In the previous years, the jewelry industry has witnessed a boom and its value is predicted to reach an astounding figure of 292$ billion by 2025, which speaks volumes about how rapidly the sector is expanding.

Although we can’t deny the fact that the coronavirus outbreak has left a mark on the jewelry industry, it still didn’t hinder its progress.

In fact, the coronavirus prompted people to shop locally for their jewelry and support small businesses to help them overcome the struggles during lockdowns. Let’s face it, in the midst of a crisis, jewelry shopping is the last thing that comes to mind.

However, the situation has taken a positive turn and we can see that the number of jewelry businesses in the USA is increasing daily. And that means all these businesses will be faced with the same problem:”How do I make my jewelry business stand out?”

Today, in the digital era, it’s necessary to employ your marketing tactics properly and make sure your business has an online presence. If they can’t find you on Google, it’s like you don’t even exist.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to market your jewelry business and ensure it gets noticed, keep reading to find out how to do that.

Build a Quality Website

As we’ve mentioned in our intro, an online presence is a necessity and the first step to establishing your position online is making a website. Building a website is an easy task and anyone can do it just by looking at some of the tutorials, but creating a high-quality website that will attract visitors and keep their attention is a completely different endeavor.

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Even if you aren’t planning on selling your jewelry online, you still need a good website that will offer your potential customers all the relevant information. For instance, maybe they’re interested in buying vintage brooches and, instead of wasting time and visiting your store just to find out you don’t sell these items, they can simply look it up online and save themselves a trip.

Plus, a website answers all their potential questions. Just by taking a look at your website they’ll know your location, your business hours and they’ll be familiar with the range of goods you sell. Make sure you include all of this basic information and try to keep your website design clear and easy-to-follow. We don’t even have to mention the fact that your website should load fast and be mobile-friendly. 

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Increase the Number of Reviews

You’ve finally decided to test out a new product or to visit a new hair-dresser. But, before you actually make the first step, what do you do? You go online and check what other people have said about the said product/hair-dresser and whether they were satisfied or not.

The same goes for your jewelry business, the more positive reviews the better. This is extremely important for local jewelers as it’s the best way to stand out from the crowd and make sure locals choose your business in the pool of others.

For instance, you can take a look at this jewelry store in Scottsdale that has understood the importance of Google reviews and not only does it have more than 500 reviews, but the staff also manages to reply to each one(positive or negative). It helps establish rapport with customers and make them feel important, which increases the chances of them coming back. 

Partner With Local Influencers

Times have changed and being an influencer is officially a thing in 2022. Social media is the place to be now and if you don’t have the time to constantly upload images of your new jewelry pieces or you just don’t feel comfortable photographing yourself, you can always partner up with an influencer who’ll make sure your product gets noticed.

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The process may take some time as you won’t immediately find an influencer who fits your business’ aesthetic, so you can always start by following a couple of them on Instagram before you actually make a pitch.

Naturally, you will have to compensate them for the service as they’ll have to invest a lot of time into taking pictures, creating reels and filming videos in order to reach the targeted audience that’ll be interested in the jewelry you have to offer.

Just take a look at any famous jewelry brand and you’ll immediately notice the number of influencers they have hired to promote their products. Of course, if you’re a smaller business, one influencer should be enough to get you started.

The Bottom Line 

As you can see, a little effort goes a long way. You don’t have to be a marketing wizz in order to get your jewelry store noticed. You can make use of the many free tools available online and set aside a small part of the budget for paid promotion.

Remember that it’s important to build your brand name online and make sure to follow the advice above for long lasting results.