So you are new in crypto trading, and you would like to immerse yourself further. Considering the risks around you, you may want to observe a reasonable degree of diligence.

This way, you can control the situation as much as possible. Here are some tips and tricks on being a diligent crypto investor.

Investors start their journey on trading crypto on platforms that are regulated, supported by experts, and are easy-to-use such as Bitcoin Buyer.

Stay Updated With Crypto News

It would help to stay updated with some latest cryptocurrency news. You may want to utilize the materials issued by your crypto trading platform.

Take some time to read the newsletter sent to you to keep yourself in the loop. There might be some critical account reminders that you should observe. It is all for your good.

You can also visit some reputable crypto news websites.

It would tell you not only about the latest price forecasts and trends but also the latest crypto modus operandi. This will help you prepare yourself against crypto attacks in the future.

For sure, you would not want to miss out on any of this if you want to steer clear of being victimized. And you better not be one.

Law enforcement agencies are also issuing some alerts. You can find them on their official websites.

Remember that the authorities had already issued some warnings before the Crypto Queen could carry out her plan to defraud OneCoin investors in Europe.

It is for this reason that you have to be aware of the red flags being thrown your way. 


Keep Your Crypto Credentials Private

Remember that your cryptocurrency is an intangible asset. It has the value that you would not want to be put to waste.

That is why you should keep your guards up all the time. It would help if you did not share your credentials with anyone.

That means you cannot tell any other person about your account information. Otherwise, you might be putting your crypto account at risk.

As much as possible, it would also be prudent to use a secure internet connection before logging into your account.

You may not want to access your crypto account using public WiFi. It would be like exposing your account to hackers who can quickly get your credentials.

Perhaps you can wait until you have got home before you decide to access your account. Or, you can use your data for internet connectivity. 

Access should be limited to using your gadgets, too. You would not want to access your crypto account using a public computer.

And worst, you cannot use a mobile device to do so. It is like handing over your credentials and crypto coins to other people for free. 

Do not Purchase on Margin

Any time you purchase on margin, to increase the amount you can buy, you borrow some amount of money from the brokerage.

This is what is called leverage. You will be able to make significant gains if you are right; you might owe above what you invested if you are wrong. A wise trader manages risk.

This implies that he does not borrow money to purchase cryptocurrency. A lot of traders understand this after they receive their first margin call.

Follow a Trading Strategy

It is essential to have a trading plan, particularly for cryptocurrencies. This strategy should assist you in deciding on when to buy or sell. Work with the trading plan diligently.


Report Any Suspicious Activity

In case of any suspicious activity, you may want to report this to your customer service specialist.

Know the hotline number of your crypto exchange to prepare for any emergency. You can call or message them when you need to ask for help.

Most of these hotlines are accessible 24/7 so rest assured you will be accommodated in case of a crypto scam. 

Whether you have received a suspicious message about your account or you have some missing funds, you better relay the information to your technical specialist.

You cannot simply wait and see, especially if you have more funds in your crypto wallet.

There might be a need to change your credentials to strengthen the security of your account. Let the technical specialist handle the problem for you. 

It is in this aspect that you will appreciate your choice of crypto exchange. You need to have a reliable one to help you resolve any crypto attack.

And please find one that will not allow any crypto attack to occur.

When choosing a crypto account, you should consider the security of your platform more than anything else. 


These are only some of how you can be a diligent crypto investor. Feel free to do all these to stay in control of the crypto environment.

These will help you handle the surrounding risks, which will never go away.