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Gramiety Reviews 2024

You know how hard it can be to make sure that the right people see your Instagram.

There are many ways to implement your engagement these days, which begs the question: why even do it yourself? Outsourcing your engagement is a smart move because it leaves you to focus on every other aspect of your brand.

However, outsourcing can also end in disaster if you team up with the wrong company. Let’s give one a review and decide if they’re worth using or not.

What is Gramiety?

GRAMiety Works

Apart from the unusual name, there are a couple of things that Gramiety can offer you if you’re looking for an Instagram engagement company.

The first is to make more sales and the second is to target more of the followers you love. They claim that their services are 100% risk-free, which is hard to believe considering they appear to be just another Instagram bot.

While bots aren’t the worst, there are certainly more ways that you could be doing your online engagement. Let’s give them a review.

Gramiety is a company that claims that they can organically help their clients grow their Instagram profiles.

They say that they use growth methods without using automation, and they also say that their features are fully powered by real people.

One of their features that is interesting to us is that they say they offer loop giveaways, where people who are influencers will run a giveaway by offering a prize in exchange for following and engaging with particular Instagram profiles.

They offer their clients monthly placements with these giveaways, and they also promise that everything that they do is 100% compliant with Instagram.

They also claim that they offer 100% real targeted followers, customer support that is available around the clock, and hands-off solutions, so that you don’t really have to think about what’s going on with your Instagram profile.

What’s interesting about these guys is that they don’t have an ‘about page’, so there’s no way of you really knowing whether they are legit at this point, because you can’t really read up too much about the people developing the features behind the scenes.

What’s interesting is that they don’t have an ‘about page’, but they do offer phone consultations. We think that this is slightly contradictory.

What’s the Point in Instagram Followers?

GRAMiety Instagram Followers

If you have been growing your Instagram profile for a while now, you have probably become so caught up in your engagement rate and everything else that you have forgotten about the significance of your followers.

The thing about Instagram followers is that they’re still the first thing that people see, which means that they’re still the most important part of your Instagram growth, whether you want to admit this or not.

The good news is that there are lots of companies out there that can help you with your Instagram followers but working out which ones are on your side and which ones are trying to scam you can be difficult at times.

As long as you are trying to grow every aspect of your engagement rate on Instagram, and you aren’t trying to just focus on one part of it right now, there’s no way that you can’t be successful, you’ve just got to know how to pair up with the right company and how to manage your time right.

At the end of the day, those that get the balance right are those that become more successful, so take a little bit of time in the beginning to work this out.

Getting Started with Gramiety

If you want to get started with Gramiety, all you’ve got to do is visit their official website through your web browser, and then choose the right plan for your Instagram profile.

Once you’ve done this, you can select ‘get followers’, or you can select ‘schedule a call’, and then you can book a time to talk to them.

They will then contact you from their end, and we imagine that they will talk to you all about what your goals are for your Instagram profile, what your target audience looks like, and what you’re hoping to achieve out of working with them.

From here, they’re going to then start growing your Instagram profile, and according to the website and the information that we were able to look through, they say that they will never need your Instagram password.

Their Pricing is Too Much

Gramiety Pricing

One of the biggest reasons why we don’t really like these guys for your Instagram growth is because we think they’re too expensive.

We think that they are offering services that are going to be outside of your budget, so you have no hope of being able to adequately grow your Instagram profile.

They only offer two price points, and their cheapest plan is $79 a month. This is way more expensive than other Instagram growth services out there, which makes us wonder what they’re truly offering their clients.

Even if they are offering some of the highest quality Instagram engagement features in the business, we still don’t think that this justifies being able to charge this much for them.

There are lots of other companies out there that are able to provide top-quality engagement features without you having to pay twice what your budget allows.

Another thing that we don’t really like is that they don’t offer a free trial, meaning that there’s no way for you to figure out how they work and get to know them for free before you sign up for anything.

We really don’t think it is necessary for you to spend thousands on growing your Instagram profile.

Top Gramiety Alternatives

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They Need Your Password

We mentioned earlier that these guys claim that they will never need your Instagram password to do their thing, but this is inaccurate.

Their cheaper manual growth service does need your password, and while they say in their loop giveaways plan that they don’t need your password, we are going to go ahead and assume that they do.

We don’t necessarily think that there is anything wrong with companies that require your password, because a lot of the time this means that they are actually genuine, but we do have an issue with them not being completely honest about the fact that they do need it.

Obviously, we also don’t like the idea of handing over your personal information to a company like this that is prepared to lie in the beginning and be deceitful because they are more than likely not going to take care of your engagement and uphold your reputation in a way that you would expect.

There are quite a few reviews out there of their features, and while some of them are negative, others are positive.

Honestly though, we think the ones that are positive have been made up, or they have paid people to say things about their services.

We don’t think that there is enough evidence here to confidently say that this company cares about its clients and wants to see them do well in the future.

A Review of Gramiety

We’ll Begin with The Positives:

Secure Site

Even a website like Gramiety has bothered to https secure their website. This is definitely a new feature that everyone is starting to catch onto, as more people realize how this can increase your chances of being seen through Google.

It also means that if you keep any of your customer’s information on file, it isn’t at risk of being stolen by hackers.

Visible Pricing

One thing that we do find quite interesting about Gramiety is that they say they don’t do contracts, which means you can cancel with them anytime.

While this may sound great, it also means that they could disappear one day and you wouldn’t be able to argue a very strong case. They do have their prices visible but they’re just on their homepage, something that rubs us the wrong way.

FAQ and Help Page

Technically the answer to this feature is a no. Strictly speaking, they haven’t got a separate ‘help’ page for their FAQs – you can find them right on the homepage instead.

Again, we don’t like it when companies like this can’t find the time to make a new webpage for their prices and FAQs, so while they’ve included it, we don’t consider it to be very well executed.

Real Reviews

This one surprised us, to be honest. There aren’t many of these companies that have managed to find people who can give them a positive, genuine review.

However, we say this with a grain of salt because they’ve only got screenshots of people’s Instagram pages and a red circle around how many followers they have. So, they could have just chosen pages at random that don’t even subscribe to them – it’s difficult to know.

Now, Let’s Talk About the Negatives:

24/7 Customer Support

While they do have an email form that you can submit if you’ve got an issue or query, there isn’t any way to get in touch with someone straight away, around the clock.

We are going to hazard a guess that it could take some time for this company to get back to you with your issue, which doesn’t imply that they’ve got excellent customer service.

Email and Phone Form

Gramiety wants to get your business as quickly as possible, which means they’re not going to waste any time getting you to fill out any forms.

This level of accountability is significant because it means that they can contact you if they need to. Without this, they could just disappear, as we mentioned before.

Verified Payment System

We couldn’t see any evidence that they’ve secured a payment system so that you can safely share credit card information.

Is Gramiety a Scam? Is Gramiety Safe?

Generally speaking, we don’t believe that Gramiety is safe to use. Yes, they’ve included some of the features we’re looking for – but not all of them.

In order to be considered safe, you need to tick all the boxes. What’s more, you also need not to be a generic bot that’s just going to spam people’s Instagram with unwanted engagement.

Other Info

Another issue that we have with Gramiety is that they’re in violation of Instagram’s rules already. By using the phrase ‘gram’ in their name, they are copyrighting Instagram’s name, which means it won’t be long until Instagram comes to settle the score.

Review Summary


Generally speaking, we don't believe that Gramiety is safe to use. Yes, they've included some of the features we're looking for – but not all of them. In order to be considered safe, you need to tick all the boxes.

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