When you use Reddit, are the videos silent and you don’t know how to get sound on Reddit videos?

You have landed on the right article.

Today, we will go over some brief things about Reddit and discuss why and how you may not have sound on videos. 

Why don’t Reddit videos play the audio by default? Let’s consider the fact that Reddit is mainly a text-based platform.

That factor alone means we may not want to turn on the audio when watching videos. 

There could also be a chance that if you’re watching videos at work or in public venues, playing the video sound could be a distraction to coworkers or others around you.

Another reason that the video may not be playing sound is that the creator posted it without sound for whatever reasons.

There is nothing you can do about it if the creator, intentionally or not, recorded a video without sound. Turning the sound on won’t work in this case.

Reddit may have a video’s sound muted for some reason, which most commonly happens when a video is safe for work, or NSFW.

In these cases, Reddit automatically mutes the sound.

Now that you know some reasons audio may not be working for you on the platform, we will discuss how to get sound on Reddit when it’s available.

How to Get Sound on Reddit Videos from the App

Whether you’re new to Reddit or you are a regular user of the platform, you may need some tips about how to get the sound turned on for videos. Let’s do this.

1. Open your Reddit app.

2. Find a video you want to watch and open it.

3. Tap the speaker icon at the bottom right corner of the video to turn on the audio.

speaker icon

This should turn on the sound for the Reddit video you want to watch and listen to. When you want to turn it off, just tap the speaker icon. 

You can also clear your app cache if this doesn’t work. This process for unmuting and muting Reddit video audio works on both the web and app versions.

How to Turn Reddit Quiet Mode Off on iOS Devices

If you use an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), quiet mode on Reddit is a thing. The Reddit app on iOS devices has a default setting for Quiet Mode, which mutes all videos.

If Quiet Mode is enabled, you will need to unmute each video separately. Unmuting on video won’t work on all following videos. 

Here’s how to see if your Quiet Mode is turned on and how to disable it. 

1. Open your iOS Reddit app and tap your profile icon at the top left corner.

2. Tap “Settings

3. Tap the toggle switch to turn off Quiet Audio Mode.

Quiet Mode Off

Now you should be able to listen to videos on Reddit without enabling future individual videos.

When you want to turn Quiet Mode back on, just go back to Settings and tap the toggle switch to turn it off.

How to Clear the Reddit App Cache on Android

Sometimes, it helps to clear your app cache and data on your Android phone. This is one way to resolve issues with any app on your Android device.

Here’s how you can clear your Reddit app cache to fix no audio issues.

1. Long press on your Reddit app from your home screen.

2. Tap on the “i” option.

3. Now you can get to the Reddit App information section. 

4. Tap on “Clear Data”.

5. Tap on Clear Cache and tap “OK” to confirm the action.

This action will clear all the temporary data and the cache on your Reddit app. 

Now you know what to do for iOS and Android when sound problems arise on your Reddit app. 

How to Use a Third-Party App to Get Audio on Reddit Videos

Sometimes, videos just won’t play on Reddit regardless of your settings.

In these cases, some have discovered that they can use a third-party app like Sync for Reddit or Apollo for Reddit to hear the audio.

Remember, if the creator didn’t record the video with audio (accidentally or on purpose), nothing will turn on the audio.

However, if it’s turned off by Reddit for whatever reasons, a third-party app may allow you to hear it. 

Some third-party apps are Reddit client apps that you can use without concerns about revealing your Reddit login data.

It’s still wise to use caution when you choose to download any kind of third-party app on your phone. This is especially important if you’re giving the app access to your Reddit account.

How to Turn on Reddit Video Audio on Your PC

If you’re not using a mobile device to access Reddit via the app, but you do watch and listen to videos on your laptop or desktop PC, here are some ways you can turn on sound.

Muting and Unmuting Videos

1. Find and open a video on your Reddit account via a browser.

2. Using your mouse, hover over the bottom right part of the Reddit post.

3. You should see the video control bar where you can look to see if it’s on mute or not. If there is a cross next to the icon, click it to unmute.

4. Drag the slider to adjust the volume of the audio. 

If you are not getting sound on Reddit, check your pc’s audio settings. 

