How to see hidden friends on Snapchat?

Many Snapchat users have experienced this issue before.

Luckily, there are ways to find hidden friends on Snapchat.

One way to find hidden friends on Snapchat is to use the search feature.

This allows you to look for a specific friend by entering their username or name.

Another way is to check your list of blocked users.

It’s possible that you accidentally blocked the friend you’re looking for.

Finally, Snapchat has a hidden folder called “My Eyes Only” where you can store private snaps and memories.

It’s possible that your friend has added you to this folder, which is why you can’t see their snaps.

Understanding Snapchat’s Privacy Settings

How to See Hidden Friends on Snapchat

Snapchat’s privacy settings are designed to give you control over who sees your content and how much information you share.

To access these settings, tap on the gear icon located in the top right corner of the app and select “Settings.”

Under the “Who Can” section, you can adjust who can see your snaps, stories, and location.

You can choose to share your content with everyone, only your friends, or a custom list of people.

You can also block specific users from seeing your content.

If you want to keep your location private, you can select “Ghost Mode” on the Snap Map.

This will prevent your location from being visible to anyone, including your friends.

Snapchat also offers a “My Eyes Only” feature, which allows you to save private snaps and stories in a password-protected folder.

To access this feature, swipe up on the camera screen and select the lock icon.

You can then set a four-digit passcode to protect your content.

It’s important to note that even with these privacy settings in place, there is always a risk that your content could be shared or saved by others.

To minimize this risk, consider enabling two-factor authentication and regularly reviewing your list of blocked users.

By understanding and utilizing Snapchat’s privacy settings, you can have more control over your content and protect your personal information.

How to Hide Friends on Snapchat

If you want to keep some of your Snapchat friends hidden from others, you can use the “Who Can…” feature to hide your friends list.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Launch the Snapchat app and tap on your profile icon in the top-left corner.
  2. Tap on the settings icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Scroll down to the “Who Can…” section and select “Contact Me.”
  4. Choose the “My Friends” option to make your friends list visible only to yourself.
  5. Exit the settings menu.

Now, your friends list will be hidden from others, and they won’t be able to see who you’re friends with on Snapchat.

However, keep in mind that if someone knows your Snapchat username, they can still add you as a friend and see your public snaps.

It’s important to note that hiding your friends list doesn’t prevent others from seeing your mutual friends.

If you and another user have a mutual friend, they’ll still be able to see that friend on your profile.

If you change your mind and want to make your friends list visible again, simply follow the same steps and choose the “Everyone” option in the “Who Can…” section.

How to See Hidden Friends on Snapchat

If you suspect that someone has hidden you on Snapchat, don’t worry.

You can still find them by following a few simple steps.

First, open the Snapchat app and swipe down from the camera screen to access your profile picture.

From there, tap on the magnifying glass icon to access the search function.

Next, type in the username or snapcode of the person you think has hidden you.

If their profile appears in the search results, it means they haven’t blocked you.

However, if their profile doesn’t appear, it’s possible that they have blocked you.

If you’re still unsure, you can try checking the Snap Map to see if their location is visible.

If it is, then they haven’t hidden you.

If their location is not visible, it’s possible that they have hidden you or turned off their location sharing.

Another way to see hidden friends on Snapchat is to check your list of blocked users.

To do this, tap on your profile picture, then tap on the gear icon to access settings.

From there, scroll down to the “Blocked” section and see if the person you’re looking for is listed.

Finally, it’s worth noting that some users may have hidden themselves from everyone on Snapchat, not just you.

In this case, there’s no way to see their profile or find them through the search function.

Unblocking and Adding Friends

Unblocking and Adding Friends

If you have hidden a friend on Snapchat and now want to unblock them, the process is straightforward.

Here’s how you can unblock a friend on Snapchat:

  1. Tap on your profile icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap on the gear icon to access the Settings menu.
  3. Scroll down to the “Blocked” section and tap on it.
  4. Find the friend you want to unblock and tap on their name.
  5. Tap on the “Unblock” button to remove them from your blocked list.

Once you have unblocked the friend, they will be able to send you Snaps, Chats, and view your Stories and Charms.

If you want to add a friend on Snapchat, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on your profile icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap on the “Add Friends” button.
  3. You can add friends by Username, from your Contacts list, or by Snapcode.
  4. If you know the person’s username, tap on the “Add by Username” option and enter their username.
  5. If the person is not in your contacts list, you can search for them by name or username.
  6. If you have a Snapcode for the person, tap on the “Scan Code” option and scan the code.

Once you have added a friend, they will appear on your friend list.

You can view your friend list by tapping on your profile icon and then tapping on the “My Friends” option.

From there, you can manage your friend list by removing friends or hiding them from your Quick Add list.

That’s it!

With these simple steps, you can unblock and add friends on Snapchat.

