Can you still remember the classic snake game on Nokia phones in the early 2000s?

The main goal in this game is to collect dots inside the square and prevent its mouth from hitting its body and the wall.

Players can only use the up, right, down, and left keypads.

Using a computer, you can now play it again with its new and improved modes. The game is customizable.

You can change the snake’s size, appearance, and speed and make it invisible. Google Snake Mod will surely give you a fun and exciting experience.

Do you want to know more about Google Snake Mods and how to get them?

Just continue reading.

Google Snake Mods

Google Snake is almost similar to Nokia’s classic snake game, but this updated game is played using a browser.

The snake grows longer when it eats apples. Players need to feed the snake and avoid becoming entangled in its body.

If users want to play Google Snake for free, they can search for “snake game” on Google.

Players can use snake mods to modify Google Snake’s gameplay.

These snake mods are like add-ons for the game. They are created by third-party programmers and not by Google itself.

When playing Google Snake with snake mods, players will have a better experience since they can customize and adjust the appearance of the game.

The options they get to customize the snake game are called the Google Snake Mods.

Players need to enable the Google Snake Mods to use it.

This process is quite complex but you don’t need to worry since the below step-by-step guide will help you.

  1. Go to Github’s website or click
Google Snake Menu Mod

  1. Find “MoreMenu.html”
  2. Click “MoreMenu.html” to download the snake mod file to your computer
  3. Go to your Chrome browser
  4. Press Ctrl+Shift+O to open your browser’s Bookmark manager
  5. Click the three dots in the top right corner of your screen to import the file
  6. Select “Import Bookmarks”
  7. Add the downloaded file of “MoreMenu.html” to the bookmark from your computer. It will show in the folder “Imported” under Bookmarks
  8. Go to Google search and type “Snake Game”
  9. Click the play button
  10. Select “gear icon”
  11. On the settings page, click the three dots in the top right corner of your browser
  12. Go to “Bookmark”, then “Imported”, and “More Menu Stuff”
  13. Click the cog wheel icon to see the Snake Game Mods
  14. After enabling the Google Snake Mods, you can customize the color and size, activate new maps, and choose modes

What are the Best Google Snake Mods?

Here are the best Google Snake Mods you can download:

1. Google Snake Menu Mod

This mode brings custom features to your Google Snake game.

It allows you to change the speed, background color, characters, and map, remove the wall, add new objects, and adjust the character motions.

To download Google Snake Menu Mod, click

2. Google Snake Dark Mod

This mode is not the typical snake game theme. It allows you to play in dark mode or with a black theme.

It also allows you to choose other color schemes aside from black.

To download Google Snake Dark Mod, click

3. Google Snake Mouse Mod

Google Snake Mouse Mod

This mode helps you collect more apples. It allows you to use your mouse to control the game instead of using your keyboard.

You can freely move your mouse and control the direction.

To download Google Snake Mouse Mod, click

4. Google Snake Wall Endgame Sooner

This mode removes obstructions from all sides. It allows you to play without walls.

You need to be careful not to touch its tail to continue earning points.

To download Google Snake Wall Endgame Sooner, click

5. Google Snake Any Board Size

This mode allows you to adjust the walls. You can bring the walls closer to each other or adjust the board size to a bigger one.

To download Google Snake Any Board Size, click

6. Google Snake Time Keeper

This mode will save your best score and the time you completed the game since Google does not record your best and fastest scores.

It will only require you to import an HTML file as a bookmark.

To download Google Snake Time Keeper, click


This mode gives you a challenging yet exciting experience since you can’t see the movement of the snake.

It makes your snake invisible like a ghost while playing. You need to move in the right direction to win the game.

To download AIYIWOWTGWK, click

8. Google Snake Animated Colors

Google Snake Animated Colors

This mode allows you to change the plain color of the background to animated colors.

It also allows you to change the color of your snake and the animated pattern.

This mode is not recommended for players with photosensitive epilepsy.

To download Google Snake Animated Colors, click

9. Google Snake Twin Mod

This mode gives you a thrilling experience since it will give the snake two heads.

After eating an apple, its head becomes its tail, and it continuously switches position every time it consumes an apple.

Each head can also kill itself. 

10. Google Snake Cheese Mod

This mode gives you a fun experience since your snake is unpredictable. It is only active in a certain section.

It grows twice when it eats an apple compared to the classic mode.


Enabling Google Snake Mods will give its players a more exciting and better experience through its enhanced graphics, customized appearance, and challenging goals and levels.

Players can enjoy the different Google Snake Mods mentioned above but they can also try Key Unlock Mode, Blender Mode, Infinity Borderless Mode, Peaceful Mode, Portal Mode, and Sokoban Mode.

These Google Snake Game Mods give you more interesting features, so don’t forget to have fun.