The cryptocurrency market is developing very quickly, inspiring more and more people to join the ranks of tech enthusiasts. Dealing with cryptocurrencies is not as complicated as it seems, especially when there’s a helpful buddy to turn to.

There already exists a dozen of big-name cryptocurrency exchanges that are worth paying attention to. Today, let’s look at the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange and its mobile app, which comes in handy for both professional and beginner traders. 

WhiteBIT: What It Is, How It Works

WhiteBIT is the biggest European crypto trading platform that provides a wide range of operations with crypto: trading, exchange, and holding. The platform’s functionality is enormous. One can trade on a spot market using six types of trading orders, make use of an up to 20x margin, and futures trading.

WhiteBIT is not only a place to buy crypto. It is a great platform to gain profit from passive crypto holding. There’s even a unique tool for it called Crypto Lending. A user can buy a particular cryptocurrency, choose a specific period for holding it on a plan, and receive interest upon its closure.

WhiteBIT launched its own digital asset, WhiteBIT Token (WBT), which in less than two months reached $12 per WBT. 

Besides an easy-to-use web platform, WhiteBIT users can enjoy its broad functionality on the smartphone! All due to a convenient mobile app.

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How To Install, Register And Trade On The Whitebit App For Ios And Android Users

It is worth installing the WhiteBIT mobile application for quick buying and selling. Depending on the phone, you need to download the application from App Store or Play Market. It does not take up much space on the phone and allows you to perform all operations quickly.

To get access to all platform functions, you need to register. To set up an account, one needs to specify an email address and come up with a strong password.

The system will send a code you must enter in a particular field. To be able to execute any trading operation, you should pass user verification. It is recommendable to do so right away to save time.

A quick WhiteBIT review: there is a “Verification” tab in the personal account. You need to go to this section and do everything according to the instructions. You will need to upload photos of the documents and wait for verification to start trading.

To successfully exchange cryptocurrency, you should familiarize yourself with the iPhone app review. It will help you understand all the functions of the application.

Overview And Main Features Of Whitebit Trading

WhiteBIT exchange is suitable for both holding and trading cryptocurrency. Today, we will talk primarily about the latter option. First things first, download the app from the mobile store. An intuitively simple interface allows you to understand how to trade cryptocurrency easily.

Let’s consider what WhiteBIT trading basics consist of. Using the platform, you can:

  • monitor the exchange rate;
  • earn income in the long term via passive holding;
  • transfer assets to other users in seconds using WhiteBIT Codes;
  • trade futures;
  • trade cryptocurrency with leverage.

You can set up notifications about transactions or currency exchange rate changes. Once the asset reaches the required mark, the platform will send you a message. It makes trading as simple and effective as possible. You can see the amounts of trading fees in the corresponding section on the platform.

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Instructions For Buying Cryptocurrency On Whitebit. Process Features And Platform Security

New users are concerned about how you buy cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT. You only need the following:

  • choose currency;
  • specify the amount of assets;
  • confirm the operation.

To buy bitcoin on WhiteBIT, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. Choose the most reliable and secure option so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your funds.

Many people use the WhiteBIT platform. It means that all transactions are processed as quickly as possible. The system does not charge high commissions, thanks to which you can save money on trades.

When trading cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT, you can be sure about your security. The platform securely encrypts user information and all transactions and keeps 96% of all assets on cold wallets.

The system constantly analyzes profile activity, excluding fake wallets’ appearance. You can send the recipient’s address to the app to check if it has been used for money laundering or other scams via a convenient AML checker.

WhiteBIT is a secure platform where you can conduct all cryptocurrency transactions. The mobile application allows you to stay abreast of all trends and changes in the market. A large selection of trading pairs, operations, and a robust security system guarantees the comfort and speed of all transactions.