Technology has had such a profound impact on everyday life, that it’s hard to imagine running a business or even just completing non-business tasks without it. Now it’s possible to take care of all kinds of tasks using just a phone, whether it’s sending an email, ordering groceries for delivery, booking a holiday or flights or other tasks that would have originally entailed a little more hassle. 

One area tech has had a major influence has been the gaming space, especially the online gaming space. Whereas before, people who enjoyed casino gaming had to put on their finest clothes and head out to a glitzy establishment, now they can go online and take part in games using a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

The rapid expansion of technology, coupled with high-speed internet has had a profound impact on how gaming is conducted now, as the vast majority of the planet now have access to smartphones to play these games on.

Long gone are the old days of sluggish tech and dated game design, as the market is more expansive than ever before, offering gamers from around the globe, fast, fun games from any location. Below is a look at how technology has improved the casino gaming experience and how players will have noted these improvements. 


Online casino operators have made casino gaming so much more accessible by providing their services over the internet. Since the gaming is available around the clock, players can go online and participate in games any time they like. This means that globally, there are always players active at online casinos to interact with, be it through poker, blackjack or roulette.


Another dimension to this accessibility is the customisation of gaming to mobile devices, such as via tablets or mobile phones. Now, players no longer have to play Rainbow Riches or other games while sitting behind a desktop. They can log into dedicated apps from the operators themselves or play on mobile-friendly websites and enjoy gaming wherever they are as long as they access to the internet. 

More Interactive

Online gaming operators are striving constantly to create the best experience for players and recreate the true-life experience of gaming in a casino as closely as possible. As a result of this, they’ve used technology to improve their services by increasing the level of interactivity. 

One development that is taking place within the online gaming space is the incorporation of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality into gaming. A player can be seated in their living room but get a 360-degree view of the casino, as if they were actually sitting and playing in the casino itself.

Another important development has been the arrival of live casino gaming. Operators have begun to harness the power of technology so that players can enjoy games hosted by a human professional dealer in real time, rather than playing against a computer-operated game. The player can interact with the dealer and, if there are any, with other players via a chat function.

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Tailor-made Promotions

Artificial intelligence (AI) has lent casino operators a major hand in identifying the games and other services which their customers like playing the most. As a result, they’re able to create promotions and offers that will interest the players and could generate further engagement. They may even introduce them to new games or other services from which they feel the customer might benefit.

More Payment Mmethods

Making payments online has been something of which some people are very wary, but online casino operators have implemented sophisticated encryption technology to ensure that players are safe. Only the player and the operator can view any transactions that take place between the two parties.

Operators have also made it easier to pay for gaming services. No longer do they accept only payments by card. Players can now also use digital wallets, such as PayPal. Instead of providing the operator with financial information, they can simply supply an email address connected to their digital wallet to credit their account (and also to receive any winnings).

Of course, fiat currency isn’t the only way to make payments. Cryptocurrency has become huge, in general, outside of the online gaming sphere, but some online operators are beginning to accept cryptocurrency. This is more convenient for some players; the transactions are quicker and the fact they involve blockchain technology can make the players feel safer. 

Better Websites

When online casinos first started out, they weren’t particularly sophisticated. You’d feel as if you were in some sort of time warp if you saw them now.  Technology has evolved, however, and enabled operators to create better websites with much more functionality.

game dev

Sites feature search functions and have become faster to browse. There’s also less of a sensory overload in terms of design, with operators going for a much simpler design that still remains engaging for the website visitor.

Variety of Games

In the early days of online casino gaming, players had a choice of poker and maybe one or two other casino games. The progression of technology has enabled operators to expand their offering much more widely so that players don’t have to play the same games repeatedly and end up getting bored. Boredom is bad news for an operator. They know that players will seek their gaming elsewhere if the operator doesn’t keep their offering fresh and engaging.

Technology has made a vast difference to our lives, making it much easier to complete tasks that might have required us to go somewhere in person or to call someone or to write something to complete them. Now it’s possible to carry out tasks much more quickly and free up time for leisure activities such as casino gaming, an industry which itself has benefited from technology to provide a better experience for players. This is an industry that is constantly striving to enhance the customer experience, however, so players can expect to see further innovation in the future and benefit from it.