Want to know how to get paid for reels on Instagram?

Instagram’s Reel is one of the most used features on the platform.

Millions of people around the world create unique content through reels to connect with their target audience and earn money through many marketing efforts.

Since its launch in 2020, the social media giant has recorded a significant growth in the number of users and hence added a plethora of reels features to help creators engage users on the platform and earn through Reels Play Bonus.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the methods you can use to get paid for reels on Instagram.

What is an Instagram Reel?

An Instagram reel is a short-form video content of up to 90 seconds.

You can record using the Instagram camera or upload from your device.

Instagram offers many customisation options to make reels intuitive.

For instance, you can add music, and audio from a massive in-platform library or record an original.

You can also add filters, texts, emojis, hashtags and more.

How to Get Paid for Reels on Instagram

Well, there are many ways you can use to make money from posting  Instagram Reels.

While most of them require you to handle the process, you can also take part in the Reels Play Bonus to earn from Instagram directly.

Affiliate Programs

Instagram Affiliate 933

You can earn a percentage of what a user pays for a product when someone makes a purchase from an affiliate link you share.

Billions of creators globally leverage their audience to promote products of brands they partner with.

For instance, say you create reels on make-up tutorials.

If you have a massive audience-base who listens to your recommendations, you can take part in affiliate programs of many skincare or make-up brands.

A great place to begin is to create reels on niches you are passionate about and focus on producing valuable reels to build a loyal audience, then look for affiliate programs in your niche which offer high commission rates.

Brand Collaborations

You can earn from the content you post on Instagram through brand collaboration.

Brands constantly partner up with influencers who are niche-leaders in the products/ services they sell.

You can start by posting engaging content in your niche to improve your engagement rates.

Then, signup for platforms like Upfluence, which connect influencers with brands looking to collaborate. 

This Is where you can earn money per post.

Selling Products and Services

If you have your own products, you can use Instagram Reels to make sales. 

For instance, say you’ve created a few custom icon/widget packs or editable templates.

You can create reels around your products and influence users to make purchases. 

You can also market your services to earn money. For instance, you can share reels showcasing your designing skills and ask users to hire you if they need the service you offer.

Instagram Play Bonus

Instagram Play Bonus

Finally, you can get paid from reels through the Reels Play Bonus program offered by Instagram.

This’s where Instagram pays you based on the number of plays your reels gets within a specified timeframe.

Now, there are two important pointers you must know.

The first pointer is the program is invite-only and available in a few regions.

Hence, if Instagram hasn’t introduced it in your country, have patience.

The second is there is an eligibility criterion you must fulfill to take part in the program. 

Eligible creators must:

  1. Have a professional Instagram account,
  2. Follow Instagram’s Partner Monetisation Policies,
  3. Have less than 1 million followers

So, How Does It Work?

Well, after receiving an invitation to take part in the program, you must enter your content within the next 30 days. 

The per-play earning may change over time depending on many factors, but you can pick many reels. 

Another thing you must remember is your earnings get calculated during the 30-day period. 

Instagram pays you based on the number of views your reels record, which varies with accounts.

But you can still get a portion of the bonus if your reels hit the play milestones set by Instagram.

Note: Paid, sponsored, or partnership Reels are not eligible for the bonus.


There you have it.

Now you know: How to get paid for reels on Instagram.

There are many ways you can make money from posting reels on Instagram.

The bottom-line is to create valuable content which resonates with the audience.

You must also find the best affiliate and collaboration opportunities and take part in the Play Bonus Program.