Apple has done a fantastic job at ensuring you don’t just buy their products, you also purchase their accessories. It’s the easiest way to enjoy Apple technology.

However, sometimes technology isn’t just the solution, it’s also the problem. Airpods are the perfect example.

They are small, wireless, and offer excellent sound. Unfortunately, that also makes it very easy to lose them.

The good news is Apple know this and has created an easy way to locate them!

Here’s how to find Airpod case when you need it. Don’t worry, this works whether your Airpods are in the case or not.

How To Find Airpod Case

Airpod Case 2

There are several different approaches depending on whether the Airpods are in the case or not:

1. At Least One Airpod In The Case

The simplest approach is the most effective, that’s to use the iPhone app. But, you will need to have enabled the find my phone app before you lose the Airpods.

If the Airpod case has charge, you’ll be able to find its last location.

Should you have your Airpod case open then you’ll also be able to play sounds via the app. This could help you locate it.

  • Open the Find My app – you can do this on any Apple product but the iPods need to have previously been paired with that device
  • Select the settings option
  • Find your Airpods in the list of devices you have previously paired
  • The location of your Airpod case will be shown

It’s worth noting that, if the case is closed, you’ll simply see the last known location and what time the Airpods were there.

If the case is open you’ll be shown a map, you can follow this to find your Airpod case.

There’s an image of a car, select this and you’ll get directions! Once you are close to the location you can choose the play sound option.

Providing you are close enough the app will make your case play a sound.

2. How To Find An Empty Airpod Case

Option one is simple but the app is actually tracking the Airpods, not the case. In short, if you don’t have your Airpods in the case the app will only show the last known location.

That may not be where the case is.But, you can use the last known location as a starting point for your search.

From that point on it’s a manual search around anywhere you think you may have left them.

3. How To Find Airpod Case By Activating Lost Mode

Lost mode won’t help you to locate where you left your Airpod case. But, it will tell anyone that tries to use the case that it belongs to you.

There’s no guarantee but the finder may then return the case to you.

You can activate your lost mode in your ‘Find My’ app on your phone or any other Apple device.

  • Open the app and take a look at your device list
  • Select the Airpods – you can’t specifically select the Airpod case
  • Look at the available options and chose the one that says ‘lost mode’
  • Activate this  – to complete the activation you’ll need to add a few personal details. This simply allows the finder to contact you

4. How To Find Airpod Case Without Your iPhone


The simplest way to find your missing case is through your phone as it has already been paired to the Airpods.

However, if you don’t have your phone handy, you can try the following:

  • Using any computer log into the iCloud with your usual Apple account
  • Once you’re in find the list of devices and look for Airpods
  • You’ll be shown the last location of your Airpods
  • A sound will play if the iPods are close enough – it will say its pending if they are locatable but not close

5. Third Party Tracking

This is likely to be your option of last resort. But, it can help you find your Airpod case, providing at least one Airpod is in it.

In short, a third-party app is only useful if you’ve never connected your Airpods to your phone.There are several options on Google Play, choose one and download it.

You can then ask it to search for nearby connected devices. That’s ones that can connect to other devices via Bluetooth or similar technology.

The third-party app will locate any device in your area but will only tell you its distance.

In other words, you’ll need to use the app two or three times from different locations to work out where the iPods are.

Using The Left Behind Feature

It’s best to avoid losing your iPods, or the case, in the first place and Apple is now helping you to do this.

You’ll need to activate it first:

  • Open your Find My app
  • Choose the Airpods
  • Select the notification option
  • Activate left-behind mode

As soon as your phone moves out of range of the Airpods you’ll receive a notification that you’ve left the Airpods behind.

This will repeat for 24 hours, allowing you to return to where you left them.

It’s possible and advisable to create a list of locations where you can leave your iPods, it will save you from receiving unnecessary and annoying notifications.

Final Thoughts

The best approach is not to lose your case, then you won’t need to know how to find Airpod case.

Of course, no one intends to lose their case. Fortunately, if they have the Airpods inside, even one, it’s easy to find them.

That’s providing someone hasn’t found them and decided to keep them. If you’ve lost just the Airpod case there are options available to you.

However, if the above isn’t successful it is possible to replace your Airpod case without changing your Airpods.

You should also check your insurance, both that offered by Apple and your home insurance could cover the replacement cost.

You just need to verify that claiming is worthwhile. Now you know how to find Airpod case and how to avoid losing it in the first place.

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use the above techniques again.