The world of job hunting has evolved immensely over the last ten to twenty years.

How people find jobs and how companies find new employees is more streamlined than ever before.

Glassdoor is the global leader in job and company insights, and you can use their platforms tools to find a job geared towards your needs in an instant.

This article is going to dive into more detailed Glassdoor statistics \and how it’s evolved over the years.

Key Statistics

  • Glassdoor has 55 million monthly visitors
  • The company has 12 million job listings
  • Glassdoor has more than 1.7 million employers on the platform
  • Glassdoor’s annual revenue was $320.0 million in 2022
  • The company has 800 employees
  • It has received more than 3000 reviews
  • America was the first country to gain access to Glassdoor
  • Average rating for a company on Glassdoor is 3.6 out of 5

Important Glassdoor Statistics in 2024

How Many Monthly Visitors Does Glassdoor Get?

Since 2007, the company has hit the ground running, collecting data on some of the biggest companies in the world. This provides a level of transparency to those on the job market wanting to work for a company they can build a career with.

After many years of refining their services, Glassdoor has amassed over 55 million visitors on a monthly basis. Considering the company has been actively progressing for over a decade, it won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Furthermore, over 65% of those monthly users are actively looking and applying for jobs on the platform. This statistic is a testament to the popularity of Glassdoor, in addition to how useful their public data is to job seekers. 

Number of Job Listings

 Job Listings

Back in 2010, Glassdoor added job listings to their website alongside all of the data they’ve collected on each company. Since then, the business has seen a growing interest in the platform from job seekers.

Many were already familiar with other job listing sites, but Glassdoor is different because of the level of research and detailed company data that they provide.

Currently, in 2021, Glassdoor has over 12 million job listings across a wide range of countries. This statistic will undoubtedly increase over time as they continue to become more influential and widely known in their industry.

How Many Employers are On Glassdoor?

When the entity was just starting out back in 2007, shortly after, the business announced that they had over 250 companies listed on the platform with about 3,300 reviews in total.

In 2021, Glassdoor has over 1.7 million employers on the platform with a long list of data, company statistics, and salary information that job seekers can review before sending an application.

This saves people time, and it could influence some companies to treat their employees better if they want higher quality reviews from employees and individuals alike.

Glassdoor Revenue & Employee Numbers

This online employment marketplace has been growing at an impressive rate, with Glassdoor’s peak revenue of $320.0 million in 2022.

Glassdoor has 800 employees, meaning that the revenue per employee ratio is $400,000. This ratio indicates the average amount of revenue generated by each employee of the company.

This alone shows that Glassdoor is a highly productive company that is able to generate significant revenue with a relatively small workforce.

Total Glassdoor Funding Since Inception

Over the years, Glassdoor has had a handful of funding rounds. This has allowed the company to propel its business forward and bring new features and support to companies and job hunters alike.

In reality, to become one of the most prominent players in your industry, it’ll require some kind of funding to get the company to the next step.

Below, you’ll find a list of each funding round Glassdoor has gone through.

Funding Rounds Since Inception

  • $3 million raised by Benchmark Capital (2007)
  • $6.5 million raised by Sutter Hill Ventures (2008)
  • $12 million raised by Battery Ventures (2011)
  • $20 million raised by Dag Ventures (2012)
  • $50 million raised by multiple venture capital companies (2013)
  • $70 million raised by Google Capital and Tiger Global Mgmt. (2015)
  • $40 million raised by numerous venture capital companies (2016)
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Total Number of Company Reviews, Salaries, & Insights

Transparency to the job-seeking professional is extremely important, and it can be challenging to vet a company from the outside properly. Luckily, this is precisely why Glassdoor was created.

Starting off with a mere 3,300 reviews in the beginning stages, the platform now has over 95 million various reviews, company insights, and salaries publicly available to review.

This not only saves job seekers time but allows them to avoid distasteful companies with poor internal practices.

Proving The Company’s Purpose

Around the time Glassdoor was founded, some were unsure how accurate or useful the platform would be. Moreover, there were already other platforms like it that provided similar services to the job market.

