Twitch is featured by ensuring its users a highly secure and pleasurable atmosphere.

Furthermore, its users can get in touch with customer assistance if they experience difficulties or have any concerns.

Don’t be embarrassed if you need to get in touch with Twitch customer support but have no idea how to do so; we will now provide you with a guide on how to contact Twitch support.

Continue reading to find some easy solutions to your problem.

How to Contact Twitch Support

Whenever an individual searches for the Twitch support page, it appears as though the ability to get in touch with the company is concealed.

The good news is that we have listed three different ways for you to get in touch with Twitch’s customer care.

You can carry out any of these tasks using either your mobile device or a PC.

1. Through a Form

Contact Twitch Support

The most common approach to get in touch with Twitch is to visit the help page and file a report.

This is how to do it:

  • Check out the official Customer Support page
  • Fill out the Twitch form with your information
  • Include your Twitch username
  • Choose a category that best describes the issue
  • Indicate whether the problem is with your computer or phone
  • Submit the form

You will be given a ticket or an item number at that time. This is a message that will assist them in locating the issue that is occurring with either your stream or your account.

While you wait for a response, make sure you check your spam folder on a daily basis.

2. Contact Twitch Support on Twitter

Twitch Support on Twitter

If you believe the problem shouldn’t wait until the end of the week, try contacting customer service via Twitter.

This is how to do it:

  • Launch the Twitter app
  • Send @TwitchSupport a private message or a tweet
  • Watch for feedback

Another option is to check the stream to see if other community members have encountered the same problem when going live.

If you’re a participant in an event like Twitch Rivals, tweet them right away. We hope you’ll find a solution promptly.

3. Contact Twitch Support Through E-Mail

You can send them an email from your phone or computer. This is how to do it:

  • Access your email account
  • Send an email to
  • Include vital information in your description of the error
  • Click the send button

They will react directly to you when you fill out the email outlining the issues. However, it will be some time before they send you a follow-up email.

If the problem remains, keep writing to them.

How Long Does it Take Twitch Support to Respond?

It usually takes anywhere from 5 to 7 business days. It depends on how many facts you provide and how challenging or unusual the problem is.

If you desire to respond quickly, offer information about the problem with your purchases or even the platform.

Make sure you fill out all the Twitch forms completely.

Reasons to Contact Twitch Support

We’ve shown you how to reach Twitch Support, but you could ask why you should contact them first.

Issues with The App

We recommend revisiting Twitch’s support page for this one, but if your question remains unresolved, please contact Twitch Support using the ways listed above.

Account Issues

While account and login troubles may appear self-explanatory, if you discover yourself unable to log into your account, among other causes for account issues (compromised password, getting hacked, etc.), it could be time to contact Twitch Support.


Do you stumble into any issues when making purchases on Twitch? For questions regarding specific concerns, Twitch Support should be contacted.


First and foremost, congratulations on being a Twitch Affiliate! You may have questions about the affiliate program or problems with payouts, subscriptions, etc.

Types of Support for Twitch Accounts

How to Private Stream on Twitch

Twitch does handle each account differently based on the sort of account that it is.

The following statements have superior levels of support services provided by Twitch:

  • Partner account
  • Turbo account

There is no difference in response time between the Prime, Affiliate, and standard account types. 

Therefore, when you next log in to your account, make sure to check and see if there are any discounts available for Twitch subscriptions.

You won’t regret spending money on those things in the long term.

Can you Call Twitch Support?

At this time, there is no publicly available phone number for Twitch support.

There is no way to get in touch with them over the phone; instead, you will need to send them an email or find them on Twitter to receive a response from them.

There is no guarantee that your problem will be fixed immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Twitch Take to Reply?

It may take up to two to four weeks to get back to you because they carefully consider each request individually before making a decision.

Those who have reached the Path to Partner success level can anticipate receiving a response within seven business days of their submission.

How Can I Contact Twitch Partner Support?

Please create a ticket when you are logged into the Partnered account in order to get in touch with the Partner Help team.

Your support request will immediately be forwarded to the Partner Help queue once it has been processed.

Before posting a ticket, check to see that you are logged in to your account.

What Is a Twitch Support Ticket?

A “receipt” from Twitch support, also known as a Twitch help ticket, is an acknowledgment that the platform will work to resolve the problem that you are having.

If you don’t have a ticket, you can get one for free if you just ask for it.

Tickets cannot be transferred to another user or shared with anyone else under any circumstances.


We sincerely hope that this guide was of assistance to you in providing you with detailed advice on how to contact Twitch support.

Dealing with persistent problems with the app can be a challenging experience at times.