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FollowFans Reviews 2024

There are some great ways to outsource your Instagram engagement online these days.

Before the first Instagram marketing company, you had to sit there constantly on your phone making sure that your page was taking part in engagement and getting some in return.

Now, you can pay an affordable amount to hand over the reins to someone else. That sounds like a great idea, right? While Instagram marketing can benefit your page, not all companies that do this can be trusted to do it right.

The thing about the social media marketing industry is that there are a lot of duds in amongst the legit ones. There are lots of companies that just want to take advantage of you and find the quickest way to grow their customer base while doing the least amount of work.

All of those companies that aren’t legit also run the risk of ruining your reputation, because they would rather make a quick profit than send you engagement that is high quality and going to take care of your Instagram account for a long time.

Let’s review FollowFans and see how they check out.

What is FollowFans?

FollowFans logo

FollowFans claims to provide quite a unique approach to Instagram marketing that makes it stand out from a lot of other typical marketing software.

Instead of finding people who might be interested in following you, they curate followers to make your page look popular, thus attracting real followers in the process.

This is otherwise known as fake followers. Fake followers are followers that have been made up by a company or a software, for the purposes of making your profile look really good.

Yes, they are going to make your account look good temporarily, but after a day or two people will start to realise that those followers aren’t actually interacting with any of your posts.

They will start to wonder what your agenda is with Instagram, and they will slowly start to peel away in search of better content.

Of course, this is a controversial way to do things, but whether they run as an authentic, trustworthy company is another thing to look into.

Let’s give them a review and see if they’re worth using with your Instagram.

FollowFans Pricing

A Review of FollowFans

First, we’ll check out the positives

  • Secure Site: fortunately, FollowFans has bothered to HTTPS secure their site, giving them some initial credibility before you’ve even checked out their services. Whether a website is secure or not is something to look out for when signing up for something online.
  • Visible Prices: Follow Fans doesn’t have a separate pricing page where you can see all their prices. All you have to do is scroll down on their landing page to see what’s on offer and how much each package will set you back. They say that 100 Instagram followers is going to cost you $14, whereas 500 Instagram followers is going to cost you $18. Honestly, we think that these prices are reflective of the quality of their engagement, which isn’t very high. They say that their followers are interactive, but they definitely aren’t. They also say that they provide their clients with a 30-day refund, which is highly improbable. You’ll probably have a lot of trouble getting in touch with them about it.
  • Email and Phone form present: FollowFans does back themselves up by having an email and phone form for you to fill out when choosing what service you’re going to go with.

Now for the Negatives

  • Real Reviews: Follow Fans does have a review page that you can click through to. However, only some of these reviews appear to be verified. All of them are just signed by people’s first names, making you question whether they are real or not.
  • FAQ and Help Page: while FollowFans does have an information page that will answer some of your burning questions, there doesn’t seem to be an actual FAQ page where you can see what other people have asked.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: help is vague everywhere you look on FollowFans website, so it’s no surprise that a higher level of support just isn’t available. They don’t have 24/7 customer service that you can connect with to help you if you have an urgent problem that needs taking care of.

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Is FollowFans a Scam? Is FollowFans Safe?

In summary, there is too little too late with this website, and we would say that it’s not safe to use.

A lot of reviews online have said that the followers they get are fake and some have even said that their promised delivery of a certain amount never arrived.

There also seem to be rumors that suggest FollowFans is guilty of data harvesting. Whatever they’re doing instead of providing an Instagram marketing service, we highly recommended that you avoid them completely and go for something else.

The last thing that you want is a company like this to come along and ruin your Instagram reputation, so it’s going to be much better for you in the long run to go with another option.

You don’t want to jeopardize your Instagram account with a bad experience.

Review Summary


A lot of FollowFans reviews online have said that the followers they get are fake and some have even said that their promised delivery of a certain amount never arrived.

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