Ever wanted to know how many people use Truth social – and what it is?

With Elon Musk recently buying Twitter, the world of social media has had a bit of a shake up, as the issue of censorship and free speech has shone a light onto traditional social media apps.

Back in the day, social media apps were less about having to think about what you wrote and produced as far as content went, and more about simply sharing what you’re passionate about.

However, these days, more and more people are aware of censorship issues especially when it comes to social media giants like Twitter.

As a result, people have started to look for alternatives. Elon Musk proclaimed that when he bought Twitter, he would reinstate Donald Trump’s Twitter profile.

However, Donald Trump has decided to take the matter into his own hands and create his very own social media networking app.

Trump’s social media networking app is called Truth Social, and it has increased in popularity exponentially, and even beaten Twitter in some aspects, as it now sits on the top spot on Apple’s app chart.

How Many People Use Truth Social in 2024?

Donald Trump launched the app back in February, and since then, the Truth Social app has managed to gain around 2 million active users.

This is relatively few compared to the likes of Twitter and co.

The social media app has experienced a few technical issues.

It encountered crashes, as well as accusations of copyright infringement, and long waitlists to be able to sign up to the platform.

In fact, in early April, the waitlists reached almost 1.5 million.

The social media app has since cleared the waitlist backlog, and it is now open to millions of users.

Just in the last week or so, Trump has asked more people to join his social media platform, and announced that he will not be returning to Twitter, even if Elon Musk lifted his ban.

So, who uses Truth Social?

Who Uses Truth Social?

Trump didn’t come up with a platform to replace mainstream services like Facebook or Twitter.

He came up with the idea of a social media platform to fight against “woke culture”, so that not as much of the content is being moderated, and people are able to exercise their right to free speech.

There are similar platforms to this that have popped up over the years and in the past, Truth Social partnered with Rumble, another social media platform that emphasizes free speech.

In an initial statement about Truth Social, Trump said that there would be no demonetizing, shadowbanning, or messing around with algorithms for the purposes of political manipulation.

Does Truth Social Look Like Twitter?

What’s interesting when thinking about how many people use Truth Social is that it looks a little bit like Twitter, but this isn’t just because Twitter used to be Trump’s favorite platform.

Truth Social has actually been created using an open-source license from Mastodon, which itself was originally created as an alternative to Twitter.

The test version of Truth Social was released back in October of 2021, and the majority of its functionality is identical to the likes of Twitter.

Instead of likes, they are referred to as truths, and instead of retweets, they are referred to as retruths. The news feed is referred to as the truth feed, and so on.

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a decentralized, open-source microblogging social media network. It allows for independently run services to communicate with one another.

This means that somebody that uses the official and biggest server associated with Mastodon can see posts and interact with other people on the server.

What’s really important to Mastodon is being ad free, which means that the service recently announced that it is nonprofit, and individual servers are run at the cost of the administrators.

As a result, it lacks a lot of privacy eroding tools that are found on other social media networks, like user tracking, and algorithmic feeds.

It also places a strong emphasis on accessibility and content moderation.

Servers and individuals can block entire domains as well as individual users and a lot of the time, you can’t search the text of posts.

Mastodon’s descriptions and content warnings have been built into the platform for screen readers and as a whole, the community encourages the use of these.

How Do I Download Truth Social?

Truth Social

Because Truth Social has only been around for a small amount of time, they are releasing it in stages, but it is pretty impressive when thinking about how many people use Truth social that 1.5 million people have already signed up for it, and there was a wait list before this was ironed out as well.

As of February, you can download the iOS app from the App Store, but they haven’t yet developed an Android version.

They say that the Android version is coming soon, according to the Truth Social website.

When you sign up for the social media network, you are going to be asked to provide a phone number, as well as an email address.

Is Truth Social Safe?

When talking about how many people use Truth Social, there is a chance that Truth Social has been configured not to communicate with other services, which effectively makes it an island.

However, it has been built on Mastodon’s code, which means that it has powerful moderation, filtering, and blocking tools available to both users and admins.

Just note that these tools might not necessarily be available with Truth Social. Other clues to the security surrounding Truth Social can be found in documentation.

As far as their privacy policy, they are upfront and honest about the roles of third-party advertisers, and ads.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, social media networks like Truth Social are becoming more prolific, as more people grapple with the constraints of former social media giants, like Twitter and Facebook.

Trump has come up with his own solution to this problem, and while it remains to be seen whether the popularity of Truth Social continues to increase, 2 million users is an OK start.

As well as learning about how many people use Truth Social, you should be able to download Truth Social to Android as well.