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Instagram has made it progressively harder to do well on the popular social media platform. Yes, you might have days where a lot of people see your content, and you are thankful for the followers that are committed to you, but then you’ve got other days where you hardly get any engagement on your posts, and you wonder what happened.

As time goes on, and Instagram continues to adjust its algorithm, these days will become more common. This is why so many people are now going outside of Instagram to an Instagram growth service company.

However, the process of choosing the right company for your Instagram growth is easier said than done. There are lots of companies out there that are legit, but then there are those that aren’t so much.

In fact, there are those that are attempting to take advantage of their clients and steal their personal information and money. If you want to avoid companies like this, you’ve got to read reviews like the one below.

Let’s review one company in particular and determine whether you should use them for your Instagram growth or not. Review is a company for Instagram growth that claims to help its clients buy Instagram follows with instant delivery. They say that they have a lot of positive reviews, but at the end of the day we think that they’re just selling their clients fake engagement.

What is Pricing

One of the first red flags with this company for us is the fact that they claim to provide their clients with instant delivery on their features. There are hardly any legit companies out there in this industry that can offer this feature. We understand that time is money, but if you want high-quality engagement for your Instagram profile, you’ve got to be prepared to wait a couple of days for it.

They do claim on their website that their engagement is high quality and they even offer their clients drop protection. Let’s go to the review and determine whether their engagement is fake or not.

A Review of


  • Secure Site: Having a secure site these days is a basic level of security, but back in the day it was a big deal. Not that many companies were prepared to shell out for this kind of protection, and it was a good indication of a legit company. So, while we are pleased to see that is prepared to secure their website with HTTPS, unfortunately this doesn’t indicate whether they are providing their clients with fake engagement or not. However, it does mean that your information is safe should you choose to share it with them.
  • Visible Pricing: has their pricing visible for the world to see, and it’s going to be one of the first things you look at when you visit their website. The thing to note here is cheap vs. affordable. Personally, we think that their rates are cheap, which means low-quality. There are hardly any companies out there that are able to sell their clients features like this for these rates without compromising hugely when it comes to the quality.
  • FAQ and Help Page: This aspect of is a bit confusing, because technically they don’t have an FAQ and help page, but they did have a lot of information on their website about how to grow an Instagram page. We are surprised to see this, as it can be easy to make the assumption that these guys are just in the industry for a quick profit, and aren’t interested in helping their clients beyond processing that last payment. However, we still think that it’s better for them to have a FAQ section, so while this is in the positive section, it’s still a disappointment.


  • Real Reviews: does have a few reviews on their website, but we doubt that they are positive. Companies like this can easily pay a low rate for people to write good reviews about their features, and there’s a good chance that these people have never actually used them. We think that this is the case here, which is why you need to take what their ‘clients’ are saying with a grain of salt.
  • Secure Payments: We don’t think that has enough security measures in place around their payment page for you to share personal information like your credit card. Yes, you can pay safely through PayPal, where you don’t have to share this kind of information, but it is concerning to us that they haven’t put any effort into securing their website with basic protection. We don’t recommend that you part with your money on any website offering a service that can’t secure their payment gateway.
  • Phone and Email Phone: wants to make it as easy as possible for their clients to sign up for their services, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. This actually means that they cut a lot of corners, and one of these corners is an email and phone form. Getting their clients to fill out an email and phone form is a good level of accountability for a company to have, so without this, you will find that communication is poor, and will be frustrating at times when you are trying to get in touch with them.

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Is Safe to Use? Is It a Scam?

Ultimately, we don’t think that is safe for you to use, and we do think it is a scam. Yes, they are offering a lot of good things with their features, but we don’t think that they can follow through with them. They say that their features are both safe and easy, but honestly, we think that they are just easy.

We really don’t like that they can offer their clients instant delivery, and we don’t think that paying a dollar for 60 Instagram followers that have been called cheap is going to advance your profile’s credibility in any way.

This is why we suggest that you avoid companies like this and aim a bit higher.

Review Summary


Ultimately, we don’t think that is safe for you to use, and we do think it is a scam. Yes, they are offering a lot of good things with their features, but we don’t think that they can follow through with them. They say that their features are both safe and easy, but honestly, we think that they are just easy.

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