Want to cut your truck insurance – then follow these tips on how to do so and get your cover cheaper.

  1. Fatigue And Hours Of Service- There are studies that show fewer crashes occur as a result of limiting the number of hours drivers can do daily and per week, and this leads to increase alertness and it reduces driver fatigue. What you should do is save logs and present them to your agent. This will give him something to work with when shopping for insurance companies.
  1. Maintenance And Inspections- Many accidents have occurred as a result of improper maintenance. Trucks are built and designed to drive thousands of miles, but they are heavy and they can put a lot of straight on tires, brakes and other parts that are important to keep them running safely. Some studies have shown that maintenance defects contribute or cause crashes, and this is why you want to maintain logs of vehicle maintenance you have had done. Doing this can keep your insurance costs down.
  1. Licensing And Monitoring- When trucking companies aren’t careful about choosing and monitoring their drivers, they can easily go out of business. It’s important to check references, perform drug testing and run MVRs on drivers before they actually get hired, as this will reduce your chances of hiring unsafe or high risk employees. There have been cases when bad drivers go from one company to another, and claims that raise insurance rates follow them, which can lead to losing contracts, losing profits and much more.
  1. Training And Experience- Just because a driver holds a CDL doesn’t mean they’re good. You want to take a look at truck driving training and experience, as this is what reduces crashes. If need be, enroll your employees in a training program, as this can help them become better drivers suggests Ian Beevis of http://www.multiquotetruck.co.uk/hgv-insurance.
  1. Correct Claim Reporting- The truth is that truck companies need to have a lot of insurance, and they often need more than the state mandated limits that are required for private vehicles. This can lead to people trying to sue for a lot of money if the accident involves a trucking firm. It’s important for trucking companies to get all the insurance they can and to properly file and report claims.

Your future insurance costs can be affected as a result of the amount of money you pay out to claims, and don’t take the blame for accidents your drivers weren’t at fault for. Bring a camera and snap photos of things that can prove why you were not at fault and find witnesses that saw the accident. This will increase your chances of having a successful outcome.

Also, before you submit a small claim, you will want to think long and hard because it may not be worth it. Sure, you have purchased insurance and you can use it when need be, even for small claims, but sometimes you could end up spending more on insurance than you’d like. In other words, think twice before filing and reporting very small claims because it may end up not being worth the hassle.