Cardboard balers are used by businesses to reduce their waste volume and compact materials into neat blocks. They are the perfect type of machinery for companies creating bulk loads of cardboard waste from packaging, such as at manufacturers, retail stores and warehouses. 

How Does A Cardboard Baler Work?

A cardboard baler works by compressing waste that enters the feed. The equipment crushes cardboard into bales using a robust pressing plate, making it easy to transform large volumes of loose waste into bales which makes the recycling process simple for your recycler.

The machinery comes in different sizes to suit the needs of your business, along with varying features. This may be vertical, horizontal, twin-chamber, auto-tie or closed door. There are two main types of cardboard balers, pneumatic and hydraulic. Pneumatic are powered by compressed air, whilst hydraulic uses an electric motor.

Choosing the right baler for your business will depend on the quantity and type of waste you are producing, your budget, and the space where the waste baler will need to be placed. Businesses providing the machinery will be able to help you decide on the right choice for your requirements.

The Environmental Benefits Of Cardboard Balers

1. Prepares Waste For Recycling

Having a cardboard baler on site rather than managing multiple waste bins ensures that your materials can be collected and recycled successfully. The bales can be stored away easily ready for collection, and can be kept appropriately to be put through the recycling process. Having bulk loads of cardboard waste baled also opens up the opportunity for rebates by recyclers collecting the materials, whilst cutting money spent on landfill taxes.

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Waste balers can also segregate materials, and you can even purchase machinery that are designed for specific waste streams. This makes it easy to separate materials to prepare for recycling and have an organised waste management process in place at your business.

2. Optimises Transport Loads

By having the ability to compact waste and reduce volumes, you are also able to minimise transportation trips. This in turn cuts pollution from vehicles and allows quick collections to take place in a limited number of trips. Not only will this help to cut your carbon footprint, but also slash spending on multiple waste collectors.

3. Reduces Waste Sent To Landfill

When using waste bins, materials will often end up in landfill. Here, waste pollutes both the atmosphere and earth through harmful toxins being emitted. In 2018, over 17,200 thousand tons of cardboard were thrown into landfill. When breaking down at these sites, the materials release methane, which contributes to the rate of global warming. 

Over recent years, we are seeing the dier impact that landfills specifically are having on greenhouse gas emissions: According to the EPA estimates, landfill gas energy captures 60-90% of methane emitted. In fact, methane is 25% more powerful than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. 

4. Saves Raw Materials In Production

By investing in a cardboard baler, you will be able to increase your recycling rates and ensure that waste materials are repurposed into new products to be introduced back into the industry. This reduces the need for raw materials to be used in the production of materials, saving vital resources and reducing energy consumption. Recycled cardboard can be used for various products again such as for packaging, paper, tissues and chipboard.

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Waste Balers For Businesses

Not only is there a long list of environmental benefits for waste balers, but also for the workplace and labour. With this innovative machinery, labour time spent on managing waste will be cut by the machine, taking care of the work for you. This will allow your team to focus on areas of the business that matters most to you. 

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As materials can be compact into smaller blocks, you will also be able to save space at the workplace. This minimises health and safety risks from scattered materials and allows a small designated area to be created for bulk loads of waste before collections. You can also cut spending on multiple waste bins and reduce overflows of cardboard scraps. 

Take Advantage Of Cardboard Balers

Businesses across the world are raking in the benefits that come with having a waste baler to manage cardboard waste, so hiring this machinery could be the next step to create a greener workplace and increase profits. By boosting your green credentials with the help of  a baler, you may even attract a much wider customer base to push growth for your business.