One of the best things to come out of the past few years is the increase in remote work. Many jobs that previously took place in an office now have added flexibility where you can work from home or other locations around the globe.

To complement this new trend, the look of travel has changed. Instead of planning your available PTO, you can now arrange your vacations around work projects and airfare costs. With just a few considerations of the things listed below, you will be on your way to a successful workcation. 

Keep Track Of Your Correspondence

Staying on top of your email when working remotely is a top priority. However, far too often, workers forget about paper mail. Until recently, there haven’t been ways to unearth mailed documents when out of town. Thankfully, a solution for this exact issue has been fixed with the invention of the digital mailbox

When you plan to relocate temporarily, you can forward your mail to a specific address that will scan your documents. Once they are checked in, you can review everything online. Therefore, you won’t miss a beat if you’re waiting for important information but are on a trip to the Maldives.

Plan According To Your Work Needs

No matter your industry, there are always periods when your workload increases drastically for a short time. Whether this is due to deadlines for large projects looming near or a significant amount of staff taking time off, these elements can affect your work-life balance.

Staying focused on the work at hand may be more challenging when staring at the beach through your hotel window. Additionally, if you travel with your family, the amount of noise in the background could distract you while working. 

Therefore, if you know you have times coming up where work conditions aren’t optimal, it’s likely best to pick a different time for a workcation.

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Find A Conducive Work Environment

Regarding traveling with family, as mentioned above, the expectation of a workcation is that you still complete your required tasks on time and with the same level of quality as you typically would. Therefore, having children and other family members around while trying to accomplish this can be problematic.

Finding a quiet space to get your work done may be necessary. Whether at a local coffee shop or a hotel business center, having an area with minimal distractions will help you stay on pace with your work and allow you to enjoy the vacation aspect once you clock out for the day.

Research The Internet Quality

The last thing you want is to travel to your new destination, plug in for work the next day, and discover that the internet speed is as slow as molasses. If you find yourself in this situation, you will be scrambling to devise a better solution. The time dedicated to this will take away from your work day and possibly conflict with any scheduled meetings.

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To best plan for this, comb through the reviews available on hotel and Airbnb websites. Search for any reference to the internet speed. You can also reach out to the hosts or workers to find out if there have been reported issues. Lastly, look up alternate ways to gain access to the internet, whether by a mobile hotspot or local businesses.

Keep Your Manager Up To Speed

It is critical to keep your supervisor updated on your whereabouts. Having transparency will help to reduce any conflicts that arise. Additionally, tax liabilities often come up when you reside in one area for an extended period. These will usually vary depending on where you are, but it is helpful information to have when you’re in the travel planning process.

When your manager is aware of what is happening behind the scenes, they can help you plan for any unknowns that may come up long-term. Showing them that you can quickly fulfill your role and deliver results no matter your location will also help to instill trust. In the end, having open two-way communication benefits the team, yourself, and those you report to daily.

Consider Time Zones

Although your new destination may have a different time zone, you still need to be available at the appropriate work times that your job depicts. This stipulation isn’t as much of an issue for those who don’t have a set schedule. However, if you work a standard 9-5, you will likely need to abide by that even in a different time zone.

Coming up with a work schedule that allows you to complete your work obligations and still enjoy your leisure time in a new area is vital to your success while on a workcation. Whether this entails an early wake-up or some late nights, arranging things to work as they should is essential.

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Enjoy Your Surroundings

Combining work and vacation is a new concept many don’t yet have the privilege to enjoy. If you are in a position where you can take advantage of remote work, take the time to do so and take in the new experiences. 

The rate at which people are enjoying workcations is quickly on the rise. Employers are beginning to understand that fulfilled employees are more productive, and individuals are finding that they can enjoy life without giving up their careers. 

While the beauty of a remote work arrangement is the reduced need to take vacation days, you shouldn’t be afraid to use them every so often to dedicate a day to new adventures. While traveling to a new location will involve actively working, don’t forget to take time to explore and see what the world has to offer.

Before You Go

Times are changing, resulting in the ability to travel while still engaging in the workforce. Remote workers have newfound freedom because they aren’t permanently rooted in one location. However, there are a few items that you need to take into consideration before planning out and taking steps to embark on a workcation.