If you are interested in fashion and saving bucks while you do so, you must have already heard about Depop.

Not only does it allow you to resell your own items but, you can hunt for unique fashion items that you may not get anywhere else. 

One of the great things about Depop is that it functions like a social media platform, almost similar to Instagram.

There is a feed where you can see listings and posts, and you can like or follow/unfollow users. 

So, if you wish to know how to follow someone on Depop, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading. 

How to Follow Someone On Depop


Following people on Depop is extremely easy. Moreover, it’s beneficial too. 

As a seller, you will be aware of what your competition is selling and you might even be inspired.

Plus, following other people increases your own engagement too, since the users will want to follow you back. 

So, to follow someone on Depop, just follow the instructions below. 

  1. Open your Depop app. Make sure you are logged into your account. 
  2. Next, tap on the search icon at the bottom of the screen, beside the home icon. 
  3. Now, on the search bar, type in the name of the user you wish to follow. Find them and open their profile. 
  4. Once you are on the profile of the person, you will see a blue button that says “Follow”. Tap on it and it will turn green and say “Following”. 

That’s it!

You are now following the person on Depop. Follow the same method to follow more on the Depop app. 

Other Ways To Follow People

How To Change Address On Depop

While searching people up and following them one by one is a good idea, it can become exhausting.

Moreover, you may be out of names to follow. 

Hence, a great idea is to go to one of your competitor’s profiles (someone who sells similar fashion items to you) and start following everyone from their followers list.

This way, others will take notice of your profile and start following you too. 

However, manually following people can sometimes be tiresome and not to mention, time-consuming.

Hence, if you wish to automate this task, you can use a Depop bot. 

Depop bots will automatically follow users for you, so that you can use your precious time on something else.

Thanks to this, your engagement will increase and more people will take notice of your profile, boosting your number of potential buyers. 

Final Thoughts

Depop is fast becoming the go-to fashion platform for many users.

And, it makes sense why; the interface is smooth and the prices are extremely affordable! 

Following people on Depop not only lets you know what other people are up to and what kind of items they are selling, but it also boosts your engagement and increases your chances of making a sale.

Therefore, in this article, we showed you how to follow someone on Depop.