify them about new items.

12. Don’t Forget Marketing

For quicker sales, advertising your product is a tried and tested method.

With marketing, you can increase exposure and make your business sustainable. You need not spend big bucks on advertising. 

Social media marketing is inexpensive.

You can use Instagram, Facebook, and other such platforms that have millions of active users. 

Use these media platforms to post your content and build a community.

Or you can pay for advertising and target your audience specifically.

13. Ensure An Outstanding Buying Environment


From the time a buyer visits your site to the time of purchasing a product, you should create an outstanding buying environment. 

You can ensure the buying experience is outstanding by starting with creating a quality listing of products with proper descriptions and pricing.

Easy and secure payment options and hassle-free delivery will keep the buyers happy and returning for more. 

Prompt shipping is another way to gain buyer loyalty.

Ideally, next-business-day shipping is essential. You can customize the package by adding handwritten notes.


How to Maximize Sales on Depop?

Three important factors help boost your sales on Depop.

The first one is writing a compelling description with as many keywords.

This is ideal for making faster sales. Make sure you explain the condition of the product, its size, shipping charges, and more clearly. 

Finding the right audience for your product is the next factor.

The third deciding factor is to know the exact worth of your product before your offer discounts or free shipping. 

Is Free Shipping Profitable on Depop?

As a seller, you should be careful about the promotions and incentives you offer.

While free shipping is a great way to attract customers it can also cost you more. 

In general, it is prudent to offer free shipping only on lightweight products like shirts, dresses, etc.

For winter coats, shoes, and other heavy-weight items, it is best to avoid giving a free shipping offer.

What Is r/Depop?

The r/Depop subreddit helps to bring in some objective feedback so you can improve your business.

It is a space for Depop users that allows them to talk about their issues with the platform, ask for advice, and more.

The platform also keeps you motivated and helps promote your business to other Depop users.

How Can I Improve My Listing?

One way to make your listing stand out is to describe the items as if there is no photo provided with the description.

The description should be vivid enabling the reader to visualize the product.

Make sure you include the type, style, material, color, pattern, measurement, and other details like hems, sleeve types, rises, and more. 

How Do I Promote via Social Media Channels?

Use the Share shop feature on Depop to promote it on your Instagram story and other social media channels.

This method increases the chances of selling your product.

The share button is present in your profile section. 


Now that you have read all the tips on how to sell on Depop fast, you can use them to boost your sales and make profits.

While you follow the tips, make sure you are reliable. Respond quickly to queries and ensure fast shipping. 

The positive reviews you receive will increase your credibility.

Although there is no single success formula, the above tips will help grow your prospective customers.

You can create your unique style and your audience will find you.

With patience, diligence, and creativity, you can easily become a top seller and increase your returns.