One of the biggest social media platforms in the world right now is TikTok.

This means that there are a lot of people focusing on TikTok as a way to make money selling feet pics, even though there are plenty of other ways that you can sell feet pics online.

If you are a content creator that specialises in feet pics, then you should keep reading this article. We are going to help you work out how to sell feet pics on TikTok, so that you can make the most of the fact that there are 200 million potential buyers out there.

The challenge with selling your feet pics on TikTok is finding the right audience – once you’ve done this, you will find the rest of the process really easy.

Let’s take a look at how to sell feet pics on TikTok.

Benefits of Selling Feet Pics on TikTok

Tiktok Money

TikTok is a great place to find people to buy your feet pics.

When you find people on TikTok buy your feet pics, you are able to increase your brand awareness, and drive more traffic to the platform where they are going to be able to buy your feet pics.

If you want to sell your feet pics on TikTok, you will have to link your TikTok account up with another third party, like FeetFinder.

To sell your feet pics on FeetFinder, you can sell your pics individually, or you can get people to sign up for a subscription.

There are people out there that are more than willing to pay a monthly subscription for a regular serving of your feet.

You can even get fans to leave a tip on your FeetFinder profile, which of course is going to encourage you to come up with even more content that they are going to want to interact with.

How to Find Fans on TikTok

Now, we are going to look at how you can find the perfect target demographic that are going to be interested in buying your feet pics.

If you want to try and sell more of your feet pics on TikTok, then you need to make sure that you know what people are into.

There are two kinds of content on TikTok, either live streams or short videos.

If the people that you are targeting are more into live streams, then you need to give them what they want and focus on this type of content.

The more market research you do into what your fans are wanting, and what kind of content you need to produce for them, the better you are going to do.

As long as you are meeting the expectations of your fans, you are going to be able to sell more feet pics through TikTok.

Look at Your Competition

Another really helpful way to figure out how to be successful selling feet pics on TikTok is to work out what your competition are doing.

This is going to give you a good idea of what content you should be posting.

The good news is that TikTok lets users open more than one profile at the same time, which means that you could create a profile to use to follow your competition.

This is going to give you a really good idea of what’s popular, and what your clients are currently into, and what the industry is into in general.

Use Hashtags

We all know how important hashtags are, but when you use hashtags to promote your feet pics, you can find the right kinds of fans on TikTok without almost any effort at all.

This is one of the best and easiest ways to reach the kind of foot lovers that you are looking for.

When you use the right hashtags, you are going to be able to connect with your target audience.

Make sure you do a lot of research around hashtag marketing, so that you can figure out exactly what kind of hashtags people within your industry are using.

This way, you can apply the same strategy with your hashtags, and you can make sure that your content is out there and being seen.

How to Post Feet Pics Safely

Sell Feet Pics

Safety is important when you are posting feet pics on TikTok, and one of the easiest ways to make sure that you are staying safe is to watermark your pics.

Because you are trying to convince people to not only take a look at your content, but visit FeetFinder and start a subscription with you, then you are going to want to  protect your content so that they can’t access it until they have paid you for it.

Another thing that you have to think about when selling pics on TikTok of your feet is whether you are going to use your real identity or not.

There are a lot of people that will want to dox you and call you out if you are in an industry like this, so we think it’s best to keep your identity hidden, so that there’s no risk of your personal information being exposed.

The last thing you want to do is to have someone track down your real location or address.

Lastly, you need to make sure that people are paying you for your foot pics before you have handed them out.

This is why a subscription is so helpful, because it ensures that your clients pay for your content, before you have shared it with them.

Final Thoughts

The good news is that there are a lot of people out there on TikTok looking for ways to connect with people who are selling pics of their feet.

You’ve just got to work out how to find them, and how to market yourself appropriately.

The more you work on doing your market research, and making sure that you’ve got your hashtag strategy up to date, the more successful you are going to be.

Now that you know all about selling feet pics on TikTok, the sky is the limit.