So now you’ve got lots of followers on Depop and you’re getting sales.

Establishing a company or selling items as a side hustle on Depop is a great way to make some additional cash.

Using the marketplace’s enormous audience, you may easily find buyers for your products.

The platform’s ease of use should not lead you to believe that you need not put in any work to manage your online store successfully. 

Understanding your clientele, running smooth sales processes, and avoiding barriers all fall under this category.

You, the merchant, want to make your customers’ purchasing process as pleasant as possible.

When clients are happy, there are fewer problems. However, problems can develop in any corporate deal.

A solid understanding of your company’s operations can help you avoid various issues.

In Depop, one of the vendors’ most common problems is accepting returns from dissatisfied buyers. You must be familiar with the Depop return and refund process.

It’s on you to ensure the product arrives in perfect condition for the buyer. When all else fails, a return may be requested.

Understanding the steps involved in processing returns and, ideally, avoiding them is, thus, essential.

In the following, you’ll find a compendium of all the info we know about Depop refunds and returns.

Learn how to refund on Depop.

How To Refund On Depop And Handle Payments?


As the seller, you must take the buyer’s objection seriously and reply within 24 hours.

Instead of immediately involving the platform, consider discussing things with the buyer to see if you can come up with a solution without resorting to the platform.

It’s recommended that you adhere to the following guidelines:

In order to verify if the buyer’s claim is valid, it is important first to require that they provide evidence of the problem.

You’ll be able to see if there were any problems with the delivery while using Depop.

As an online retailer, you must be aware of any problems with your selling products.

Check if you missed stating any information in the listing statement or if the fault arose during shipment. It’s crucial to determine where the fault came from.

Resolve the issue if the defect wasn’t mentioned in the description; ideally, you’d provide the customer a discount or some other perk to make up for the defective item.

Both full and partial refunds are possible, as are replacement items.

Get in touch with the shipping company (if the damage was sustained during transport) to ensure they assist you in resolving the situation.

If you find that the claim is fake, call Depop – The platforms will safeguard you and enable you to continue selling on Depop without complications if you can establish that the buyer’s claim is false with sufficient evidence.

How To Handle Refunds For Products Sold Through Depop Payments

How To Refund On Depop

Your transaction could be resolved through Depop if the product was offered and charged for with Depop Payments.

In your application or with the assistance of Depop Support, you can provide a half or full refund to the customer based on the nature of their dispute.

If a complaint is launched on an item you sold, you must supply Depop with evidence of the product’s quality, legitimacy, or quantity.

This demonstrates that you are a trustworthy vendor and should be completed within the specified time range.

If you want your item returned to you, you need to include a mailing address.

Then, Depop will assess whether or not your product is considerably different from how it was described.

Once this is done, Depop will mediate between you and the customer. Let’s pretend the two sides were unable to agree.

In that situation, you can refund the purchase price to the customer minus the delivery cost as long as the item is returned using monitored mail.

Refunds for purchases made using Depop Payments can be processed by following these steps:

  • Go to your Depop login and sign in.
  • Select All Sold and Tap Again
  • Select the purchase in question to issue a refund and hit the Refund button.
  • Click the Complete refund button for a complete reimbursement.
  • To submit a partial refund, select the Half refund tab alternatively and enter the value you’d like to reimburse.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to verify the refund’s specifics, and then confirm it by tapping the Confirm refund button.

The delivery tag will instantly be reimbursed if you have a complete refund on an exclusive sale utilizing the app’s refund feature.

But for a half refund, you will need to get in touch with Help so they can execute a shipment label return for you.

PayPal Refunds

  • Use these steps to provide a refund to a buyer who used PayPal to make their payment:
  • Access the PayPal website and sign in (using a computer, not the mobile app).
  • To issue a refund, simply locate the appropriate purchase in the Summary and click on it.
  • If the item you want to return isn’t listed, go to Activity.
  • Select Issue a refund on the Transaction Details page.
  • Proceed as instructed to issue a refund to the customer.
  • Verify that the refund has been processed and cleared.

If you’re a private seller, you don’t have to accept returns unless the item is not as described or was never received.

You must adhere to the applicable distance selling legislation if you are selling as a legitimate business.

If a buyer believes an item they purchased is ‘not as described,’ they have up to 180 days from the date of purchase to file a dispute.

You should always use the same method of payment used during the original transaction to refund a customer.

This makes the refund tied to the original transaction, so it can’t be contested afterward. All PayPal fees are non-refundable.

How To Avoid Returns And Refunds


Avoiding the need for a return or refund is the optimal scenario.

Adhering to these guidelines may reduce the chances of an unhappy customer and establish yourself as a reliable vendor.

Create Detailed And Honest Item Descriptions

Customers value genuineness and honesty in a vendor. To maximize the possibility of a lasting sale, it is important to list an item as properly and precisely as possible.

Price Fairly

Individuals who shop at thrift stores have a lot of street smarts. Ensure you and your customer are both receiving a good bargain by setting reasonable prices for your products.

Provide Tracking

Using a tracking number for the shipment is a terrific method to gain the buyer’s confidence.

It’s a major step toward finalizing the sale and ensuring your eligibility for Depop Seller Protection in the event of a disagreement.

Always send items with tracking and inform the buyer as soon as the information is available.

Disputes And Resolution

Depop will notify you if a customer is concerned about a product they purchased from you.

If an item is “Not as Described” or does not arrive, a buyer can file a claim in the Resolution Centre or dispute directly with Depop.

In any event, you should get back to the customer as soon as possible and be as helpful as possible in finding a solution to the problem.

Doing so can have a constructive effect on both your standing as a dealer and the buyer’s impression of the transaction.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered how to issue a refund on Depop in this article. You will certainly have to handle a return or refund at some point while selling on Depop.

Every online store has a proper system for refunds and canceled orders. Follow the steps listed above to handle a refund on Depop.