Exploring Snapchat’s Features

Snapchat is a popular social media platform that allows you to share snaps and stories with your friends.

It is known for its unique features such as filters, My Eyes Only, and hidden snaps.

Let’s explore some of these features in more detail.

Snaps and Stories

Snaps are photos or videos that you can send to your friends.

They disappear after a few seconds, making them perfect for sharing quick moments.

You can also add filters, stickers, and text to your snaps to make them more fun.

Stories, on the other hand, are a collection of snaps that can be viewed for 24 hours.

You can add multiple snaps to your story and share them with all your friends.

You can also see who viewed your story and even reply to their snaps.

My Eyes Only

My Eyes Only is a feature that allows you to store private snaps in a hidden folder.

This folder is protected by a passcode, and only you can access it.

You can save any snap to My Eyes Only by pressing and holding on the snap, selecting “My Eyes Only,” and entering your passcode.


Filters are a fun way to add some personality to your snaps.

They can change the color of your snap, add special effects, or even add a fun animation.

You can swipe left or right on the camera page to access different filters.

Hidden Snaps

Sometimes, you may receive a snap that you don’t want others to see.

You can hide these snaps by pressing and holding on the snap, selecting “Hide,” and confirming your choice.

Hidden snaps will be moved to a separate folder and can only be accessed by entering your passcode.

Best Friends on Snapchat

Your best friends on Snapchat are the people you interact with the most.

You can see your best friends by swiping right on the camera page.

This will take you to the Snapchat Story page, where you can see your friends’ stories and who your best friends are.

Snapchat Score

Your Snapchat score is a number that represents how active you are on the platform.

You can see your score by swiping down on the camera page.

The more snaps you send and receive, the higher your score will be.

Privacy Concerns and FAQs

When it comes to Snapchat, privacy is a major concern for many users.

Here are some common privacy concerns and FAQs that you may have:

Privacy Concerns

  • Public vs. Private Story: When you post a snap to your story, it can be viewed by all of your friends. However, you can also create a private story that only certain friends can see. Make sure to choose the right option based on who you want to see your snap.
  • Location Services: Snapchat uses your phone’s location services to show your friends where you are. While this can be fun, it can also be a privacy concern. Make sure to turn off location services or use Ghost Mode if you don’t want your friends to know your location.
  • Ghost Mode: Ghost Mode is a feature that allows you to hide your location from your friends. This can be useful if you don’t want your friends to know where you are all the time.


  • Can you see hidden friends on Snapchat without their knowledge? No, you cannot see hidden friends on Snapchat without their knowledge. If someone has hidden their friends list from you, you will not be able to see it.
  • How do I hide a friend on Snapchat? To hide a friend on Snapchat, go to your profile, access the settings menu, navigate to the “My Friends” section, find the friend you want to hide, open their profile, access their settings, and toggle the “Visible in Quick Add” option.
  • How do I turn on Ghost Mode? To turn on Ghost Mode, go to your profile, access the settings menu, navigate to the “Who Can…” section, select “My Location,” and then select “Ghost Mode.”
  • What is the difference between a public and private story? A public story can be viewed by all of your friends, while a private story can only be viewed by certain friends that you have selected.

By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that your snaps are only seen by the people you want to see them.

Snapchat and Other Social Media Platforms

Snapchat and Other Social Media Platforms

Snapchat is just one of many social media platforms that allow users to connect with friends and family.

Other popular social media apps include Twitter and Facebook.

Each platform has its own unique features and settings, but they all share the common goal of connecting people.

When it comes to seeing hidden friends on social media, the process can vary depending on the platform.

For example, on Facebook, you can adjust your privacy settings to control who can see your friends list.

On Twitter, you can make your account private so that only approved followers can see your tweets and friends.

Snapchat, on the other hand, has a few different options for hiding friends.

You can block someone to prevent them from seeing your snaps or remove them from your friends list altogether.

Additionally, Snapchat has a hidden folder called My Eyes Only where you can store private snaps that only you can see.

It’s important to remember that privacy settings on social media platforms are there for a reason.

While it may be tempting to try and see someone’s hidden friends, it’s important to respect their privacy and only view information that they have made public.

Key Takeaways

To see hidden friends on Snapchat, you can check your block list or use the Manage feature under the Settings gear icon.

Once you have accessed your block list, you can look for any blocked users that may be hidden friends.

The Manage feature will show you a list of all your hidden friends.

It is also important to note that you can have hidden friends on Snapchat, and you can hide a friend by blocking them.

To unblock a friend, you can tap your profile icon in the top of the screen, tap ⚙️ to open Settings, scroll down and tap ‘Blocked’, and then tap ️next to a name to unblock that Snapchatter.

Remember that Snapchat is a social media platform designed for sharing moments with friends, so it’s important to be mindful of who you add and who you share your snaps with.

Keep your privacy settings in mind and only add people who you trust and want to share with.