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Followers Guru Reviews 2022

You know what it’s like to market yourself on Instagram.

It’s a great way to reach people and an interactive platform where you can build a community around your business – but it’s not easy. When it comes down to all the engagement you need to do, it can be downright tedious.

Luckily, there are a number of reputable third-party companies out there these days which can take over your engagement and give you more time for other things. Let’s review one of these companies.

What is Followers Guru?

Followers Guru is an Instagram marketing company that sells ‘real’ engagement including both followers and likes.

We use quotation marks because we’re not convinced that they’re selling real engagement. Worst case scenario, it’s fake, and best case scenario, it’s done by an Instagram bot.

Obviously, we can’t condone either of these practices – it’s good to remember to approach this type of engagement with caution. You can certainly find companies out there that don’t operate like this, but if you’re looking for something quick and affordable, a bot can be helpful. Let’s give Followers Guru a review.

A Review of Followers Guru

We’re going to start our review with the positives:

  • Secure Site: Followers Guru has made a great first impression by making sure that their website is https secure. This means that if you share information on here, it will be protected and safe from potential hackers. It also means that they will rank on Google, making it easy for you to find them.
  • Visible Prices: Followers Guru has now ticked off two on the list of our review, showing their prices in a transparent and user-friendly way. In fact, they are so upfront about the costs that they have them on display on their homepage, making sure you see them as soon as you visit them.
  • FAQ and Help Page: Followers Guru continue to tick off the boxes with an FAQ and help page that’s more extensive than we were expecting. Usually, these types of companies only offer three or four answered FAQ’s which don’t tend to be comprehensive enough for our liking. But we consider their FAQ page to be sufficient.

Now, let’s look at the negatives:

  • 24/7 Customer Support: while Followers Guru has put a reasonable amount of effort into their FAQ page, they’re not putting any money into having a customer support team who can help you whenever you need it. While this isn’t the end of the world, it does mean that you could potentially have trouble communicating with them if something doesn’t go right.
  • Email and Phone Form: unfortunately, Followers Guru lacks a bit in the accountability department. They haven’t set up a secure way to get your details – these help them remain in touch with you. Not having this is a rookie move that suggests to us they’re not planning on being around for too long.
  • Real Reviews: they’ve got an interesting system for their reviews. It seems that they have paid people to submit a video giving positive feedback about their services. They’ve only got four people that have done this on their review page, making us think that again, they’ve been compensated for their words and time.

Is Followers Guru a Scam? Is Followers Guru Safe?

We don’t believe that Followers Guru is safe to use.

While they may have some credentials that increase their credibility with us, they didn’t have them all. You need to tick all the boxes to get a positive review through us, and unfortunately, Followers Guru just didn’t make the cut.

We also think that there’s a good chance they are selling fake followers – not something you want to associate your Instagram account with. Better to look elsewhere for help with your Instagram following.

Followers Guru Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Followers Guru.

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