Since its arrival in 2016, Instagram Stories has taken the world by storm.

Today, Instagram Stories generates more posts than Instagram itself.

There are many reasons behind its popularity which include uncomplicated post guidelines, availability of creative add-on tools that entertain, and impermanence!

Nothing does it better than posts that can disappear after a day.

These snippets can contain anything under the sun.

Whether it is a day of spending a moment in the kitchen, playing sports, chatting with friends, trying out a new activity, or even a cute selfie with our pets, it is always fun sharing a little about our lives.

This article is all about Instagram Stories usage stats and other interesting information about this novel feature.

How Many People Use Instagram Stories in 2024?

Out of Instagram’s 2.35 billion active users, 900 million actively use Instagram Stories daily.

Consequently, more than a billion of the entire Instagram community post Stories on their accounts. 

Its user base quickly grew over the years as it managed to market itself as an easy and entertaining way to engage with followers.

Similarly, brands have been using the feature to launch new products to target and sell to customers.  

All About Instagram Stories

The roots of Instagram Stories can be traced back to 2016, a period when it received a lot of backlash for being closely similar to Snapchat’s Snaps.

It carried the title “Snapchat copy-cut” for quite a while until it surpassed the “OG” short-live posts pioneer and now become the most popular app to create such content.

These types of posts do not make it to a user’s main IG page but on a secondary feed, and they disappear 24 hours after posting.

The dedicated column for Instagram Stories house all of the day’s updates, including those you posted and posted by friends.

They are usually characterized by an Instagram-pink halo on one’s profile photo.

Instagram Stories Show a Glimpse of “Reality”

Unlike the good ol’ IG posts that are more formal and often follow a certain degree of formality in them, Stories are known to be watered-down, casual versions of those.

This is exactly what Instagram tried to develop when it launched the feature six years ago.

As a melting pot for high-quality photography and exotic vacations, Instagram has unknowingly created pressure for users to live up to the “IG-worthy” standard.

Stories show a glimpse of someone’s reality, such as casually having an afternoon tea on a gloomy Sunday or playing with pets in the backyard. 

Limits on Instagram Stories

While some would like to “overshare” about their lives, there is a limit to how much one can post on Stories in a 24-hour timeline.

A single user, whether a person or a business account, can only post up to 100 stories a day. 

Do not worry! This limit automatically lifts up and clears space for new ones once some Stories expire. 

Brands are Loving IG Stories

Nearly 60% of all Instagram users said they become more interested in a brand or a product after seeing an Instagram Story posted about it.

With this impressive statistic, one in three IG Stories now come brands, and 36% of all businesses that are on the platform use the feature to attract new customers, promote their new and existing products, and generate sales.

Those that last 2.8 seconds tend to generate the highest engagement and sales conversion.

Meanwhile, Stories that are 4.0 seconds or longer tend to perform worse.

Best Instagram Stickers to Try

image 1


Instagram Stories can be a fun and entertaining way to engage with users, but only if you know how to use its features to your advantage.

Here are some of the Instagram stickers you can add to a Story to increase engagements and sales!

Poll Sticker

Instagram Story stickers come in many shapes, sizes, and forms.

But they all have a common denominator in them—to create Stories that are informative, interactive, and fun.

Among the features that can help in getting more engagement with your followers is the poll sticker.

Using this, you can ask viewers to choose among predetermined choices.

The section that garnered the highest number of votes will win.

Often, this tool can also be used in hosting giveaways or simply just for entertainment.

Questions Sticker

Another sticker loved by influencers and brands alike is the “Questions” sticker.

This allows your followers to ask a question and get to know about you and your brand.

You can answer back via a short video or plain text, depending on what the question calls for. 

To get it more organized, you may set a certain theme or a particular topic about which people can throw questions. 

Link Sticker

We all love automation!

A link sticker automatically redirects a viewer to an outside link, which can be a brand’s buy page, an information section about the product, a YouTube channel, a Spotify playlist, and the like. 

Linking has become an effective tool to lead users closer to your goal, be it personal or business-related.

Music Sticker

Lastly, there is the music sticker we all love.

Anything from R&B to Country music, up to the 60s and 70s rock to the latest releases, Instagram’s music sticker has got you covered.

Putting a song on a Story instantly lights up the mood and makes it more entertaining to watch.


Instagram Stories has reimagined the way people post and consume content.

We can now share a little more about our lives in a casual and less-pressured way, which could be just as entertaining as the good ol’ method.

Instagram Stories are helping millions of brands worldwide to reach their customers better and have their products marketed in a better light.

Knowing the secrets to using this feature to your advantage is a key to success.

We hope you enjoyed our article featuring how many people use Instagram Stories in 2024.


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