This last decade has seen the start up of more businesses than ever before. As costs rise for all the overheads that come from having a business, and with the internet now accessible by most of the world’s population, many have moved their businesses online or are starting them off that way, working out of their own homes.

Never has this been more so than in the last two years during the covid pandemic. True, the pandemic has caused many problems in the financial world and has sadly seen the end of a number of businesses. But this isn’t the full story. Many businesses have been formed and new enterprises started. In fact, a new record of 5.4 million applications for new businesses have been filed in the U.S. in 2021.

That is an incredible number of new businesses and is a positive step for the economy. But with so many new businesses starting out, there is a lot to organise, and it can at times feel overwhelming. And when you’re competing against well established businesses, it can be hard to see how you’ll find your place. This is where having a professional phone answering service can really help your business. Consider a few reasons why.

1. Keeping Your Business Accessible

Especially as you’re starting off, your money is precious and should be spent very carefully. You don’t want a big chunk of it to go on renting an office space and paying utilities on that space. To save yourself a small fortune, setting up a home office to work out of, at least for the time being, can prove really cost-effective.

Of course, working from home can have its issues. A major one could be the use of the telephone. Other family members don’t want to constantly be answering their home phone like they’re at work. A second phone line is definitely an important step if you’re working from home.

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But this is where a professional phone answering system can really impact your business for the better. Having a live receptionist able to answer your calls remotely, any time of the day or night means that you never have to worry about missing out on any potential business. This is becoming a very popular option, especially with so many businesses starting up.

2. Ability To Divert Your Calls Wherever You Choose

This is a great tool for a new, smaller business. As mentioned earlier, you will likely be competing against well established business, some with even a global presence. To level the playing field somewhat, using a professional phone answering service will mean your business is just as accessible as the competition is.

And it means you could be reached wherever you are. If you aren’t going to be at home, your calls can be diverted to wherever you are, so long as you have a phone signal. So, even when travelling or if you’re called away, or even if you’re on holiday but there is an something important to take care of, you can be reached wherever you are. 

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Another way it can divert your calls is away from you and to other employees should you be too busy, in meetings, etc. You can then make sure important things aren’t being missed and will be dealt with by trained staff in your absence. This will increase the amount of business you get coming in and hep your business to expand.

3. It Is Easy To Install

You could be mistaken for thinking that by going for this option and having a professional phone answering service, you are going to end up with an office full of wires and cables going to and from separate phones and workmen there for a long period of time to do it all. This isn’t the case. As you start off your business, it’s likely not much extra will be needed and not much work is required. To then add on to this isn’t much work at all. So, at every stage, it is quick, and it is much cheaper than you probably think to set up. 

4. It Will Save You A Lot Of Money

This is music to any new business’s ears. As we said earlier, your money in those early days is especially precious and is something you will want to continue with as your business moves forward. Saving money is one of the top priorities.

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A mistake some may make is that by having a professional phone answering service, especially if you would like it to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, is that it will drain your business of this money that is so precious. But in reality, the cost of having all of this available to you is minimal.

We’re talking in pennies and cents per day, not pounds and dollars. And think of the return that can come from not missing any calls, or potential business heading off to your competitors. The money you will get coming into your business is far more than the cost of using a professional phone answering service. 

Additionally, your company will save money in other ways. There will be no need to employ staff to act as a receptionist, answering the phones, taking your messages, etc. You will not be paying the increasing costs of line rentals, and you will not be installing hardware to your systems that can prove costly.


As you can see there are many benefits to using a professional phone answering service for your business. With so many new businesses starting up and so many already existing, the competition is huge and bigger companies have the advantage. Give yourself an equal chance and gain valuable support in your new business venture by having help from the very beginning. Give yourself the opportunity to accept all interest in your business and not miss any potential customers. Give your business an instant, professional reputation that will only push up sales and increase your customer base. Setting up a business on your own doesn’t have to be a lonely, overwhelming experience. Get yourself a professional phone answering service today.