The customer experience consists of every interaction they have with your business and how well they feel they have been taken care of along the way.

Every touchpoint is important, be it an email shot, website content, social media interaction, speaking directly with a staff member or using your product or service.

Here we look at how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be used to maximize the customer experience, make the sales cycle more efficient and boost bottom line figures.

Why Is Customer Service Important For Your Business?

High levels of customer service can have a powerful impact on your business.

Organizations that are able to consistently deliver good customer service will likely see more revenue, customer retention, deeper product insights and resilience against competitors.

Numerous studies have found that a customer’s buying experience is related to how well they have been treated.

If you can be there for your customers their confidence in your brand will grow, as will their willingness to spend.

Strong customer service can also give you the edge over your competitors, especially in an age where there are similarities between product features, benefits and price points are commonplace.

Some of the most successful brands in the world places an emphasis on delivering excellent customer service as they understand its importance and correlation with long-term business success.

How Can Business Central Boost Your Customer Service?

Some of the ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and improve your customer service include:

Faster Response times

In the age of so much competition and expectation to deliver fast results, a customer’s experience can be dramatically impacted by slow response times.

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Not replying quickly to a query related to a product or service can see your business lose their custom, so you need a system that makes it easy to locate the information you need.

Business Central offers exactly that, allowing staff to assign, track and manage issues, so resolutions can be offered faster and more seamlessly for your customers.

Centralized Customer Information

Without centralized customer data available to staff, it becomes harder to understand who your customer base is and learn their needs.

Business Central offers a single source of truth for everyone in your organization, where all relevant customer data can be organized, updated and accessed as needed.

Keeping track of this type of data also enables you to treat customers as individuals by personalizing their experience with you.

Increase Customer Retention

Before a customer stops paying for your product or services there are usually one or two warning signs in their behavior.

This can usually be seen in their purchasing patterns and how they are interacting with your service.

You will be able to see this developing within the data available to you, so where appropriate, customer service teams can dedicate time to this pool of customers to prevent them from going to a competitor.

Even a small increase in retention rates can lead to significant increase in your long-term profits.

Boost Cross-channel Engagement

With Business Central you can enable end-to end service engagements across multiple sales channels (which also includes social media) and across different devices.

It creates a unified platform that ensures more consistency and context, so cases can be routed from any channel to the appropriate agent to ensure a speedy resolution that offers a more personalized service.

The process also takes the strain off your customer service team by making it easier for customers to find their own answers through community, self-service or social channels.

Staying In Touch

Fast and consistent communication is an essential part of the modern-day customer experience as they expect instant updates about orders and any related issues.

And through using Business Central you can segment contacts into customizable marketing links so relevant information can be sent out promptly.

Filter the data so you only see the information you need, whether it’s sales figures or client information and you can also access and configure it in the office or on the move.

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Learn More About Your Customers

With sales growing the pressure mounting, it can be easy to forget that every customer is an individual and many now expect customer service that can reflect that.

Through using Business Central you can see the services or products customers have previously purchased or expressed an interest in, enabling you to be more proactive by offering relevant services, products or information before they have made an inquiry.

Make the most of the data visualization provided by the interactive dashboards to gain more insight into customer behavior so you can identify trends and capitalize on early stage sales opportunities.

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