Checking Your PC Volume Settings

There are a couple of methods for checking your computer’s volume settings. We have them for you in this section.

Audio Settings from the Taskbar

1. Look for the volume (tiny speaker) icon on your taskbar to see if it’s muted. If the little speaker icon is muted there will be an “x” next to it. 

2. If it’s muted, click the volume icon and drag the slider to choose your desired volume level. Sliding to the right raises the volume, and to the left, it lowers the volume.

If this doesn’t work for you, we have another solution for you to try. 

Checking Volume Through Your Computer Settings

1. Open your computer settings in Windows. Go to “Start” at the bottom left of your display. Locate “Settings” in the list above. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to find your “System” settings.

Computer Settings

2. Now that you have “System” open, scroll to the “Volume Mixer”. The icon for this looks like an audio mixer. 

3. Make sure your volume levels are all set to high for web browser audio sound. If it’s not, just drag the slider to the right using your mouse and turn it all the way up.

You can control, mute, and unmute your volume from your taskbar, so it’s okay to turn them up in your computer settings.

4. Now, you need to make sure that your Output Device for audio is set to the Output you’re using.

There will be a dropdown menu if you have speakers, headphones, etc. Choose the device you’re using to make sure you get sound from it.

If these methods don’t work, check your browser tab where you are using the Reddit site to see if it’s muted. 

There should be an “x” next to a little speaker icon on the tab if it’s muted. That’s when your browser is muted. Use your mouse to hover over the tab to find it. 

Checking Your Browser Tab 

Reddit Tab

Here is where we will discuss checking your audio on the Reddit tab in your browser. 

1. The volume icon on the Reddit tab will be to the right of the Reddit icon on the tab. If there is an “X” next to the speaker icon, it’s muted and will not play audio on videos.

2. Click on the speaker icon to unmute the Reddit tab. Now you should have sound enabled on the tab.

If for some reason this doesn’t work, clear your browser data/cache and try again.

Clearing Your Browser Data

Clear Data

Your cache and data accumulate when you use your browser for long periods.

This can interrupt your browser performance, causing a variety of issues like not being able to adjust or tweak the sound on the Reddit tab. 

Sometimes this is the reason you can’t hear sound on Reddit when using the web version of Reddit. 

The following steps are for clearing your browser data on the Google Chrome browser, but the steps are relatively the same for other browsers. 

1. Use your mouse to click on the three little dots at the far top right corner of your browser and choose “Settings”.

2. Click on “Privacy and Security” from the sidebar and choose “Clear Browsing Data”.

3. When the pop-up window appears, click on the dropdown menu and select “All Time” to clear all your browsing data from the time it was installed, or from the last time you cleared it.

4. Click on “Clear Data” to delete your browsing history, cookies, cache, and downloads on Chrome.

These are the methods for how to get sound on Reddit turned on through your browser. When you’re using mobile devices, follow the steps we shared for those devices.


We have researched and found the most commonly asked questions and answers to those questions about sound problems with Reddit videos. Here’s what we found. 

Can the Default Settings Be Changed on The Reddit Video Player?

Yes. The volume levels can be adjusted using the video volume slider. You can also disable or enable autoplay in these settings.

Why Isn’t Sound Playing on The NSFW Videos?

Reddit’s default for NSFW (not safe for work) is on mute. This is done to avoid anything inappropriate from being audibly played.

However, we shared some ways to circumvent this issue in the article above using third-party apps.

Are There Alternative Ways to Get Sound on Reddit Videos?

Yes. Both iOS and Android devices have third-party apps that can enhance your Reddit experience.


We hope we have thoroughly addressed the issues that you might have with getting sound on Reddit videos across devices and formats.

We addressed ways to resolve having no audio for Android, iOS, computers, and web browsers. 

Now that you have this information at hand, you can save it for future reference in case you have problems with your Reddit app or on the Reddit website.

Knowing how to resolve sound problems for videos is an important part of your Reddit and overall video streaming experience on all apps and platforms.

If none of these solutions work for you, there may be other issues at play. You may need to reach out to Reddit or other tech support for solutions. 

You know how to get sound on Reddit videos, so you can enjoy a better audio experience on the app or on the site.