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Gramflare Reviews 2023

If you thought producing new Instagram content was hard, try executing your engagement at the level you need for success. To get your Instagram to where you want it to be, you’ll need to be engaging with your target audience for hours on end, each day. This doesn’t leave you too much time for the rest of the business, does it?

This is why there are now hundreds of companies out there who can take over your Instagram engagement for you. However, they’re not all to be trusted. Let’s review one and decide whether they’re worth using or not.

What is Gramflare?

Gramflare doesn’t mince their words – they say that they are ‘Instagram growth on autopilot’, and that’s exactly what they are. They also say that they offer a free three-day trial so you can try before you buy.

The layout of their website is very simple, which has its advantages and disadvantages. We like that they are upfront about being a bot, but we don’t like that they say they are the ‘best rated Instagram bot,’ because there is a good chance that this isn’t true. Let’s give them a review.

A Review of Gramflare

Let’s begin by looking at the positives:

  • Secure Site: just like many other similar companies out there these days Gramflare has made sure that their website is https secure. This is an important level of security that you need if you’re going to sell a service to customers – not only does it ensure you turn up on Google when people search for a service like this, but it also means that your customer information can be stored on your website safely.
  • Visible Pricing: Gramflare has outlined its pricing in a clear and concise manner. What we don’t like about this feature, however, is that they’ve chosen just to place them a bit further down on their homepage – they haven’t made a new webpage for them. This, to us, is lazy, and we would prefer it if they had put a bit more time into the making of their webpage. Putting everything on your homepage indicates that you’re not too worried about your website being easy to understand and navigate for the customer.
  • FAQ and Help Page: while this is another feature that Gramflare do have, once again it’s got the same problem as their prices. If you scroll down a little bit on the homepage, you will find Gramflare’s FAQs – which again, is something that we aren’t impressed with. However, we can’t knock the fact that they exist, and it’s important to include this feature especially if you’re trying to win over potential clients.
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Now, let’s run through the negatives:

  • 24/7 Support: we’ve talked about how Gramflare have included an FAQ section – not a page. However, it appears that this is as far as they’re willing to go when it comes to customer service. While setting up a customer support line is expensive, it’s pretty important when you’ve got a company that sells a service that’s ongoing. If your customers can’t get help when they need it, they’re going to end up pretty frustrated.
  • Email and Phone Form: Gramflare, like many other companies in its likeness, appears to be here for a good time, not a long time. They don’t want it to take too long for you to sign up with them, and why you may consider this a good thing, it’s really not. This is because it means that they’re not storing your information safely away for future use – which means when there’s a change in the system or an update, they can’t communicate with you about it.
  • Real Reviews: this one we were feeling a bit torn about. Gramflare does actually have reviews visible on their website, which you can find – you guessed it – on the homepage. However, while they do appear to be somewhat genuine, we have to make the claim that they aren’t. They are attached to real Instagram handles, but with a company like this, we have to make the assumption that they’re fake or they have paid people to write positive reviews.
  • Verified Payment: Remember how we said that we think Gramflare is here for a good time, not a long time? Here is another reason why. They haven’t bothered to verify their payment gateways, which means that your credit card information could be hacked. It’s another expense that they cannot spare.
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Is Gramflare a Scam? Is Gramflare Safe?

All in all, we don’t think that Gramflare is safe to use.

Not only have they left a lot to the imagination when it comes to the layout of their website, but they’re also just your average Instagram bot.

We like that they aren’t trying to hide this fact, but what we don’t like is that they’re going to get shut down by Instagram soon. You don’t want to be affiliated with a company that’s got a good chance of being shut down by Instagram – you’re much better looking for your engagement elsewhere.

Other Info

There’s an additional piece of information you need to know about Gramflare. Instagram has copyrighted the terms ‘insta’ and ‘gram,’ which means nobody can use either of them legally in their brand name. Clearly, Gramflare is violating these copyright laws.

Gramflare Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Gramflare.

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