This is one question everyone who loses data will always give a priority. Whether it takes just a second, a minute, or will go some hours, we have the answer. 

We often lose data through accidental deletion, crashed hard drive, damaged computer, or other malicious actions from unintended persons. However, we often never worry about the lost data as we are fully aware that we can get it back. 

For instance, it is clear that when we lose data due to accidental deletion, our data is sent to the recycle bin, and we can retrieve it from there easily. However, sometimes we have followed the data and permanently deleted it from the recycle bin before discovering that data is still required for one or two reasons. That is when the urgency becomes too clear, and we hurriedly want to know how long it will take to recover deleted information. 

Versatile solutions can dig deeper faster to restore your data, such as DiskWarrior by Alsoft. Follow this link for a depth DiskWarrior review. This article shows you how long it takes to recover lost data. However, before you read to the end of this article, take note that there’s no straightforward answer to this question. 

Let’s look at some factors that determine the length of time it takes to restore lost data. 

The Size Of Hard Drive

Hard drives mainly differ in storage capacity, with some containing up to10 TB or more storage space. Also, the physical sizes vary as some of them are built with more material and take more space in your computer than others which are much smaller in size. 

hard drive

The larger the hard drive, physically and logically, the longer it will take to recover lost data from it. This is because it will take longer to clone a larger hard drive to recover the data correctly. 

Even if the drive were fully functional, recovering files from an 8TB hard drive would take more than 10 hours to complete a single scan. Besides, typical scans will involve several scans to find all the files more efficiently with data recovery software for PC and other tools.

Size And Type Of Files 

Disks that contain several different file formats of different sizes will generally take longer to recover. Besides, files are primarily spread out and not kept in a singular physical space. This will slow down the process as every bit of the drive has to be read and pieced together to recover whatever is recoverable. 

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There is a data recovery software with various abilities to recover multiple file types. is a dedicated site that offers more information on the different data recovery software. You can visit the site to select a solution that best fits your data recovery needs. 

If some of the files are corrupted and have to be recovered, the recovery process will take much longer as it takes time to try reading them and placing them back to where they belong. Their sizes will also determine how long they take to restore, as larger ones will take much longer time. 

The Model Or Series Of Hard Drive

Indeed, the software is currently made to match specific standards. However, the models differ in their support speed, especially for processing data. Therefore, some hard drives will take much longer to process data than others. Those that typically take longer to process data will ideally take longer to recover lost data. 

The Environment Where The Computer Is Operated 

If you operate the computer in harsh environmental conditions such as high heat and vibrations, the drive is typically exposed to increased risks of failure. If you lose data in such drives, there are more chances the recovery process will take more time. 


It is recommended that you run your computer in adequately ventilated spaces and rest on surfaces that permit fast heat dissipation. This helps keep your hard drive healthy and easier to work on, especially when you lose data from it. 

Hardware Condition

It is much easier to recover data from a hard drive that is fully functional than it will take when you have a hard drive that is damaged and requires to be repaired first. If the drive is generally healthy, cases such as accidental deletion or viruses will be recovered within 48 hours. 

If the drive has hardware issues, however, it will take longer as the time taken to repair it to a semi-functional condition, for instance, has to be accounted for. If it takes more time to find the needed parts, experts must delay the data recovery until the part is fixed correctly and the drive has some life. 


 As you can see from the discussion, data recovery time highly depends on the factors we mentioned. To reduce the time it takes to recover data from your drive, keep it in good condition and ensure it remains healthy throughout its useful life.