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FollowFox Review

There comes a time in the world of Instagram growth where you need a bit of a helping hand – and there’s nothing wrong with admitting this.

If you have been playing the game of Instagram for a while, then you are most likely feeling a little bit jaded on the entire thing, and wondering how you can leverage your profile so that you can find even more of the right people to interact with your videos and images.

Enter companies like FollowFox, who claim to be able to help you safely and securely. We have our doubts.

Let’s review them.

Follow Fox is a company that claims organic and real Instagram growth for its customers. They say that they promise this without shadow tricks or bots, and they tell their customers that their services are completely powered by humans.

We have our suspicions that they’re not.

What is FollowFox?

FollowFox Followers

FollowFox is a company that on the surface has a lot of belief in its features.

They say that they are committed to helping their clients without using a bot of any other kind of automated software to cut corners and get ahead.

They believe that their chat box can help you whenever you need it, and they say that they will connect each and every one of their customers with a dedicated Instagram growth expert who is supposed to know everything there is to know about growing your Instagram followers.

While this all appears to be well-meaning, we can’t shake the feeling that these guys are just throwing a bot at their customers, and calling it a day.

Let’s give them a review.

A Review of Follow Fox

+ Positives:

Secure Site

FollowFox has covered the most basic of features when it comes to security – they have paid to secure their website with HTTPS.

All this means is that they will protect your information if you choose to share it on their website, which at the end of the day doesn’t count for a lot, because most companies can afford this.

Visible Pricing

FollowFox Pricing

Follow Fox has included their pricing schemes on their homepage, which is something we’ve got a problem with.

We would like it if they could put this elsewhere, because it’s a bit tacky to have it right on the homepage where your clients are going to see it before anything else.

However, we still have to give them points for including it at all.

FAQ and Help Page

Follow Fox has included an FAQ section, and we can’t quite believe it but they have put it elsewhere on their website, not on their homepage.

This of course adds points, because you want to be able to get to know a company before you decide to dive in and team up with them.

Hopefully this is going to be enough information to determine whether they are worth your while or not.

– Negatives

Real Reviews

This one has to be in the negative column, because while they have attempted to make it appear like they have real reviews, they don’t.

Again, they have managed to squeeze in some reviews on their homepage, but honestly we don’t think that these are real.

Why? Because they are generic, and aren’t associated with real names. Either they have paid someone to say good things about their services, or they are writing them themselves.

Secure Form

FollowFox Security

Every company that means well with their clients are able to share a secure form on their website, where you will put personal information so that they can be accountable to you at a later date.

We don’t think that they are asking for enough information from their clients here at Follow Fox, which suggests that they are trying to stay as anonymous as possible.

Payment Gateway is Secure

We can’t say for sure that their payment gateway is secure, which poses a problem if you plan on sharing information like your credit card.

You can’t do so without worrying whether that information is going to get stolen or not, so to be on the safe side we suggest that you don’t use their payment gateways.

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Is FollowFox Safe to Use? Is It a Scam?

So, we ultimately don’t think that FollowFox is worth your time and that it’s safe to use.

Why? Because they are using a bot to help their clients get ahead, despite the fact that they say they are human-powered.

Their features are way too powerful to be done by a human, and we also aren’t impressed with the fact that the reviews you will see over on Trustpilot are fake.

They are positive, but they are fake. We wouldn’t trust this company as far as we could throw them.

FollowFox Trustpilot

Review Summary

Follow Fox

FollowFox is a company that claims organic and real Instagram growth for its customers. They say that they promise this without shadow tricks or bots, and they believe that their services are completely powered by humans. We have our suspicions that they’re not.

Price: Various

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media

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