Glassdoor continued to innovate and separate itself from the competition. In the present day, before applying, more than 86 percent of prospects are likely to examine company evaluations and ratings.

Furthermore, before establishing a decision on a company, 60% of Glassdoor users read at least five reviews.

These stats alone show how beneficial the platform is and how many job seekers utilize the features to help with their job search.

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Which Countries Does Glassdoor Support?

The U.S. job market has been utilizing Glassdoor’s services for quite some time now, but the company also showed increasing interest in assisting the worldwide job market as they grew over time.

Currently, the company is working on language and job market support for many different countries.

Below, you can find a bullet list containing some of the countries that have access to the company’s services.

Countries With Access to Glassdoor

  • United States (2008)
  • France (2014
  • Germany (2015)
  • Netherlands (2015)
  • Ireland (2015)
  • Switzerland (2015)
  • Austria (2015)
  • Belgium (2015)
  • Singapore (2019)
  • Hong Kong (2019)
  • New Zealand (2019)
  • Brazil (2019)
  • Argentina (2019)
  • Mexico (2019)
  • Spain (2019)
  • Italy (2019)

A Closer Look at CEO’s

If you want to get a clear grasp of how a company’s hierarchy works, in addition to the pros and cons of that power structure, you can take a look at how the CEO runs the company.

With Glassdoor, you can find more insights on the CEOs of each company before you decide to apply.

The platform provides an approval rating for the CEO of a company, and the average rating for CEOs on Glassdoor is 73%.

Once again, this is a great metric that may influence some positive change amongst distasteful companies.

What’s the Average Rating for a Company on the Platform?

Now that the platform has been operating for over ten years, you can find a plethora of thorough reviews about nearly any company that’s listed.

Moreover, you’ll find detailed insight from ex and current employees, which naturally come with a range of comments.

Job seekers love this feature as it provides a clear look into the true nature behind the company’s closed doors. 

On Glassdoor, the average rating for a company is 3.6 out of 5.

The rating you see on a company profile is often the total rating of all authorized reviews that the company has ever gotten after using our Glassdoor’s unique algorithm.

Among other things, this weights new reviews more heavily than older reviews.

How Many Glassdoor Offices Exist in the World?

The company has been rapidly expanding for years, and to continuously keep its international operations in check, requires more than just a headquarter office in the United States.

They’ve been incrementally adding new offices to critical locations throughout the world, and you can find a brief list of those below.

Glassdoor Offices Across the World

  • San Francisco, U.S.
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Chicago, U.S.
  • Paris, France
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil

Determining Employee Satisfaction

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Getting a look at current employee satisfaction within a company can speak volumes about company culture.

Company culture has become more important to younger professionals in today’s world, and Glassdoor allows employees to rate their satisfaction with their employer regarding various factors.

From Glassdoor’s data, around 78% of employees report that they are either ‘ok’ or ‘satisfied’ with their employer.

This rating, in combination with information about the CEO and the company’s history, will give job seekers more than enough information to make a decision.

New Headquarters and Acquisition

As their influence on their respective industry widens over time, Glassdoor will more than likely open more offices across the world.

Regarding the company’s headquarters, although it started out in Mill Valley, California, the company recently relocated to San Francisco within the last few years. 

On another note, although the company still operates independently to this day, Glassdoor was acquired by a Japanese firm named Recruit Holdings in 2018 for $1.2 billion.

The acquisition grants Recruit Holdings accessibility to Glassdoor’s massive database of employer information and employee evaluations of companies on the platform.

Glassdoor claims to have ratings and information on 770,000 businesses in over 190 countries.

In addition, the company stated that it provides recruitment solutions to over 7,000 businesses, and 40% of which are Fortune 500.

To Conclude

As these Glassdoor statistics show, finding a job that suits your needs has never been easier online while providing an extremely efficient search method.

Although there are other company’s such as Indeed or LinkedIn, their services don’t come close to the transparency that Glassdoor provides job seekers across many different job markets.