It’s not altogether unusual to give sales discounts during holidays. Online retailers can take a hint from their brick-and-mortar siblings who normally give thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine or Mother’s day discounts to their patrons. One option online retailers can take is to offer a Free Shipping Day on those holidays. This means a lot to online shoppers as shipping costs are a major add-ons to online purchases. is an online free shipping coupon site designed to ensure online retailers can take orders up to the last day before the holiday sets in and still guarantee product deliveries on Christmas. Studies have shown that online orders decline starting the 12th of December in anticipation of shipping delays due to the volume of orders that many shoppers fear won’t get to them in time for Christmas if they order any closer to it.

Offering free shipping somehow alleviates this concern and shoppers won’t mind ordering up until Christmas Eve if they can be guaranteed free shipping.

A lot of online shops like those from Bloomingdales and Macy’s took advantage of this and saw their sales spike on Christmas Day itself. Knowles expect a repeat of this Christmas with more than 500 retailers getting on board. If you can afford to shoulder the shipping cost just for one day, you get advertising mileage as well with your company logo and free shipping posted at the site.