When a store first joins Depop, it has 0 followers.

Every store eventually builds up from there.

While some stores expand swiftly, the majority either don’t change much or expand very slowly.

We’ll discuss several strategies for fast expanding your customer base and brand awareness here.

Let’s get back to fundamentals here: if you want more people to follow your store on Depop, you need those people to find your store in the first place.

The customers have no reason to follow you if they are unaware that your store even exists. 

This is precisely where you should plan to make changes: increasing your store’s visibility to the general public.

So, let’s start exploring these possibilities of how to get followers on Depop right away.

What Are Depop Followers?

Let’s first focus on what “Depop followers” means. Your followers come from all walks of life and always look for new and exciting stores to add to their favorites list.

Buyers in the audience are considering purchasing from your online store, brand, or items and would like to be notified when new releases become available.

In the “New From Your Sellers” section of the app’s main page, they can easily locate and maybe purchase your recently posted items.

Having a dedicated following of followers is reassuring evidence that your online content is being appreciated.

Why Do Depop Followers Matter?


Perhaps you’re wondering, now that you know who Depop followers are, why they’re so important.

Research has shown that one of the main reasons people become members of the Depop community is in search of people with similar interests.

Depop gives them a place to share their style with the world, so the more people follow you, the more you can inspire and be influenced by others.

Gaining a sizable following can improve interaction and, ultimately, conversion rates.

The most important benefit of having followers is the increased social interaction that results from following others.

How To Get Followers On Depop?

Engaging with your audience is crucial if you want to grow your following on Depop.

If you want more followers on Depop and more sales on Depop, you need to communicate with your audience, according to that article.

A Depop automated tool can be used to speed up the consultation process or done manually.

Follow Other Users On Depop

Simply put, this is the obvious choice. Following individuals is essential if you have no followers or a small number of followers.

If you want more followers on Depop, the first step is to follow other users and have them check out your store after they see you follow the notification.

Some of them will shortly start following you back. It’s very effective to reach out to people who have shown interest in content comparable to yours.

The easiest approach to locate people to follow on Depop who are interested in the same kinds of things you are is to look at the followers’ page of someone who already has a lot of success selling things you’re interested in.

The easiest way to increase your following is to steal it from your competitors by following their followers.

There is a high probability that they will buy what you are offering.

Ensure Your Sellers Bio Is Updated And Clear

Many vendors spend time and energy learning to crosspost on multiple online marketplaces, but they often overlook the importance of having an easily understood bio.

The bio will be the first thing potential customers see when they visit your brand’s website.

It’s important to give the new customer a chance to become familiar with your business, so be warm and welcoming.

After the internet selling program has finished its work, you can formally identify yourself.

It would help if you answered certain technical questions in your bio before you can move on.

  • Where do you ship from?
  • Will you negotiate?
  • Are trades or swaps possible?

A Good Picture Will Go Long Way

When making an online purchase, appearance is of the utmost importance.

Poor product photographs will drive customers away even if you’re selling on Depop. No worries, though, as you won’t need any expensive tools to accomplish this.

The phone camera will work great if you get some excellent lighting. 

When you’re ready to offer your items for sale, simply upload the photographs using the cross-listing software.

Watch the clip below to get some fresh perspectives on improving your own house photography.

Make Your Products Eye-Catching Or More Interesting

Obviously, posting high-quality, fascinating products is a great strategy to get more followers.

People will follow users who consistently provide high-quality material, just as they would on any other social network or e-commerce website.

Make sure you’re following the right folks on Depop. To participate, notoriety is not required. Never stop thinking about ways to improve the quality of your online content.

Emphasize the visual appeal of your products and services and make sure your explanations are as clear as possible.

Keep Updating Your Product Listings


Additionally, it’s important to maintain your Depop presence. The service will terminate inactive accounts.

New product uploads are the most straightforward method for accomplishing this.

Also, remember that even a minor change to the description can result in a refreshed listing and a return to the top of the page.

You can also save the product after editing it but before making any changes.

This would also refresh the list, but if you have a lot of items, it’s advisable to use Depop automatically to refresh display bots so that this routine work may be done often and without error.

Quote Fair Prices And Be Open To Negotiate

Price your items so that Depop may take a 10% cut off all sales. The decision to charge for shipping or not is something to think about.

Some considerations include whether or not international shipping is planned.

Be really reasonable with your asking price, and be open to haggling. They’re happy when people feel like they’ve gotten a good deal.

Similarly, be specific if there is a price at which you are unwilling to budge.

Tell the people if you are willing to negotiate or if the prices are final. Try to be honest in everything, especially when it comes to pricing. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this post helped answer your question on how to get followers on Depop.

Joining online forums, such as those for sellers and buyers, is another great way to increase your following on Depop and learn more about the demands and needs of your target audience. 

Obviously, posting high-quality, engaging products is a great strategy to get more followers.

Individuals will follow users who consistently provide high-quality material, just as they would on any other social network or e-commerce website.