As a business owner, your priority should be ensuring your business runs smoothly. However, delegating business tasks to other staff members can be tricky, especially for a small business owner.

You need to hire a virtual assistant to save time and money and look after your physical and mental health.

Hiring a virtual assistant can bring you and your business many benefits. 

Performing basic administrative tasks, such as data input, answering phone calls, and email management, are just a few examples of how you can benefit from hiring virtual assistants.

Here are 12 essential benefits of outsourcing.

12 Benefits A Virtual Assistant Will Provide

1. Reduce Time Spent On Admin Tasks

Hiring a virtual assistant can save you and your in-house staff time on laborious administrative tasks. In addition, answering the phone every ten minutes can distract you from focusing on your main tasks.

Imputing data and updating company records can take longer than you think, but when you hire a virtual assistant, these tasks become one of the main parts of a virtual assistant’s work.

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2. Spend More Time On Productive Tasks

Hiring virtual assistants allows you to spend more time on more productive tasks geared towards generating more money.

Hiring a VA saves time and enhances business productivity in a way that you won’t be able to live without.

As a boss, you want to do something other than perform mundane administrative activities when you could use that time to perform business-critical activities that make your business money.

3. Free Up Time For Family And Leisure

It makes sense to maintain a work-life balance; therefore, when you hire virtual assistants, they will be able to take care of the daily repetitive tasks you and your full-time employee staff don’t like doing.

You can concentrate on the core business areas of your company while still finding the time to play golf or spend valuable time with your family and friends.

4. Save On Salary Costs

Virtual assistants work remotely in a remote location and are paid an hourly rate instead of fixed salaries.

Not having to pay fixed monthly salaries to virtual assistants will save your business a tremendous amount of money each year.

Just because you save that money on salary costs doesn’t mean your virtual assistant will be less productive. 

Due to fewer distractions, a virtual assistant can be more task productive.

5. Save On Sick Pay, Vacation, And Pension Contributions

You will save money on employee-related expenses when you hire a virtual assistant. For example, you don’t have to pay them holiday pay, sick pay or make any employer pension contributions.

Most virtual assistants work for themselves, which means they don’t have any of the employee entitlements to which a full-time employee of your company is entitled.

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Not paying additional employee benefits saves your business thousands of dollars.

6. Reduce The Need For Office Space

Not only does remote working reduce employee expenses, but it also reduces the need for office space.

If you can reduce the size of the office you need, you will also reduce the rent you have to pay.

It may look good to have a flash office when it is your own business, but as the cost of rent and utility bills increase, it makes sense to downsize if you can.

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7. Extend Your Opening Hours

Build on your customer relationship management by extending the opening hours of your business.

The additional hours you save by hiring a remote worker will allow you to extend your opening hours to deal with the demands of your clients. 

Customers lead busy lives, so always try to be flexible to meet your customer’s needs.

8. Respond To Queries Faster

The faster your business can respond to customer queries, the more likely that customer questions will be translated into sales for your business.

Your customers will receive a fast response from your virtual personal assistant because they work in a different time zone than your regular business hours.

9. Start Your Day With A Clean Inbox

An uncluttered clean email inbox at the start of each working day goes a long way to having a highly productive day.

The last thing you want is to deal with old email queries or missing an important client email because your inbox was manic.

Your virtual assistant will ensure this never happens. 

10. Gain Control Of Data Entry

Your virtual assistant will be responsible for keeping all your company data updated. When your company data is up to date, it allows you time to manage other aspects of your company.

If your company data is current, it will negatively affect your overall business and brand.

Good management of all your company’s data entry helps your business run efficiently.

11. Expand The Services You Offer

Hiring a virtual assistant can help to expand the services your business offers its customers. With the time you save on admit duties, you can dedicate your efforts to finding ways you can expand your service or product.

In some cases, an idea from an experienced virtual assistant can prove invaluable in helping to expand.

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12. Keep Your Social Media Updated

Building customer relations pays off when you use social media correctly. Your virtual assistant can be responsible for ensuring all your social media posts and content is updated.

Social media can be so powerful if used correctly and helps your company generate income for your company. 

Start Hiring A VA Today

You have read all the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, from cost savings to the time and stress it saves you when you delegate business tasks properly.

Many trained virtual assistants offer professional services, and you will be shocked at how good the virtual assistant frees are.

You can hire the right virtual assistant from freelance platforms or let a company take care of the hiring process.