If you want to know how to post link on Instagram story, you are in the right place.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Its massive audience base brings a plethora of opportunities to brands and individuals to generate revenue by targeting potential customers.

Over the years, the social media giant has instituted many features to help businesses market products and redirect users from the platform to their online stores/websites.

One such feature is the ability to add a link to your Instagram story.

This link can redirect users to a landing page like a product page, blog post, YouTube video and more.

While adding links to your story is simple, Instagram recently changed the process to achieve this.

Before August 2021, the only way you could add a link to your Instagram story was by using the Swipe-Up feature, which required you to have at least 10,000 followers.

But now, anyone can add links to stories.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to post link on Instagram Story.

What Happened to The Swipe-Up Feature?

Instagram Swipe-Up

Instagram discontinued the swipe-up feature from its platform in August 2021.

This feature allowed accounts with a business profile or with at least 10,000 followers to include a link in their Instagram story.

When you would include a link, Instagram enabled the swipe-up feature, allowing your followers to swipe-up to visit the linked website or landing page.

The feature was a great tool for brands and influencers to drive traffic to their website or product’s page or a service they are promoting.

But Instagram replaced this feature with a “link-sticker” allowing all users to include a link in their stories.

What Is the Instagram Link Sticker?

Instagram Link Sticker

Instagram’s link sticker is a new feature that replaces the swipe-up feature.

Using the link sticker, anyone on the platform can add a link to their Instagram story

This Is great because you needn’t worry about the size of your account to take advantage of sharing links in your stories. 

Like any other sticker, the link-sticker appears on the screen with a clickable link icon.

The best part about the link sticker is you can customize it based on your content. You can resize, rotate, change the color, move it and more. 

When a user taps on the sticker, Instagram redirects them to the landing page.

How to Post Link on Instagram Story in 2024

Instagram Link Sticker

The link sticker on Instagram lets you add a sticker with an embedded link to redirect your followers to a landing page.

Although stories expire after 24 hours, using the link sticker you can generate leads, and convert potential customers.

Follow the steps below to use the link sticker:

  1. Launch the Instagram application and tap on the “Plus” icon.
  2. Select “Story.”
  3. Capture a photo, video, or select one from your phone’s library.
  4. Tap on the sticker icon and select the sticker named “Link.”
  5. Type the URL of the landing page you want your followers to visit.
  6. Click on “Customize sticker text” and add the text or call to action, you want the sticker to say.
  7. Pinch to resize and change the color scheme if you like.
  8. Place the sticker and send the story.

Note: Although everyone on the platform can use the link sticker, Instagram allows you to add only one link to each story.

This means if you wish to add more than one link, post multiple stories.


There you have it. Now, you know how to post link on Instagram Story.

Sharing links on your Instagram stories helps you redirect your followers to a landing page.

You can use this feature to increase website traffic, improve customer engagement, enhance brand awareness, generate leads and more.

With the new link sticker, anyone on the platform can share a link in their Instagram story by clicking on the “Sticker” icon.

You can even customize it to represent your brand’s voice. I hope this article helps.