Grab has grown its popularity across Southeast Asia since its humble beginning in 2012.

It is the biggest ride-hailing app across the region.

With that, many people are wondering how many grab drivers are there in all 8 countries it is available in.

According to data, there are over 5 million Grab drivers across the region. 

Southeast Asian superapp Grab offers several services, such as payments, food delivery, and ride-hailing.

Without the Grab drivers, offering these services to millions of Grab users will never be possible.

Being a Grab driver can be really rewarding.

It offers a flexible schedule for drivers, it can also be a great avenue for them to earn more than the minimum wage, depending on their working hours, the number of bookings they accept, and tips customers give. 

With the amount of Grab drivers registered on the platform, many are wondering exactly how many Grab drivers there are in 2024.

Let’s get right into it.

Key Statistics

  • There are over 5 million Grab drivers in the Southeast Asian region.
  • Indonesia has the most Grab drivers with  2 million registered on the platform.
  • Driving 12-14 hours a day can double your income as a Grab Driver.
  • Singaporean Grab drivers have the highest average income of 3,000 SGD or $2,200 in a month.
  • Singapore has the highest average trip distance of 11 kilometers.
How many Grab drivers are there?

1. How many Grab drivers are there?

Grab is the biggest ride-hailing app across Southeast Asia.

With its popularity and efficiency in terms of linking passengers to drivers, people are intrigued to know how many Grab drivers are there.

As of 2023, there are over 5 million active drivers on the platform. 

Due to Grab’s success, there are now a lot more Grab drivers across Southeast Asia which caused several advantageous social and economic effects to the society.

It aids in employment creation and the reduction of traffic congestion.

Additionally, it aids in offering a practical and inexpensive mode of transportation for individuals.

(Tech in Asia)

2. Top 4 Countries with the Highest Number of Grab Drivers

With over 5 million drivers and delivery partners around the region, Grab is the top ride-hailing and food delivery service in Southeast Asia.

Grab is only available across 8 countries in the Southeast Asian region.

Let’s look at the top 4 countries with the most registered Grab drivers:

  1. Indonesia has the highest number of Grab drivers with almost 2 million registered drivers on the platform. 
  2. With over 300,000 registered drivers, Thailand comes second in the list.
  3. Alongside other ride-hailing services, in Vietnam, there are 200,000 registered Grab drivers available for booking.
  4. Lastly, with 100,000 drivers, Malaysia is one of the top 4 countries with the most number of registered Grab drivers. 

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3. Average Trip Distance in km per country

Most cities have an average trip distance of around 4-6 kilometers.

This is because the average trip distance in Grab varies depending on the size of the city.

The larger the city, the higher the average trip distance is.

That’s why in the list below, Singapore has the highest average trip distance among 8 countries Grab is available. 

Let’s look at the average trip distance of each country:

  1. Singapore with 11 km
  2. Thailand with 10 km
  3. Malaysia, 8 km
  4. Philippines has 7 km
  5. Myanmar and Vietnam with 6 km
  6. Indonesia has 5 km
  7. Cambodia with 4 km


4. Benefits of being a Grab Driver

With the app’s overwhelming success, a lot of people are using Grab for its services and as a source of income for their drivers, may it be for transportation or package and food delivery. 

Here are some benefits of becoming a Grab driver: 

  1. It gives you flexible employment opportunities.

Grab drivers can start roaming around the city whenever they like. Their drivers can start as early as 6 am, or as late as 2 am, it fully depends on the driver’s preferred working hours.

  1. Grabs offers a free on-the-road safety for its drivers.

Since Grab is all-in for the safety of its riders and customers, they offer a free on-the road safety for its drivers while they are booked.

  1. Grabs gives its drivers perks such as vouchers and convertible points.

If you love perks and vouchers, it will be your favorite benefit as a grab driver. Their drivers can get discounts on gasoline refills, auto-maintenance, and other car expenses. 

  1. Free RMO PSV license

If you are carrying a paying passenger, you will need a PSV license which costs around $300. Once activated, Grab will reimburse you this amount which means you are getting it for free!


5. Average income of a Grab Driver

If you love traveling and driving around the city, you can do it while earning money with Grab.

According to data, Grab drivers can earn more than workers with a minimum wage salary. 

Since Grab allows its drivers to work anytime they want, the income of a Grab driver varies on how much time he spends on the road or how many bookings he decides to take.

Let’s take a look at the list below to see how much can a Grab driver earn in a month:

  1. Singapore- SGD 3,000 or about $2,200
  2. Malaysia- MYR 4,180 or $1,000
  3. Indonesia- IDR 14,400,000 or $930
  4. Thailand- THB 28,900 or $800
  5. Philippines- Php 37,000 or $750

(Indeed and Salary Expert)

6. Top 5 Tips on earning more as a Grab driver

Top 5 Tips on earning more as a Grab driver
  1. Drive on peak hours

Most of the time, people are struggling to commute during peak hours.

Most of them are using ride-hailing apps such as Grab in order to go to their destination safely and comfortably.

If you like to earn more, you should not avoid peak hours.

In addition, Grab rates are higher during peak hours due to customers’ demand.

  1. Know your routes

It would save you and your passengers so much time if you know your routes.

If you know some shortcuts which are safe and with less vehicles on the road, you should try taking that path instead.

Because if you arrive at the destination quicker, you can accept another booking right after the passenger gets out of the car. 

  1. Be prepared for all sorts of passengers

As a ride-hailing service provider, you will encounter different types of people as passengers.

You must be prepared for all sorts of them.

Preparing some mints of any snacks might also be helpful as well as extra plastic bags especially if you are driving near pubs and bars late at night. 

  1. Drive for 12-14 hours a day

A Grab driver’s income solely depends on him.

If you drive for more than 12 hours, there’s a greater chance that you will earn double.

  1. Always give passengers a big smile!

Some passengers are very generous with tips.

And passengers love it when drivers are very approachable, understanding, and are always wearing a smile.

If passengers like you, they are most likely to leave a tip which could be a great thing for full-time Grab drivers.

May it be a dollar, $5, or even $10. 

Aside from the tip that you can possibly get, Grab drivers also need to maintain a good customer rating.

So, if you want to earn more as a Grab driver, don’t forget to bring your best smile in every ride.



Driving with Grab may help drivers make a solid livelihood.

The flexibility of the schedule is one of the primary factors in drivers’ decision to work with Grab.

They are free to set their own schedules and put in as much or as little time as they like.

This is perfect for those who have other obligations, may it be at home, in the community, etc. 

With the rising popularity of Grab Superapp and a significant need for transportation services in Southeast Asia due to the area’s huge and expanding population, we hope we have given you a good insight on the number of Grab drivers.

Grab is no doubt a very successful business nowadays.

It is no longer just a ride-hailing app, it becomes a one-stop app that allows you to do almost anything.

With the app’s massive success today, it will surely be a big part of our future as well as the future of the next generation.

Grab will stay and it will stay for a very long time in our lives.


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