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Goso Reviews 2024

There comes a time in the world of social media where we all have to put our hands up and admit we need a bit of help with things.

Whether it’s for your Instagram engagement or your TikTok content, there’s a lot of resources out there these days that can make all the difference to your experience online.

If you’ve got a brand out there that you’re trying to grow, you’ll have every reason to want to outsource.

It’s not easy finding the right company to go for, though, which is what we’re here for.

Let’s take a look at Goso in particular, and decide whether we think they’re worth you checking them out or not.

GOSO Review

Goso review - logo

GOSO is an Instagram growth service that claims to be able to help its clients get ahead with their engagement while being personable and friendly.

They also claim to be able to help you with other social media platforms as well. We suspect that they are selling fake engagement. 

What is GOSO?

So, what is Goso, then? Well, according to their website, they claim to be a growth service that can help you get your engagement up off the ground.

They claim to have Instagram detection, where they can tell if you’ve uploaded new content or not.

They also claim that this detection feature is five times faster than what other companies have out there.

There are a lot of exciting things on their website, which does make us think that they’re trying ever so slightly too hard to get their message across.

There’s always the risk with companies like this that they’re nothing more than a bot, or they’re selling fake engagement to their customers. Let’s review them.

A Review of

+ Positives:

Secure Site

We do like that they have decided to secure their website with https. This means that if you share any of your personal information through their site, it will be protected from hackers.

Additionally, it will be easier for you to find this company through Google because they will rank better.

– Negatives:

Visible Pricing

Goso Pricing

Surprisingly, and despite our best efforts, we couldn’t seem to locate any prices anywhere on their website.

We don’t love it when companies put their pricing right on their homepage, but we prefer it to no pricing at all.

With Goso, there’s no way of knowing how much you’re going to end up paying until you’ve committed, which is a big red flag for us.

FAQ and Help Page

Goso has a community tab, but there’s no sign of an FAQ page, either on their homepage or elsewhere.

This is another feature that’s pretty important – we all want to know as much about a company before we dive into a subscription with them, so this will definitely leave you wanting more.

Real Reviews

This one is a little bit conflicting for us because it does appear that they have put a bit of an effort into the reviews that you’ll find on their homepage.

However, if you take a closer look, it soon becomes evident that these reviews are fake. They have been left by first names only, and they are very generic and vague.

Obviously, this is another big red flag, as they should be able to get positive reviews from their clients. They have bad reviews elsewhere online as well, which we cover a bit more down below.

Email and Phone Form

his small piece of accountability is pretty important if you want to build confidence in your clients.

If you fill out a form like this when you sign up for a service, it means that they can get in touch with you easily about any updates or changes to their services and features.

Without this, there’s no way of them getting in touch quickly, which can cause a bit of frustration.

Secure Payment System

We’re sad to say that there’s no sign anywhere of a secure payment system, which will protect your credit card from being hacked if you share it.

We don’t suggest you part with this type of information as a result.

Top Goso Alternatives

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Is Goso Safe to Use? Is It a Scam?

So, all in all, we think that isn’t safe to use.

As well as having fake reviews on their website, you can easily find bad reviews elsewhere online about them as well, which certainly doesn’t bode well.

Ultimately we think that this is the type of company that’s selling its clients a bot that can put their account at risk of being suspended or banned.

At the very least, they’re selling fake engagement, which is going to make your profile look spammy – and nobody wants this.

Considering they don’t have anyone to write anything positive about their features, we suggest that you avoid companies like this, and head for greener pasture. 

Review Summary


At the very least, they're selling fake engagement, which is going to make your profile look spammy – and nobody wants this.

Price: 300/month

Price Currency: Euro

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media

Editor's Rating:

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