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Help WYZ Reviews 2022

Instagram is a hard game to play sometimes.

The novelty quickly wears off once you’ve designed your brand and logo – it’s then that you realize serious work has to take place in order to attract new clients and followers.

Each day, there are thousands of new pages made on Instagram, making the competition high.

However, there are some great third parties who can help you out with your engagement.

We’ve given one of them a review here today so that you can decide whether to use them or not.

What is Help WYZ? is an Instagram marketing company that helps you to boost your engagement and credibility on Instagram by selling you services including likes and followers.

They also work with other social media platforms like YouTube, selling similar engagement. However, there’s a high chance that their engagement is fake, or at the very least, executed by a bot.

This isn’t ideal – you don’t want your Instagram account getting in trouble with the social media giant.

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Ideally, you want to accrue engagement naturally.

Let’s give them a review and see how they stack up as a third-party company.

A Review of Help WYZ?

We’re going to begin by looking at the positives:

  • Secure Site: looks like Help WYZ has started off on a good foot. They’ve made sure to have their website https secure. This means you can feel free to share confidential information, like phone number and email address, because it will be protected and there’s no risk of it being stolen.
  • Visible Pricing: this is a feature that’s pretty commonly found on these third-party websites. It’s essential for them that you are able to see their prices. Otherwise, you won’t know how much you’re spending. If they’re affordable enough, you’ll end up paying more, which is great for them.

Now, let’s focus on the negative traits:

  • FAQ and Help Page: we couldn’t seem to find an FAQ and help page anywhere. While this is also not unusual for these types of businesses, it’s definitely disappointing. It’s also important that you get to know a company and what they do before you commit to anything, so on this point alone, we wouldn’t recommend associating with them.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: do you think that Help WYZ is going to have 24/7 support if they can’t provide you with a couple of basic FAQ’s? The answer is clearly no. They definitely don’t have this anywhere, which is definitely another big aspect to be missing.
  • Email and Phone Form: this is an important level of communication and accountability to have between you and the customer – it helps you to keep track of everyone and contact your clients if anything goes wrong. We couldn’t find this on their website anywhere.
  • Real Reviews: Help WYZ has attempted to fool you into thinking that the reviews on their website are genuine. However, it didn’t take us long to figure out that they are shockingly far from real. They are signed off by someone’s first name only, and the photos associated with each one are clearly gleaned from somewhere.
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Is Help WYZ a Scam? Is Help WYZ Safe?

We don’t believe that Help WYZ is safe to use.

While they do have a secure site and visible pricing, there are many other reasons – at least four – to say no to a company like this.

At the end of the day, they only care about taking your money so there’s a good chance that their services will end up damaging your account in some way.

Listen to our advice and avoid them at all costs.

Help WYZ Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Help WYZ.


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