It’s no secret businesses have struggled during the past year throughout many industries. Due to early COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, other mandates and people’s general unwillingness to go out in public, the retail, hospitality and tourism industries have taken a big hit, with some companies being forced to close their doors.

But not all businesses have been negatively impacted. Some industries have been spared, while others have experienced growth. The home services industry is hitting goals — and then some — right now, and there are a few reasons why. 

Here’s a look at how the home services industry has flourished despite the pandemic:

They are Essential Services

When you think of essential services, grocery store workers, servers and bartenders, law enforcement, doctors, nurses and firefighters likely come to mind. However, there are plenty of others on whom we rely and who happen to work in the home services industry. 

Despite storefronts being closed and people minimizing contact with others, people’s homes still need to be well-kept and maintained.

As such, cleaning service workers, electricians, landscapers and plumbers are just a few examples of who people call on when repairs or maintenance is required. And for companies like Morsco, they’ve not only stayed afloat, but also thrived in recent years.  

We’re Spending More Time at Home


During the past year, a majority of people worldwide have been working from home, while children have navigated remote learning. With more time spent at home, it’s no wonder why home maintenance and improvements have become a priority for some people. 

Indeed, homeowners have embraced taking on renovation plans by welcoming workers onto their properties. And as individuals and families seek to tick off their checklist of upgrades and repairs, tradespeople have benefited from a busy schedule.

Whether it’s a clogged toilet or leaky faucet, a new light installation, or kitchen renovation, these jobs are in high demand.

Consumers are Choosing to Support Local Businesses

Support Local Businesses

Instead of taking on DIY projects, waiting for shipping orders to arrive, and potentially receiving inferior products, some people are choosing experienced workers to get the job done. Cleaning gutters, mowing lawns and electrical repairs are just a few services people are scheduling.

Larger improvement projects, such as flooring, paving and concreting, are also popular right now. With a local business, you get local service, and happy customers will usually come back.

There are Increased Daily Pressures

Juggling work-life balance and other commitments throughout the pandemic has put pressure on families. As everyone manages daily demands, it makes sense to try to relieve that pressure.

Home services are being embraced as a way to manage time and reduce stress. Time-consuming tasks such as cleaning windows, scrubbing ovens, servicing pools and touching up paint can all be performed by someone in the home services industry.

Whether it’s a one-off or regular service appointment, more and more people are beginning to understand they can’t do it all and that it’s OK to seek out a professional.

Why the Home Service Industry is Kicking Goals


One industry that’s thriving right now is home services. With more people spending time at home, tradespeople are in high demand. Not only that, but home services are essential, and even during trying times like an ongoing worldwide pandemic, their services will continue to be enlisted.

To make their lives easier and being committed to spending local, more and more consumers are turning to nearby businesses for maintenance and repairs — and this is positively impacting the work done by plumbers, electricians and landscapers.