So, you’ve made up your mind to become a successful Twitch streamer, you got everything up and ready, and now the only thing left is to get some viewers?

Welcome aboard, since that’s been every Twitch streamer’s most difficult task. Despair not, however! We got you covered here.

With its aims to surpass the conventional media in popularity, Twitch as a platform is growing at an unprecedented rate.

The younger generations vastly favor streaming platforms over, for example, TV, which has created ample opportunities for you to hop the snowballing train and secure a place under the Twitch sun for yourself. It’s fun, profitable, and has a secure future.

The only issue? Get your content to be seen.

To achieve exponential growth and ‘spikes in popularity’ that propel those chosen by the algorithm gods, you need to secure a base of dedicated viewers.

How do you manage to get more Twitch viewers? We’ll get to that now.

How to Get More Twitch Viewers

What NOT to Do

It’s absolutely necessary first to warn you about the seemingly quickest, but surely the most dangerous path to Twitch views – Twitch bots.

Twitch bots in theory function as software-simulated accounts the only purpose of which is to watch your streams.

Unlike real users, Twitch bots are unable to interact with the content, or if they are, they produce spam or nonsense that can quickly ruin the experience of the actual viewers you aspire to get.

Not to mention that the practice is shunned by Twitch, with repercussions including permabanning your account, rendering all your efforts in vain. Which sucks, doesn’t it?

In other words, stay clear from Twitch bots: even if you get it to bloat up your viewers numbers, it’ll alienate the rest of the community and will ultimately get you banned. 

What to Do: 5 Ways

#1 Determine Your Niche 

The nature of Twitch is to host a wide variety of content, but the actual users have a specific taste and certain interests that not every type of content can sate.

Advancing on several niches at once will reduce your performance and turn down your dedicated fans.

The trick is to establish your own niche, that one particular genre or game you’ll get better at and more entertaining the more you do it.

Casual viewers might look for something more general, but the core base you seek to found will reward you with continuous support and dedication of loyalty.

After a while (this is not an instantaneous process) you’ll become associated with that particular niche and more people will flock to your streams.

And then, once popularity spikes ensue, GGWP.

#2 Enhance Your Presentation


Twitch is all about the visuals. If people do not find your streams to be visually appealing or if they find your presentation to be boring, it’s game over.

Remember, Twitch streamers are first and foremost entertainers.

Do crazy gimmicks, crack jokes, raise your gaming to the next level, anything really to make you stick out and make those who stumble upon your content stick. 

In other words, make a Twitch persona. It can be like real-life you, or something entirely else. The primary goal is to make it different.

This persona should have an appropriate visual style that you can apply to both your streams and your profile. Throw caution in the wind and be creative. 

The new presentation will come with particular aesthetics that’ll be your trademark. And viewers love new aesthetics!

#3 Create a Schedule


Streaming on Twitch makes a full-time job. In other words, if you want to make a Twitch career, streaming once in a while just won’t cut it.

Be prepared to devote a big chunk of your time to your gaming profession!

Bearing this in mind, you should have a particular time slot when your viewers will be able to expect your streams.

The Twitch community is global, and time zones render some audiences unavailable at certain times because, well, sleep is still a necessity out of the digital world, you know.

Do a bit of experimenting and see when you get the most views. Once you find that out, stick to it for maximum exposure. 

#4 Acknowledge Your Viewers

Perhaps it goes without saying, but we streamers often get lost in our shenanigans and lose track of our beloved communities.

Perhaps before anything else, you should take care of your viewers and include them in your streams as often as possible. 

Fan bases love attention and reply to respect with devotion. You should start conversations, foster proactivity, and give shoutouts to viewers in order to cement their position in your community.

What do you get out of this? You get incentivized ‘marketing agents’ that will go out of their way to spread good words about you.

Make the most dedicated viewers into pillars of your followers, and more will follow in their steps. 

#5 Recommend Others and Make Collabs


It’s a common practice for streamers to join forces and make collabs that bring an influx of popularity to all the participants.

This is especially so for streamers in the same niche, and is the most effective way of gaining mass new views.

It is wise to keep good relations with fellow streamers in general, especially if your contents have something in common.

A casual shoutout can go a long way in forming productive alliances and getting more viewers. Teamplay, as in gaming, so in streaming, goes a long way!

Purchasing Twitch Viewers?

The alternative way of getting more Twitch viewers is, well, to buy them.

This differs from Twitch bots in the sense that you’re getting actual users, not simulations, and besides, authentic viewer providers do not infringe on Twitch’s terms of use.

Buying Twitch viewers can quickly get you the base sufficiently big to trigger the algorithm and bring you viewers (you don’t have to pay for) en masse.

As long as you go with safe options, there’s nothing to lose and nothing to be afraid of.

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With these tips on how to get more Twitch viewers in your thoughts, you’ll be able to devise a strategy of your own that’ll establish you among popular Twitch streamers in a flash.

If something of this has stuck, our task here is done. Good luck, m8, and see you(r streams) soon!