In our time, progress is extremely fast, that many do not keep up with it and the consequence of this is an unstable labor market surrounded by a languid in a depressed economy, which makes it the perfect moment to open a new business or launch a startup after graduation.

A huge number of graduates face long-term setbacks when trying to find work in their specialty. However, starting a business means that you are in charge of your life from day one. You make your own profit, you sell your own product, you place a bet.

At this age, you need to know about some of the intricacies of business and its success.

There are many different aspects, but motivation is one of the main ones. It is so important that business schools and universities teach how to write a motivational letter correctly, as it helps to establish a good and positive atmosphere in the team.

It is important not only to motivate yourself to achieve success but also your colleagues and employees because you work in a team and go to a common result.

Business Ideas for New Graduates

Getting admitted to graduate business schools and having deep knowledge of the industry is a great base for a student to get started with their own business.

Currently, there are popular MBA admissions consulting services that make the admissions process easier and faster, giving students a chance to get into their dream business universities. 

Once a person becomes a college graduate he/she has a huge amount of room to experiment with new business ideas.

Trying your hand at opening a new startup can seem like a daunting task, but graduates have the chance of successfully starting a business owing to the considerable amount of knowledge they have gained.

Here are a couple of lucrative business ideas that graduates can act upon to open a new business.  

Fashion and Clothing


Fashion conglomerates like Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo, have the capability to transfer an essay of collections from the runway straight to a customer’s wardrobe within a week. This pushed the expected growth, up to $1.6 billion(2020), from $1.2 billion back in 2015.

Even a small-scale clothing business can acquire a competitive edge over large-scale businesses owing to several advantages of setting up your own fashion line, making fashion a good business to start.

  1. Your target market will more often prefer you over bigger brands.
  2. You hold more flexibility in design and delivery.
  3. It’s very easy to leverage social media and promote your clothes, especially as a young individual, who has just graduated from a university.

Event Management 

Event Management

There are several avenues to walk through when it comes to event management making it a highly sought after business after college

  1. Agent – As an event marketing agent/manager you are in charge of publicising the entire event.
  2. Host – The audience is welcomed and engaged by the event host.
  3. Coordinator/Planner – He/she has an essay of responsibilities, which ensure proper host-crew organisation. 
  4. Photographer – The event photographer documents the different highlights of the event.
  5. Lighting and Technical Operations – They handle the technological aspects of the event.

Social Media Consultation

This can be a good business to start since most businesses nowadays are focusing more and more on Social Media and Social Media Marketing in order to grow their businesses. Arguably all students of the present-day spend a good amount of time online, especially on social media.

With Social Media Consultation requiring time being spent on Social Media, a recently graduated student can set up a successful Social Media Consultation business.

Nuances to Set Up a New Business

New Bank Account 

Opening a new Bank account is arguably the easiest way of keeping track of expenses of your business after college.

It’s always preferable to keep your business’s account separate and even if you are a sole proprietor a separate bank account lets you keep track of the revenue, profit, loss, etc. of your establishment.

Stay in Corporate Compliance

In order to comply with rules and regulations, when starting a business, you must form it as a legal entity. Post formation you must maintain corporate compliance to enjoy the benefits of creating a separate entity.

Set Up Bookkeeping System 

When setting up a business after becoming a graduate, you need to keep complete records of all transactions. This will ensure that you have a profitable and compliant operation.

Stay in Legal Compliance

While making the shift from a student to an entrepreneur, you need to ensure that you get proper legal guidance. Preferably hiring an attorney helps in being aware of legal obligations and steering clear of trouble.

Developing Yourself with Your Business

Business Plan

As someone who has recently concluded his/her university, it can be a bit overwhelming for new entrepreneurs to know how to develop their businesses along with their own selves.

A few very important criteria to fulfil this action are, 

  1. Assess the Situation – Having a complete understanding of all the factors affecting your business’s success. 
  2. Clear Goals – Ensure that you set specific, measurable, timely, achievable, and relevant goals for your business to flourish. Your education can help you a lot in this respect.  
  3. Develop a Plan – Keeping a time frame, actions, responsibilities, resources, desired outcome in mind, develop a clear plan to carry out your strategies and accomplish your goals. You would do well to write or type down your plan to have something concrete.

Ending Note

It would be unwise of a graduated individual to write off the possibility of starting out as an entrepreneur.

It is undeniable that setting up a new business would require a lot of time and a lot of hard work. But the entrepreneur would be working for his/her own benefit and would be carrying out work he/she really likes to do.

So do what you have to, write a motivational letter to yourself if necessary, but trying your hand at setting up your business as a recently graduated individual is never a bad call.