Of all the things about the internet, Google searches are among the most fascinating parts of being on the internet.

Google searches also form a very important part of search engine marketing.

A commonly asked question about Google and Google searches is how many Google searches per day are conducted.

The very quick answer is that there are approximately 9 billion searches per day on Google in 2024.

Google doesn’t publish its figures, although a lot of data collection goes on to provide that rough estimate.

Today, Google searches have become such a common feature on the internet that a whole new field called “search marketing” has evolved.

Here, advertising companies use the Google search features to provide information for their marketing campaigns.

Companies spend huge amounts on Google searches.

Search marketing includes different formats of social media marketing and involves a variety of activities like using analytics, pulling reports, and so on.

Search marketing remains one of the most prominent features of digital marketing today.

General Background

We could consider the marketing process today as a game and the game is “trend watching.”

It is a talented and resourceful marketer who can spot trends effectively and use them to their advantage.

When we talk about trends, we allude to things like mobile optimization, various experiments that are emerging in digital marketing, where consumers are headed in the type of content they want to consume, and so on.

A prime example of a trend worth spotting is the way influencer marketing is evolving today.

Smart marketers have spotted this trend and have started to use influencers as part of their marketing strategies with great success.

So, the need of the hour is that we need to start by looking for trends.

But where do we start looking for these trends? The answer, of course, is through Google searches.

Google occupies a huge chunk of the search engine market today. This is why we are focusing today on the various aspects of Google search.

Google’s Market Share

Google’s Market

Figures published in 2013 revealed that during 2012 Google occupied roughly 65% of the world’s internet searches which came to about 114 billion searches in a particular month.

During the same period, Baidu showed an 8.2% market share with Yahoo trailing behind at 4.9% and less significant search engines like Yandex and Microsoft at a meager 2% to 3%.

Today Yandex and Baidu have greatly increased in popularity.

But they are nothing compared with Google which over the last year has shot up to a whopping 92% of global internet searches.

Influence of Ads on Google Search Volumes

Ads are everywhere today.

Whatever you are doing or wherever you are you get to see ads. Other than billboards, TV ads, and flyers in your daily newspaper, the moment you are online, you see ads.

On most apps, particularly the free versions, you see loads of ads. On YouTube, even before you start watching a video you see ads. Well, they are everywhere.

Ads influence consumers to search for certain information and data and it increases the chances of ad makers for generating impressions.

Without searches, search engine advertising would cease to exist. On the other hand, with the increase in searches, there is a proportionate rise in ad impressions.

If you are a marketing professional, you need to understand everything about the channel that you work in.

One of the critical aspects of understanding particular channels is to understand the search behavior.

And, how do you get a better insight into the search behavior?

By knowing how many Google searches per day are being conducted in various categories.

Historical Data of Google Searches

Google was born in 1998. During that period the number of search queries on this search engine was 10,000.

Eight years later by 2006, we could see the same number of searches being conducted in a single second.

In 1999 after being in existence for just a year, Google was attending to 3 ½ million search queries a day. This figure in a few months quickly rose to 18 million queries a day.

At the time of Google announcing its IPO in 2004, the number had shot up to 200 million Google searches a day.

By 2012 Google released figures confirming that over 30 trillion unique URLs were detected by Google’s search engine.

The company also confirmed 3.3 billion searches per day and 100 billion searches per month. The total Google searches for the year 2012 stood at 1.2 trillion.

How Many Google Searches per Day in 2024?

Google Searches

As we mentioned above, Google does not share its exact numbers.

But several agencies and organizations have confirmed the number of searches per minute to be 3.8 million worldwide. This is an average and a rough figure.

The daily number of searches per day is around 9 billion.

The final result that we arrive at is 2 trillion searches per year which is although a rough figure, is indicative of the widespread usage of Google for conducting searches on the internet.

Growth of Google Search

During the first decade of the 21st Century, Google’s search volumes showed a significant increase although they declined during 2009 and 2010.

During the startup, search volume was a whopping 17,000% increase and then it dipped down to 1,000%.  Today it has stabilized at a growth rate of 10% to 15%.


How many searches on Google per day are there in 2024?

It is a question that is commonly asked and few know the answer. However, there is an abundance of information on the internet and not all of it is accurate.

But we have brought together as much information as possible to give you a fair idea of the answer to the question.

To sum up, we can conclude that Google searches today amount to roughly 9 billion per day in 2024.

This is the short answer to the question and it indicates the importance of Google searches.

And, as we have outlined above in this article, you can use the information that you get from Google searches to polish your marketing strategies to your greatest advantage.


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