Despite our expectations, the XXI century passes under the flag of stress. The world and technology are evolving at the speed of a fighter jet, the amount of information for analysis has surpassed the world’s ocean volume.

Man finds himself in a raging torrent of anxiety, complexity and fear. Every day he worries about the future, about the deadline for a project, afraid to be late for an essential meeting, upset about not getting the news on time.

People have lost their sense of stability and immutability. And like many hundreds of years before, they return to nature, to down-to-earth things.

It’s now that meditation has gained enormous popularity. They allow you to detach from reality and be in the flow of events without concentration, to observe from the side.

Now there are many web resources with a set of such practices. But they have one common disadvantage – it is necessary to load a browser to remember the password to enter, to pass the captcha.  And once entrepreneurs realized the pains of customers, mobile apps came along.

Smartphone As A Means Of Relaxation From Gadgets

How to create a meditation app and why it’s a good idea for a startup? Society will no longer stop using the smartphone, all life fits into one little black plastic rectangle.

The paradox of the situation is that the user takes a break from gadgets by using the app on his cell phone. The pandemic has taught people to avoid unnecessary contact.

Therefore, the usual training and practices have moved online. It was the need for a new form of interaction that was the impetus to create a meditation app.

This area is just beginning its long, interesting journey on the IT skyline. Of course, there are already serious competitors, but there are also a lot of free niches.

The more important part of such a product is the content. With the high-quality internal part, it is possible to reach the first place in search results.

If you explain it in the language of numbers, the amount of downloads increased by 39% over the year, and the income by 50%. Investors prefer to put in startups that create a meditation app than in projects with podcasts.

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The Goals And Objectives Of Such An App

What better way for a businessman to know how much stress the average person goes through. It doesn’t just have to do with work. It is enough to be driving a car at rush hour, or with a child on the playground, or in line at the supermarket.

External factors and world events only add to the degree of tension. The goal of the developer to create a meditation app is to help the user to overcome difficulties, cope with stress and fall asleep or, conversely, to tune in to the workflow.

The main idea is to teach the user to concentrate. Such projects can change the life of society for the better, because it gives the opportunity to listen to yourself, your desires, to feel the body in a new way.

Such skills develop mental abilities and help not only in the personal sphere of life, but also have a beneficial effect on the career. Apparently, this is the success of spiritual practices, and their widespread adoption in recent years. 

Often it’s enough to focus on the problem for a successful solution. For example, you can’t turn in a website layout, you’re constantly distracted by irrelevant matters, emails, and messengers.

This is where you need the ability to abstract away from external factors and consciously approach the task.

6 Tips Before You Create A Meditation App

You can read hundreds of articles, but not use that knowledge. Pay attention to:

  1. Planning. This step should not be skipped. Without a clear plan, you can miss important little things. Thanks to this, you won’t only be able to predict the budget, but also the timing of the project.

  2. Choosing a direction. There are several types of meditations, these can be practices for better sleep, mindfulness, meditations for walking or yoga, etc. By targeting a narrow niche, you increase the chances of your product.

  3. Audience. Research thoroughly who will use your project. Devote time to this, conduct quantitative tests with modern resources, qualitative, it can be surveys among colleagues and acquaintances.

    You should understand not only the social parameters, but also calculate the level of knowledge and education in the issue. Perhaps you create a meditation app that will be suitable for users with different skills.

  4. Competent developers and designers. It can be said a lot that the cost of professional services can not be low. The fate of the project depends on the quality of the implementation of your idea.

    Study the cases, download completed applications, evaluate the logic, design, reviews. Also, when choosing a team of executors, you can ask for advice from a developer you know. In this way, you can save a considerable amount of money.

  5. Content. First, users see the beautiful wrapper and install the product. But they continue to use it and pay for access because of its content.

    The basis of creating a meditation app is audio lessons, which help in mastering meditation techniques. It is their quality that determines the level of customer satisfaction, and therefore the demand for the project.

  6. Promotion. Do not rely on organic growth. Invest in marketing, collaborate with bloggers, use social media, test hypotheses. The right advertising campaign is 50% of success.

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Key Features

What does a user want from a meditation app?

  • An introductory lesson. It can be in the form of an animation, text, audio message. Explains the basics and offers a closer look at the product.

  • Audio instructions for different life situations, feelings and moods.

  • A personnel office where the user can make bookmarks, view statistics and monitor his condition.

  • Support for fitness devices. This feature helps the user to control the level of tension.

  • Notifications. Help not to forget about daily practices and turn them into a habit.

Start to create a meditation app with basic features, launch, collect initial feedback, fix bugs and only then move on to updates and extensions of your product features.

Keeping Up With The Times

The best way to get ahead of the competition is to present features that others don’t have. The IT market is actively developing and offers entrepreneurs new tools to keep the attention of users. To surprise and create a meditation app, you can use:

  • VR/AR reality. Imagine that you can not just look at the screen of your cell phone, but find yourself on the shore of the azure sea for 15 minutes without leaving your office.

    Visual and color effects will help to involve the visual channel of perception, which will have a positive effect on the state of mind.

  • Gamification. Use of technologies of competition, ratings and personal records stimulates clients not to give up practice.

  • Artificial intelligence. Developers create a meditation app and want to get a sought-after product. Algorithms can be used for this.

    They will analyze the behavioral characteristics of the user and suggest suitable audio lessons from a large library of content. A person gets a real mentor.

All of the above methods help improve the product for successful monetization.

More than 23 million Americans use meditation and mindfulness practices. Events around the world reinforce the belief that creating a meditation app is a sought-after idea.

Collaborate with meditation practitioners and teachers. This will help improve the quality of the product. Perhaps your app will make society a better place.