One of the biggest and the most important tasks of humanity is reducing poverty. Better said, the main mission of all humans should be to eradicate poverty which is a big issue across the world.

Businesses can help and as a matter of fact development in this field can make a massive difference.

Sustainable development can do amazing things and all of that is easier than you think. Below, we are going to discuss how business development can be used to eradicate poverty completely over a short period of time.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

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The Private Sector is The Key

Many of you believe that the public business sector is key to alleviate poverty. After all, it comes with massive budgets and capabilities.

A country is the strongest of them all. Well, this is not the case here. According to numerous researches, when public and private sectors grow combined, poverty is decreased at an astonishing rate.

Private sectors hire 9 out of 10 people so you can deduce how important it is for the economy of a whole country.

Simply said, businesses can hire more people and generate more income. Of course, both types of businesses are needed to solve the main issue here.

There are countless variations and additional things regarding this matter you should know. Learning and writing about this problem is definitely an interesting topic.

It is important as well, so many students have to write essays on it while many professionals are publishing papers with impressive data that should be helpful to a whole country.

An interesting fact is that literature review isn’t going to be mandatory in this case scenario but will be needed. Online research for instance is mandatory.

Properties Will Become More Valuable

Companies usually invest in specific countries due to the low cost of owning an industry there. But, not all countries offer clean water to all the people.

Most offer cheap properties. With the advance we are discussing right here, this is going to change. Property sector growth will be present and this is a good thing.

People will once again earn more and have something that can bring them more money at any given moment. It is an obvious thing when you consider all the facts and all the variables.

Formalizing The Economy


To alleviate poverty, creating more businesses and more jobs is just half of the story. To reduce poverty, one more thing is mandatory.

In reality, this will have a huge impact on economic growth as well but it also keeps the industry in the proper direction. What this means is that the informal economy should be transferred into the formal.

For instance, areas where people work for underpaid jobs (below minimum wage), in poor conditions, and also without any social security are all part of this informal economy.

These employees don’t have the right elements needed to solve the problem.

In addition, this is a huge issue in all poor countries where capable workers are looking for a way out. Companies hire workers who are untrained for the job.

Even more severe is the fact they work in impossible environments. The least severe issue here is that these workers will have poor results in the industry they work in.

A far more severe issue is that they cannot help the poverty and it will eventually become even more severe in that country, city, or area. Skills training is an important part of the story here.

It should be implemented more and affect more people due to obvious reasons. The impact will be great.

More Taxes


A good thing here is that more business will generate more taxes that go to the government. More employees will offer more services and a century will generate more income in general.

This simply means that the country will advance on a national level.

These taxes will be used for social security, healthcare, pensions, and further development of the country. In general, people will have access to a better life in that country.

Where extreme poverty is common, all of the things we have mentioned earlier are big problems. People don’t have the protection, safety, or security they need.

More companies can solve this issue over time. It may sound irrelevant or obvious but it is an effective thing to keep in mind and something you will want to know more about.

According to the World Bank’s research, this is one of the most important steps in solving the main problem here.

More Women Will Work

All of what we have stated until now brings us to this point. All of these changes will make more women work in poor countries. Did you know that women can bring better decisions than men in some cases?

This is a huge advantage and something you need to know and use if possible in your business.

They can help with a competitive advantage and make sure that the economic growth is more secure and flows in a good direction. They can still help with millennium development.

The bottom line here is reduced poverty, period. Each business counts and it can have a huge effect.

Poverty can destroy a country and will destroy the lives of people and their business also. It is important to do everything we can in order to eliminate the main issue here.


If we are socially responsible, know all of the things we have mentioned above and are intersected in problems that affect millions we can do a lot.

The best and the most essential thing is that we can completely eliminate poverty and make the world a better place.

Each business will have a huge effect in this case scenario and each one will make a massive difference.